Emery High Students stage campus walkout in protest of Trump Election

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An estimated 200 Emery High students abruptly walked off campus at 10 a.m. this morning in an organized protest against the contentious election of Donald Trump. The students marched up 45th shouting “Not My President!” and other slogans while being cheered on by neighbors. “Their civil and peaceful protest warmed my mourning heart” noted resident Katy Wisniewski through social media.

Emery High Principal Jessica Goode and Superintendent Dr. John Rubio stepped in to help facilitate safety for the students that left campus by working with the Emeryville PD who provided a motorcycle escort. “I appreciate the quick response and very positive help from EPD, the Berkeley PD, and city staff who all joined with us as a strong team to support the safety of our students” noted Rubio.

Some of the students headed North on Adeline toward Berkeley where they converged with fellow protesters at Sproul Plaza on the UC Berkeley Campus. A demonstration that swelled to several thousand. The protests are part of a wave of student activity across the county in opposition to Trump’s anti-immigration and anti-LGBTQ rights stances and racially insensitive comments among others.

“Students were respectful, relatively organized, well-behaved and focused on a positive message” noted one of the High School Teachers. “We received many compliments and gestures of support from the Emeryville community and Berkeley community. I was very proud of them and I think we all did a good job as a staff, especially Ms. Goode, to ensure that students were safe while they were out in public.”

In response to the walkout, Emery High School Principal Jessica Goode released the following statement via email to parents of Emery High Kids:

Hello Emery High School Families,
Today the students of Emery High School organized a walkout after their 1st period class to protest the election and views of Donald Trump. Upon learning about the potential walkout, school administration worked quickly with Emery High School staff to put a plan in place to ensure the safety of Emery students, should they decide to move forward with the protest, and a plan for students who would not participate.

This morning Emery High School administration worked quickly with the Emery Police Department to ensure student safety during the protest. Emeryville Police Department and Emery High School teachers provided escorts to UC Berkeley where many of our students marched onto campus and staged a protest at the Campanile.

Our students were peaceful and respectful, and I appreciate how they handled themselves.

You may want to discuss their feelings regarding the election or their actions today if they participated.

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Rob Arias

is a third generation Californian and East Bay native who lived in Emeryville from 2003 to 2021. Rob founded The E'ville Eye in 2011 after being robbed at gunpoint and lamenting the lack of local news coverage. Rob's "day job" is as a creative professional.


  1. anything not to have to study and get educated —-hey kids -the country voted and he got elected —-that is what we do in a democracy —

    • The marches we are seeing are not based on an avoidance of education, but on fear of deportation, and fear of being victims of racism. One Latina student in Richmond got a message on social media “Pack your bags.” A Vietnamese-American teacher was pumping gas this morning when a white man called out “Trump is president now. Go back to China!” The racist cat is out of the bag. This is what students are responding to.

    • Hello,

      This is Jaelena Logan and Christopher Ceja from Emery High-school. First of all I would like to say this protest was not a reason to get out of school. Emery high is a hardworking school and has great colorful minds. Emery high attended the protest to speak our minds. As you may know children under 18 are not allowed to vote, and many of us were under 18 Most us were under 18 and we felt the need to speak our minds. We did not walk out just to get out of study. I would also like to comment on how you said our political system is democracy, itś not democracy nor direct democracy. If you studied how the representatives were set up, you would know that it is not democracy due to all of the different parties. The government is in control of all the laws overall. If you live in America, there are 50 states. All of those states are treated just like tiny governments. Basically, there are tiny governments in each state that control the state. However there are representatives for each state that represent us and the people sort of do not have a say so. If it was direct democracy everyone would have the right to vote. Now that we got that out the way, everyone does not have the right to vote so it is not direct democracy nor democracy. The fact that you are unsupportive to our future is devastating Personally, As a woman I feel like Donald Trump being sexist to his daughter,wife and to other women should not be president. Donald Trump is more of a businessmen, He is not as experienced in the political area. Although he has made promises to lower taxes and ´´Make America Great Again´´ will he? The republicans basically have the floor in the house. They can basically pass laws as they please. Iḿ not doubting his service to our country but I do not think Donald trump should have been the face of the United States. Donald trump insists that there should be a wall built between mexico and the U.S. But did you know that if he builds a wall hispanics can take a airplane and fly over the wall. Not to mention to build the wall is taking out of our budget. That requires taking away our resources for people who are lower class. Now where is the lower class going to go? Are the going to be on the street? America may be looking at poverty. Iḿ not saying Clinton should have been elected but it would be nice to have a nice strong woman as our president. She would have made an actual change. Eventually we will be able to vote but for now we want to be heard and we want to speak our minds not be shut out buy people who think that Donald trump is a good person. Another reason why Donald trump should not be our president is because kids like us is who he is discriminating because he is being sexist and very proud to all of the kids in the United States. There are many kids right now sitting in a facility captured by immigration and waiting to be sent back to mexico which is not good because mexico is a dangerous place there are killers and drug dealers and they are coming to america for a better place to live and they are being shut out. There are children in mexico at young age work and not getting their education which is why they are trying to come to america to get a better life and Donald trump is shutting them out which is not good if anything he should be letting them in because if there were no mexicans Donald trump would not have his tower. There are many people in america not thankful for having a chance in life. All people in this world matter Donald trump thinks about himself and nobody else.

