Stephen Curry makes surprise visit to Emeryville School as part of ‘Get Fit’ program

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The kids at Anna Yates elementary were expecting a representative from the Warriors organization to emcee an event as part of the “Get Fit” [after school] program they participate in.

When the announcement was finally made of who would be joining them, it wasn’t former resident Draymond Green, it was none other than number 30, Stephen Curry.

The crowd of kids were worked into a frenzy when the announcement was made as captured by EUSD Superintendent Dr. John Rubio.

Curry took the mic and shared the importance of ‘mindfulness’ in his life and success as an athlete and father. “It’s about repetition and making sure you use your brain and your mind to prepare you for whatever the task at hand is. Being able to focus, being able to be at peace, being able to control your emotions … all those things go into being a great athlete, a great student … even a great member of your family.”

“I really love seeing our kids so happy and excited,” said Superintendent Rubio. “It brings me a lot of joy to see anyone give their time to serve as a role model for our children.”

“The kids were beyond ecstatic,” added new Anna Yates K-5 elementary principal Samantha Carter. Carter’s school was one of four schools chosen for the experience.

The crowd of kids were then divided into four stations that included yoga, a basketball clinic, Playworks and mindfulness. Curry took time to visit and participated in each of them.

“We continue to improve our schools, and the kids and community have many reasons to be excited to attend Anna Yates and Emery High School,” according to EUSD Superintendent Dr. John Rubio. “Of course having Steph Curry make a surprise appearance is another great reason to be excited about our schools.”

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Rubio spoke glowingly of the Playworks program and what it brought to Emeryville’s kids. “The presence of Playworks on this campus is another great program and benefit that we now offer in Emery, and it helps students learn to be safe and respectful during play.”

Rubio wanted to also acknowledge and encourage good corporate stewardship from other businesses in our city. “We hope we can encourage our local businesses in Emeryville to increase their financial support of the schools in Emery like Wareham Development has been doing for years and smaller businesses did in the past, and we appreciate the ongoing in-kind support from Pixar staff and Cliff Bar for space.”

Photo: Anna Yates Instagram account.

Rubio was hopeful that more private support could help fill the funding gaps in his district left by the state over the last decade. “The state has just reached previous 2007 levels for funding schools, and California ranks at about 45th now in the country for funding. Our collaboration with Playworks and Kaiser is a great example of the impact of local financial support and partnerships, and it offers all of our children a pathway towards having a healthier future.”

Playworks is a Oakland-based nonprofit who mission includes working to build a culture of play, mindfulness and healthy, active living. Emery Unified are participants in their “Get Fit” program which is a collaboration between them, Kaiser Permanente and the Golden State Warriors.

Feature Image: Playworks NorCal Facebook Page.

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  1. Let’s be clear. This was not open to the entire school. This was a program organized by the City of Emeryville Recreation Center After School Program. Only paying customers who are signed up for the program were entitled to the activity and surprise visit. To insinuate that this had anything to do with the district and what it offers is a farse. I’m glad for the kids able to enjoy this treat, but like the rest of us who don’t use the program for different reasons, our kids were crying.

    • Sorry to hear Diane. I amended the post to read “after school” program since this wasn’t clear. You can probably understand why this was not publicized in this instance. It would have been pandemonium!

      • In agreement there! I take issue with the district ‘taking credit’ if you will, for something they did not offer.

  2. The event occurred at about 4 p.m. per the scheduling of it by the k-5 school principal, Ms. Carter, almost a full hour after k8 students are dismissed to go home. She was coordinating the event. I’m sure Ms. Carter and the school and even the rec staff would have liked all 700 students to suddenly show up and participate but the event wasn’t scheduled during the school hours, and thankfully it was structured in a safe and orderly manner- nor did anyone know Steph Curry was coming. I’m sorry to hear your child was still on campus (?) at that time of day and not able to attend.

  3. Here comes the negativity.

    Instead of whining about it – maybe sign your kid up for the rec?

    Thank you Ms. Carter! you continue to amaze us all.

    • Sorry to confuse you all. I’ll go to the source, but will continue to encourage the school to offer programs for all students.

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