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Tribune reporting collapse of North Oakland Longfellow Neighborhood House

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Another day, another Helicopter circling above Emeryville & North Oakland. This time it was an under construction house that abruptly collapsed. Miraculously, no injuries were reported but the adjacent home did appear to suffer some damage. The “craftsmanship” that may have been responsible was captured in the below photo that was posted on (I’m no contractor, but is this to code?).

The house was purported to be a “flip job” by a Marin based construction company and the contractor hired was Tim Peterson according to CBS SF Bay Area. “They just left it raised for too long. It was an accident waiting to happen,” according to licensed contractor Juan Hernandez who examined the house.

House collapses in North Oakland; man inside escapes injury


By David DeBolt
A house under renovation collapsed in North Oakland on Thursday morning, with a homeless man who was serving as a watchman on the property narrowly avoiding injury as he slept inside.

The single-family house in the 800 block of 46th Street fell down about 11:50 a.m., authorities said.

Crosby “Bubba” Powell was sleeping in a sunroom in the house when it fell, he said. A large console television nearby actually braced the collapsing roof a few feet off the ground and kept it from falling on top of him, he said.

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