    • I go to emery high i am a student up here and I don’t agree with that at all Ms. or Mr. whoever you are. The reason our school choose to do this was to speak our mind and what we had to say. Our parents may not have all the money in the world but they work to hard to let their money and this america to go to the ground say what you want but we did what we had to do has people.

  2. I’m proud that these young people are paying attention to the world they are about to inherit, and confident enough to speak up.

    • I am tired of the Media and school teachers sending the wrong message to our young people. Because of them we have become separate and not united, stop the scare. Please give President Trump a chance! We all gave Obama a chance.

      • Republicans never gave Obama a chance. They spent 8 years fighting him tooth and nail. They called him a Muslim, Terrorist, claimed he was not an American, called him names like “Obummer, Odumbo.” You never united behind Obama, but now you expect his supporters to unite behind Trump. That is called being a hypocrite.

      • Hello,
        My name is Talia and i attend emery high school ,i would like to say that the media and our teacher didn’t send us the wrong message .we walkout because we don’t think that he would be a good president .I mean that’s our opinion everybody has their own. I would like to say that we’ve been separated before all of this , i mean were separated from the rich . I would like to add on that to give trump a chance ,when mostly half the country didn’t gave Obama a change so giving him a chance is unlikely. I’m sorry if you thought our protest was worthless but that only you and everybody who think it is ,we don’t need you and everybody else who don’t. I know that we have support by everybody else that agree with us , I would like to say thank you for supporting us .

      • Hello,

        My name is Jacquelin Velazquez, I am a student at Emery High, I was actually part of the walk out. I read all these comments and I noticed some were giving negative feedback. Your comment catched my attention because you said teachers and media were giving us the wrong message and because of them we have become separate and not united and also that we should give Trump a chance. First of all, teachers letting us speak up for ourselves and practicing our freedom of speech as said in the first amendment, is not sending us the wrong message. They are just letting us youth have our voices heard like you guys did also with your vote on this year’s election. Many of us didn’t agree with Trump being president-elect like me. The reason why many of us don’t want him as president or give him a chance it’s because of all the racist comments and sexist comments he’s said about females, which is not okay! We gave Obama a chance because he didn’t say any comments like that and he had ideas that we know was going to help the United States, unlike Trump he thinks building a wall on the border make america great which is not. This is all I have to say and I want to thank all the people that supported us.

      • Hello, I am Kyla Gans and i attend Emery high, personally i don’t think that the teachers and the media are sending us the wrong message. They are teaching us that when we feel or know something is wrong that we should speak up about how we feel. We have not become separate because of the teachers and the media its because of the government system we have had a lot of messed up presidents who promoted racism and not equality. Thats what i feel Donald trump is promoting, but Obama was trying to promote equality and peace. Donald trump is talking about building a wall to stop immigrants from coming into the united states does that sound like unity to you. I know people may feel scared because like what if someone from isis is and immigrant thats what security is for. If Donald trump was more like Obama i would totally give him a chance but he’s not so i won’t, but i respect your opinion and i hope you can respect mine. so i hope that you get a chance to read my comment and really think about it.

