Sunday Evening Shooting near Emeryville Amtrak Station leaves man clinging to life

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A Sunday evening 9-11 call reporting a person on the ground near 59th & Horton Street led Emeryville Police officers to the discovery of a bleeding and unconscious shooting victim.

Emeryville Officers arrived at approximately 9:11 p.m. and discovered the victim, a 26-year-old male, had been shot and was unconscious. Paramedics arrived and immediately transported the victim to a local hospital with life threatening injuries.

The precise location of the shooting was described as on the south sidewalk of 59th about 200 feet east of Horton Street.

The EPD Nixle alert indicated that the shooting was the result of a robbery but no further details were provided except that they were actively interviewing witnesses.



“The victim underwent emergency surgery and the last update we have is he is still in critical condition,” according to an update provided by Emeryville Police Captain Oliver Collins.

The suspect fled the scene on foot immediately following the shooting and has not been located. Anyone who was in the area and observed any suspicious individuals are encouraged to call the Emeryville Police Department at (510) 596-3700.

Since this is breaking news, we will update this post as new information becomes available.

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Emeryville PD Media Advisory

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    Mayor Bauters and the rest of the city council, what are YOU going to DO to stop this rampant violent crime in Emeryville??? This is UNACCEPTABLE.

  2. Rob it would be helpful to get insight from emeryville PD on how they are handling the influx of crime. The city is only 2 square miles and I hope it can be secured.

    • Thanks. I have an interview with the chief in the queue mainly focused on the epidemic auto burglaries but touching on crime in general. I hope to have this published within 10 days. Stay Tuned!

  3. I spoke with an officer for a couple hours one night, and he pointed to the fact that the police were no longer able to do “proactive” policing. He mentioned this as being part of a progressive policy push under the new police chief and city council.

    In short, if a police officer saw something out of the ordinary (for example, a car driving slowly through a neighborhood at 3am), he used to be able to make a stop on a minor traffic violation. This would allow him to run the plates and the identity of the driver. If the driver had outstanding warrants or was out on probation with a right-to-search clause, the officer could then search the car which might find burglary tools or a gun. The stop also put the person on notice that the police were active in the community.

    Today, he would not be allowed to take any action and would have to wait until the crime was committed to act. He said that basically the Emeryville Police are just sitting on their hands waiting for crimes to happen and responding afterward. They can’t police the community in an effective way because it would violate the new “progressive” policies of the city.

    He said that criminals used to respect EPD and kept their distance because, unlike Oakland, EPD was proactive. Now the criminals are realizing there are better targets in Emeryville and they can’t be stopped on suspicion.

    I actually spoke with a second officer and got the same, but more carefully worded message, that EPD has made a political shift that makes it more difficult to do his job and that he’s ready to retire. He mentioned very specific cases where he knew a crime was being committed but he couldn’t act because of new policies.

    Both expressed extreme frustration.

    • Wow, I didn’t know this was the case here in Emeryville. While I understand how a proactive style of policing may run the risk of being construed as “stop and frisk,” I’d like to think that with a police force as small as EPD, along with what seems like pretty level headed police officers, unjustified profiling can be avoided. Petty crime seems to have sky rocketed over the past few years. If the choice were not being PC vs. elevated risk of being mugged and shot outside your door, I vote for not being PC.

      I read an article here a while back where the culprit was caught and said something along the lines of “they told me to avoid Emeryville,” which seems to support what the person above said about criminals respecting EPD. If that’s not the case anymore, no wonder it’s open season here.

      Rob, I hope your interview with the Chief is productive regarding these matters. If things don’t change, I’m moving.

      • You can help make things change by getting involved in your local government. Help overthrow the corrupt R.U.L.E.ers.

      • I spoke with an officer for an hour a few weeks ago and he basically echoed these sentiments. They are getting the message that City Hall doesn’t want to seem like the have a lack of “compassion” or be politically incorrect (most of the crimes in emeryville are committed by white people btw) so they are tying their hands and supporting the officers to NOT respond to any incident that is less severe than an active crime, preferrably with a weapon so they have a defense of public safety. This means that any of the smaller things, like prowling the neighborhood, sleeping in your car parked in a red zone for a week, hiding in bushes, etc is off the table. This puts all of us, but especially the officers in a terrible position, as criminals are getting the memo that it is open season and bringing their crimes and guns into the neighborhood— putting officers and first responders in the greatest danger.

      • I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I don’t personally have the highest amount of respect for the EPD. They are classy group of individuals and the best people in the city to deal with. But as the commenter correctly pointed out, we’re at this moment where local politicians want our cops to be counselors first and enforce the laws second. Any ‘police instincts’ are considered bias and we’re witnessing an ideology play out that insists criminals will self-rehabilitate if we give them enough chances.

