Two Shot after disembarking ‘Party Bus’ at Emeryville Home Depot Parking Lot

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The Emeryville Police Department received several calls of gunshots in the parking lot of Emeryville Home Depot at approximately 1:54 a.m. Sunday morning. Responding Officers located two people suffering from gunshot wounds.

The calls reporting the gunshots were associated with a ‘party bus’ parked in the store’s parking lot that was dropping off passengers. Party Buses are typically chartered for special events to transport groups of passengers to local destinations often including bars and night clubs.



One neighbor of the nearby Bridgecourt complex noted hearing as many as ten shots fired. “We heard a woman scream and shortly after a car screech and sped off.” No description of the vehicle was provided by witnesses or the police.


The bus had already left the scene prior to officers’ arrival. Two parked vehicles were also struck by the gunfire.

Both gunshot victims were transported to local hospitals for treatment of their wounds that were described as not ‘life-threatening’.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Emeryville Police Department at (510) 596-3700.

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This media advisory was provided by the Emeryville Police Department. The E’ville Eye maintains no affiliation with The City of Emeryville or any of its departments.


    • Seriously? You realize this is a volunteer community site, right? Please, open a competing site of your own and show us how much better you can do it.

    • Neighbor, not sure what your favorite topic is but I think we have some good stories in the queue for you. The last two weeks have been a bit tight for us but we have plenty of non-crime stories about our city if you care to click around a bit. The site is free and the ads help keep the lights on, I pay my contributors and myself something nominal (I have a day job and a family). If you care to know more about us and how we’re funded, we published this piece early this year.

    • Look John Bauters, there are plenty of websites not about crime in Emeryville. In fact, every single other page of the internet is not about crime in Emeryville. But for people who live in Emeryville and were woken up by the gunshots last night, this is relevant information for staying safe. When city council makes crime and supporting the police a priority, I will be glad to see the Eye report om something else.

  1. “Volunteer”? Seriously? So these ads everywhere are not real? There’s no money being made at this site?

    • The thing about sarcasm is that it only works if you know what you are talking about. In this case, what a basic operating budget is or even what that means. If you don’t know what you are talking about then you just come across like a maniacal paranoid troll.

      I donate $10/month to this site and I should probably double it considering how valuable it is as a resident. I can come here, find out what is going on, raise a little cain, call out John Bauteers by name for his total negligence, and hear from my neighbors. If someone is firing semiautomatic weapons across the street from my house, I want to know! I am so glad this was reported on.

      We were woken up by the gunshots last night and if weren’t for this site I would have no way of knowing. I don’t have the time or the energy to track down all the city council members, meetings, armed robberies, shootings and valient efforts to bring more of the downtrodden into Emeryville through “affordable housing” – while it seems there is plenty of affordable housing under the freeway underpasses, behind home depot, and over at the skate park. Whoever wants to take on the onerous task of interfacing with bureaucracy on regular basis deserves money and respect.

  2. You don’t need this site to get police press releases. Just ask to be put on their list and they’ll email you the latest from EPD. You’ll get it faster than you’ll get it from this site. You can get the monthly crime stats from the City of Emeryville the same way…and faster than you’ll get it from this site. This site doesn’t do investigative journalism.

    • Anon, you have to consider that sometimes these media releases are the result of our inquiries & investigations. The recent Subway robbery is one example. We got a tip from a reader, investigated it and published a story. The EPD subsequently released a media advisory after our story was published. There are other examples where readers have sent me tips like “What’s with all the cop cars at …”. We inquire with our police contacts and they either reply to us or release an advisory. The EPD has become more transparent with information because the community now has a direct and trustful conduit with them.

      It’s true that a percentage of the content on this site is aggregated. I’ve never tried to hide this and this is why I list the author as the EPD on these advisories and diligently link and credit any source articles.

      It’s true you can probably do much of this yourself by subscribing to various agency alerts, following a dozen Facebook groups, becoming a paid subscriber to half a dozen news sites, scraping Nextdoor, Twitter, sifting through 1000’s of Google Alerts, building an audience of 1000’s of tipsters … and not paying yourself for the first five years.

      Yes, you too can provide free information to the community while fending off constant criticism, death threats, slander and harassment of your family.

      Please, take on this burden so I can sleep again!

    • Actually, city council has fired the monthly crime statistitian, something you would know if you kept up with the site, as it was reported on here. I don’t think the EPD will keep you abreast of the staff they are losing and lack of operational support thy are getting under city hall.

      • The police chief will have you know they’ve increased their ranks by two over the last decade.

        However, she’s not clear on how that number compares to 5 years, or even a year ago.

        Nor is it clear how that number accounts for the population or crime increase over the past decade.

  3. Methinks some of the Tattler persuasion are feeling threatened. They’ve taking to their ringleader’s tactics of bouncing around hurling insults and starting arguments. This blog “conservative”?????

    Man sell me some of the Kool-Aid they are drinking over there. Must be amazing. What a joke.

    • I’d feel threatened too. It’s hard to hide that the city has gone to hell since the progressives took over.

      Let’s sum up:
      – man killed in parking lot of Target a couple months ago
      – two people shot in parking lot of Home Depot this week
      – man shot in head in front of Amtrak while dropping off friend
      – hypodermic needles everywhere
      – don’t leave anything in your cars because auto burglaries are a given
      – businesses fleeing and taking the entry level jobs with them
      – senior city staff have almost all fled
      – we’ll be on our third city manager come summer
      – the only school superintendent who has had any success in the past 20 years just quit
      – and how many lawsuits is the city currently defending against?

      Give me a smart, left leaning moderate liberal over the current bozos on City Council any day.

      Total disaster.

      • Chief Tejada would like you to think some of the auto burglaries are due to the affluence of Emeryville. Her words at a recent town hall “you’ve got nice cars here so of course you’re a target!” Literally verbatim, with a touch of sarcasm.

        Of course, it’s the standard Progressive line: “You’re ‘wealthy’ so you’re a target and you should feel so sorry for those who have to target you. They’re the victims. She then proceeded to tell a story about telling two men in a BMW they should know better than to leave briefcases in their car. Another standard Progressive live: “Why don’t you do a better job of being privileged maybe then you won’t become a victim?”

        Oh, yeah, and it’s part of some international crime ring the Fremont PD were able to bust. So now because the Fremont PD did their job you should see auto burglaries go down.

        Oh yes, and the fact that we have two openings that they can’t fill in the PD shouldn’t be cause for concern, because according to Mayor Bauters “Berkeley has like 25 vacancies!” Because you know, Berkeley’s not 10 times the size of Emeryville or anything…

        And these are leaders we are expecting to capture the Amtrak shooter and who want millions of our dollars to fund a housing project none of them have any experience running?

        This town is doomed.

      • Add to the list…2 bank robberies 1 subway robbery both at gun point condo butglaries and a suicide….so so sad

  4. Perhaps the bully editor of RULE (who in fact is RULE’s very own Steve Bannon) has recruited some Russian Troll-bots to infiltrate the comments on this site?

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