Struggle near Chevron ends in arrest of suspect Police say tried to take officer’s gun

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Emeryville Officers responded to the Chevron gas station on Powell Street, for a subject creating a disturbance and disrupting the business yesterday. Upon the officer’s arrival, they contacted a subject, who appeared to be delusional. Officers believed the subject was a danger to himself and others. When the officers attempted to detain the subject for a medical evaluation, he became irate and uncooperative.


One officer was able to grab the subject before he ran into the street and into traffic. The subject resisted the officer’s attempt to secure him and took the officer to the ground. While on the ground the subject continued to resist and wrestled his way on top of the officer. During the struggle, the subject attempted to grab the officers hand gun from the holster. A second officer assisted in gaining control of the subject and secured him without further incident.

Neither the subject or the officers sustained any injuries during this incident. The subject was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Read the complete media advisory on Nixle.com.

Emeryville PD Media Advisory

This media advisory was provided by the Emeryville Police Department. The E’ville Eye maintains no affiliation with The City of Emeryville or any of its departments.

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