        Berkeleyside just ran a story saying 80% of Berkeley cops have considering leaving the squad. I’m sure the number in Oakland is similar factoring in their force’s dysfunction. I wonder what the EPD’s is. If we proceed down this road, our jurisdictions are going to have a harder time hiring and retaining the best officers unless we dramatically overpay them.

        I think the saddest thing is when I’ve asked officers if they’d ever encourage their kids to pursue law enforcement and they’re all quick to say ‘no’ reasoning that the current climate is so bad for them.


        Maybe the progressive’s plan to divert resources into rehabs and programs instead of law enforcement will work in the long run but I don’t know how long were going to have to deal with this spike in crime before it returns to pre-reform levels. It’s pretty amazing to me how things fell apart so quickly.

      • Well said Rob.

        It’s absolutely true that we need to place more emphasis and resources into rehabilitation, but doing so is not an alternative to on the ground law enforcement. What it needs to mean is that there are alternative endpoints other than simply incarceration. That means more support for addiction rehab and psychiatric help, as well as other programs intended to produce better outcomes.

        But getting to that point in the criminal justice system still requires boots on the ground law enforcement to proactively protect life and property; albeit with less of a shoot-first mentality.

        Simply refusing to enforce the law is dereliction of duty by our local government and is a recipe for inviting violence against innocent victims.

  4. Please anyone, I was just getting at the Amtrak station when this shooting took place. I believe this young man and his friend were going on the train. Any update on him ? I have been praying ever since. I had told someone else that when I saw the subway sign ( I had come on the Amtrak bus) I had thought of running over there before the train. (I’m a 64 female and was alone) the couple in the station said that even without this incident that Emeryville was too “dangerous “. I didn’t know. Any updates on this victim? I will continue to pray.

      • I don’t know who you are or who you supposedly spoke to but thankfully you and your info is incorrect.

        Please go troll elsewhere.

      • Please stop spreading rumors- it is very upsetting to the family. He is still fighting for his life and alive! Spread prayers not lies.

      • This is disturbing to me that someone would anonymously report this information if indeed untrue. We’ve reached out to the EPD for an update and will let you know if we hear anything from a reliable source.

  5. How sad EPD has changed. That was on of the best things about Emeryville, they kept the BAD guys out. I guess it’s easier to change EPD, that fix the schools.

    • EPD is still a bunch of rad people, but leadership gives them marching orders from City Hall, who also gives them a skimpy budget so the message is: don’t investigate bikes or cars, don’t bother with theft under $1500, let the homeless do what they like (EPD has to take ALL of their belongings (think shopping carts etc) if they book them on disturbance or threatening behavior so that is time consuming and expensive so discouraged), don’t be proactive because if you do find a crime that will tie up resources while you drive this person to Oakand or Berkeley jail, do work super long shifts, and know that City Hall with throw you under the bus if you mess up.

  6. It’s only a matter of time before people wake up to how incompetent the current city council is at actually running a city of 2 square miles. Voters were not awake the last time, especially with the presidential elections distracting many.

    However the sounds of gunshots, window smashings, and crazies running our streets have woken most people up.

    And, no, it’s not any train horns.

    We had some good, real-world oriented candidates that got passed over for who we have now and the city they have created.

    • How does one contend with the amount of outside big money used by R.U.L.E. to buy these elections though? They’ve created a Tamanny Hall right here in Emeryville.

      You also have people playing out national politics at the local level, projecting hard left resistence against the GOP upon the local elections. It’s all good and well for a Blue Wave to wrestle control of Congress away from the GOP, but at the local level we are already heavily left leaning so applyong that same degree of leftward motion in City Hall just results in taking us into ideologically extremist territory.

      People need to mentally separate local from national politics.

      • It’s not the money. A small group of people found a way to manipulate the system:

        a) agree to do the bidding of a key left wing group (one of the big unions)
        b) have that group back you with the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee
        c) get the Committee’s endorsement based on your union support
        d) get elected based on that endorsement
        e) pay back the union with local ordinances they can use to market their national agenda
        f) use your newly acquired political influence to have your candidate seated on the Central Committee
        g) In subsequent elections, hand select candidates, get them rubber stamped by the Committee you control, prevent any opposition candidates from receiving endorsements, and ride the fact that Democratic endorsements win local elections to take every council seat
        f) Repeat indefinitely

        Congratulations, you just subverted democracy.

      • Fortunately the current city council has done an amazing job of demonstrating how quickly a city of 12,000 people and 1.5 square land miles can be mismanaged into a dump.

        People are wising on to their ways and quite frankly the remaining progressive trophy project they legitimately have – increased bike lanes – they unsurprisingly seem to screw up at every possible juncture as that actually involves real world solutions.

        Of course, they could decree the soon to be vacant Toys R Us be turned into a safe injection site and empty ground-floor retail space be converted into publicly-funded homeless shelters.

        The right candidates will figure out how to take advantage of the arrogant misuse of city positions sooner than this council thinks.

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