Support Local: Our Interactive Map of Local Businesses Offering Takeout or Delivery

Published On March 24, 2020 | By Rob Arias | Coronavirus, Local Business, News & Commentary

The ongoing stay-at-home order by the state has the entire community on lockdown except for a small list of “essential services.”

While restaurant dining rooms and bars have been ordered to close, food providers including grocery stores, farmers markets, food banks, convenience stores and takeout and delivery restaurants are exempt.

Other businesses on this list of essential services include:

  • Gas stations
  • Pharmacies
  • Banks
  • Laundromats/Laundry Services
  • Essential State & Local Government functions

The businesses that will be the most dramatically impacted by a lengthly closure will likely be our small, local food-service businesses and their employees. Advocates are encouraging diners to do their part to keep these businesses afloat by increasing their takeout frequency.

Hashtag campaigns including #TheGreatAmericanTakeout and #SaveAmericanHospitality have emerged to create awareness of their struggles and promote this concept.


While not all food service are equipped to pivot to a delivery model, a handful of local business are doing their best to stay open and keep their employees earning a paycheck.

But even businesses that are more equipped to pivot to delivery models are being hit hard. “We’re doing about 25-30% of what we normally do,” noted Best Coast Burritos Proprietor Alvin Shen whose family was forced to lay off a quarter his Emeryville staff and about half of their Oakland staff.

“Eating out is a luxury when you don’t have a paycheck coming in,” said Shen noting the situation was still very dynamic and that he may need to make additional adjustments or cuts. “I think we’re going to have a better idea this week depending on how things go.”

“We are on the brink of extinction,”

The NY Times cites data that up to 75% of these shuttered independent restaurants may not survive an extended closure. “We are on the brink of extinction,” warned a coalition of New York restaurant groups dubbed ROAR (Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants) in a petition.

The National Restaurant Association has asked the federal government for a $145 billion recovery fund to help them when this pandemic has eventually passed.

Prizefighter, which immediately closed after the order, initiated a GoFundMe campaign targeting $20K to aid their laid off employees. Minnie Bell’s and the Wolfhound Bar have started a similar campaign targeting aid to benefit employees.

Alcohol To-Go!

The State has temporarily loosened its restrictions on alcohol delivery and to go order and Novel Brewing Co. and Trader Vic’s are among local businesses to begin offering this. The delivery exemption only applies to locations that also offer food and does not apply to bars like Prizefighter.

Delivery services Doordash and Caviar both announced that they are offering free delivery with no commissions and business owners have indicated a preference to use these services. You can also purchase gift cards as a pledge of support to use when they do reopen.

Please note that the status of these businesses is very dynamic and we will be continuously updating as we learn of changes through email and social media. If you notice an inaccuracy or update, please leave a comment or email us at

Meanwhile, The City is working on some relief efforts and have compiled a comprehensive list of resources to help small businesses in the city cope with what could be a catastrophic time for them.

They have also passed an urgency ordinance preventing commercial evictions of business for COVID-19 related hardships.

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7 Responses to Support Local: Our Interactive Map of Local Businesses Offering Takeout or Delivery

  1. Renee says:

    Chili Jalapeno is open too – maybe technically Oakland but on the border by McDonalds- and struggling according to the owner.

    • Rob Arias says:

      Thanks! I’ve added a separate layer for Oakland Businesses and will work on gradually populating this over the weekend. If you have days/hours/details. Please share.

  2. Tim says:

    Roba’s Pizza is open for pizza and pasta take out, as well as the market next door is open for supplies and food (as well as a great prepared food selection)

    • Rob Arias says:

      TY! Most of this information I’m aggregating from social media and I do not believe Roba’s has any channels. If you have any details (days/hours, etc.), please share. I’ll try calling them today.

      • Tim says:

        Best bet would be to call them up and ask. We ordered pizza takeout a few days ago at around 5:30pm, but we also rode our bikes to that area near lunch time a day earlier and they were open, so it seems they are (maybe?) trying to keep the same schedule.

        The market next door appears to be keeping the same hours and the deli was open.

      • Tim says:

        Also, King of Kebab on San Pablo is open (is this Emeryville?). Best bet is to call ahead to order because their front area is on the small side. But their falafels are super delicious and worth the pickup.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Moomies is open. Gives you something to look forward to.

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