Yuzu Ramen Likely Closed, Kara’s Cupcakes Returns To Bay Street, Wondrous Brewing Inching Closer

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After a flurry of business closures following the pandemic, closures in Emeryville have tapered off. In fact, one businesses has returned and a highly anticipated brewery is inching closer to a grand opening.

Yuzu Ramen Space “Available”

With a Commercial Real Estate “Available” sign posted, a disconnected phone, an empty interior and social media silence, Yuzu Ramen appears to be closed. Neighbors have reported a lack of activity for the past several weeks. Their San Rafael location is also reported closed via Yelp.

Yuzu Ramen & Broffee opened in 2016 replacing Bacano Bakery (and Café Aquarius before that) and quickly became a favorite local spot among residents known for its delicious creamy broth and homemade noodles.

They worked to improve their presence with outdoor signage and a cozy patio space. Their establishment made several changes to their menu throughout the years adding Sushi, Yakimeshi (Japanese fried rice) and Poke.

Not all the menu changes were embraced and the establishment reportedly was struggling. In 2019, started a GoFundMe campaign to help them stay afloat targeting $100K (only $1670 was raised).

“Specifically, as the costs are high, minimum wage in Emeryville has gone significantly up, and with our rent going up every year, we just have been falling behind on,” Yuzu’s Business Manager explained at the time.

Although unclear if a factor, previous tenants have reported conflicts withe landlord. Bacano Bakery reported issues with the building flooding and Café Aquarius left in part due to a lease dispute.

A proliferation of Ramen restaurants including a third in Emeryville, Ramen 101 on 40th, may have also been a factor.

When we reached out, they were a bit elusive of the finality of their closure. “We are sorting out issues we have business wise regarding landlord, vendors, and such,” replied a contact who did not want to be identified.

We will update this story if any new information comes to light.

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Kara’s Cupcakes Reopens

The Kara’s Cupcakes at Bay Street has quietly reopened their doors after being closed since September. At the time, Kara confirmed that space was available for sublease and the location had been removed from their website.

Berkeleyside freelance reporter Joanna Della Penna noted their surprise reopening in their February Nosh column. Their hours are noted as 7 days per week from 12-6pm.

“As things open up more we will start to increase our hours, ” Kara communicated through email. “It’s good to be back!”

Wondrous Brewing Company Update

Wondrous Brewing Company, whom began their buildout of a brewery and taproom on 65th street back in 2019, is inching closer to the finish line.

Their latest posts showcase progress on the taproom interior, equipment, the hiring of their first employee and their first batch of brew!

While no date is set yet, they are anticipating an early spring opening pending final permit approvals.

Follow them on Instagram for more updates.

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  1. The landlord who owns that spot is an exploitative jerk. He jacked up the rent for Cafe Aquarius. Then he refused to reimburse Bacano bakery for tens of thousands of dollars of damage they paid out of pocket for flooding during the rains. And now they have been jacking up rent on Yuzu Ramen during a pandemic when commerical rents should have been frozen or reduced significantly. I wish there was legal assistance for commercial tenants who invest so much ina space then are at the mercy of an abusive landlord.

    • Sounds like the landlord needs to be forced to relinquish ownership of the land if they are going to be anti-business.

      • Yes! Let’s takeover all private property. Landlords should be denied the ability to avoid receiving rent.

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