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  1. Rob,
    As Bob Savage was a dearly beloved friend of mine, I would like to see if there is a way that I might help his family. I can”t say I undersdtand the problem.. Would you mind calling me to give me what detail you can? If I can help, I would prefer to remain sort of anonymous .
    I can be reached at 510.551.3176 Pretty much anytime. Thank you. Ken Schmier.

  2. Hi, I had to laugh, I’ve been giving $1.00 for about 10+. I should be giving $5 (inflation) Oh, and how do I get a shirt? Close my existing account and open a new one?

    • Hey Stephanie, Thanks for checking in.
      We offer a free tee for supporters at the $5/mo. or $50/yr level. If you initiate a new one at this level, we’ll cancel your current $1/mo. subscription.

      Just confirm which tee you want. We’ll have the new “Rottenest City” version in about a week and have most sizes of the Neighborhood tees in stock.

  3. It’s time to start covering the proposed Mega-Tower Project at Christie-Wells Fargo lot. Already Planning Commission and Council are weighing major changes to the General Plan to accommodate a Luxury Tower twice the height of PPP.

    • We approached Arizmendi about a GoFundMe but they declined noting they were insured and the possible impact this might have on their claim. Support them by turning out in force when they reopen in Spring (No date yet).

  4. Hello,
    First of all thanks for great coverage on Emeryville so far.

    I have a question, since prefer to do one time donation, is it possible to get the tee? Is it possible to buy it separately?


  5. Can we do an Emeryville City Clean Up tomorrow 5/31 at 10am. Maybe meet at the Trader Joe’s Parking Lot because that’s where a lot of damage has occurred? It would be good to show that our community is strong and we are all in this together! (Maybe all wear Yellow so we know who is there to clean up our city?) Mask and social distancing clean up!

  6. Hello, is the Emeryville wall map still available? It is similar to the map on the shirt but seemed to be printed on a canvas I believe.

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