Morning DEA Raid at Blue Star Corner

Published On April 10, 2013 | By Rob Arias | Crime & Public Safety, News & Commentary, Uncategorized

Park Avenue residents awoke to yet another staged raid on the corner of Halleck and Sherwin on Wednesday morning at approximately 7:30 a.m., this one was on a residencial unit at Blue Star Corner. It is unclear if there was any connection to the recent raid of the Pellegrini Warehouse.

On my routine morning dog walk, I noticed several CHP and unmarked vehicles heading North on Hubbard. Several DEA agents with assault rifles and riot shields exited the vehicles and huddled on the sidewalk of Halleck at Sherwin before single-filing through a walkway between the street-facing and second units. Residents I spoke with say they heard loud knocking and screaming. No gun shots were heard and the incident was over within minutes.

Agents detained a resident whom one neighbor identified as “an aspiring rapper”. Residents I spoke with “had their suspicions” and stories were told of large vehicles backed up into the garage being loaded with large black bags in addition to frequent pedestrian traffic from unfamiliar people. The resident in question drove several luxury vehicles including an Audi & Mercedes.

Emeryville has recently formulated an Ad Hoc Committee to address the growing issue of Medical Marijuana as the ample growing warehouses that not-so-secretly occupy much of West Oakland seam to be trickling over into E’ville. I reached out to EPD for comment but have not heard back from them and it didn’t appear that they were involved in the raid. I will update this post if more information becomes available.

A shaky phone video of the raid that was staged can be seen below (filmed from a safe distance of course 😉

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