  3. This is nothing more than the outcome of liberal parents instilling a sense of hysteria with their kids. What the morally superior Bay Area left fails to understand in their bubble-enclosed smugness is that the majority of middle American Trump voters are not racist, rather hard-working disaffected voters who have gotten the short end of the stick for too long and wanted to shake things up. But by all means, throw a tantrum, shout racism, and deflect, rather than have a productive dialog.

    • It is easy to say you aren’t a racist, but you have supported someone who has demonstrated racist and sexist tendencies through his actions and words. Ask yourself how you would feel if you were a Muslim/Syrian refugee/Mexican Immigrant. He has lumped these people together with a broad brush and labeled them the enemy. That is racism. Look into the eyes of your daughter/mother/sister/wife and ask yourself how you would feel if he decided he wanted to grab her by the p**** and feel totally justified in doing so. That is who you have supported. He will now be our President. Yes, you have shaken things up, just as things get shaken up when you flush the toilet.

    • Ryan Shields
      Cheryce Johnson

      Hi, Fervent Moderate.
      We are two Emery High School students. Replying to your post about how “American Trump voters are not racist, rather hard working disaffected voters who have gotten the short end of the stick for too long and wanted to shake things up. “ We understand your claim, and where you’re coming from.
      Although, we would love to share our thoughts too. If you are as hard working as you say you are, then you would know you haven’t gotten the short end of the stick for a long time. President Obama Is the first African American man to become president of the United States. And has treated this country well. We are not saying Donald Trump will not be a good president , but instead, we are saying that by his actions and words that he has proven where his state of mind is at. We don’t believe he is ready to be in this position. And our parents or any other elder above us have nothing to do with our opinions, this is something we are seeing for ourselves. Young people like us, our feared for our kind , Immigrants, Muslims, and African Americans. Not only by his word , but by his actions. And we are not 18 yet, so that protest is a way for us to get our voices out. Thank you for your time, I hope you understand where we are coming from, just as we did you .

  4. Many of us have been “left behind”, but we didn’t vote for Trump. Look at his words and promises repeated many times. Racist, based on anger and fear is a fair description. Plus extremely sexist. “Left behind” doesn’t make a Trump supporter.

  5. Great. Teach our young minds that it’s okay to throw a temper tantrum when your team loses. The entire election was a disgrace and only additional shame is brought on by these protests.

    • Dear Gary,

      We are emery students who participated in the walk out, and we don’t like your response on the walk out. First of all, this was not a temper tantrum. A tantrum is defined as “A tantrum, temper tantrum, meltdown or hissy fit is an emotional outburst, usually associated with children or those in emotional distress, that is typically characterized by stubbornness, crying, screaming, defiance, anger ranting, a resistance to attempts at pacification and, in some cases, hitting.” from wikipedia. We are not children, we are in high school and we are learning to be adults. Since we are going to be adults soon, we need to be aware about things like this. We are going to live with him as president for 4 years so we need to know about him and what he stands with. We are also in emotional distress. Trump is homophobic, racist, sexist and much more, there are families who are scared for their life because of him. “…typically characterized by stubbornness, crying, screaming, defiance, anger ranting, a resistance to attempts at pacification and, in some cases, hitting.” We were not crying but we were screaming and anger ranting because we want our voices to be heard. We are definitely not hitting, we were peaceful. There were even police there to keep us safe. You said, “only additional shame is brought on by these protests.” Please tell me where because I don’t see it. The purpose of the walk out is to get our voices out there and heard. We want Trump to know where we stand, and that is definitely not with him.

      Two Emery students, Cristina F. and Chad S.

    • Dear Gary,

      We participated in the Emery High School Walkout last Thursday. We strongly believe that what we contributed to our community as an entire high school, it was an outstanding experience being able to express ourselves instead of feeling like we had to cage in our feeling about Trumps electoral victory being that were teens.Though the purpose towards the walkout wasn’t to throw a tantrum or whatever you may assume it was a way to represent our mix of a community to bring different ethnicities and there fears that comes from Trump becoming president and instead of causing people harm or bringing danger we did it in a way that didn’t harm anyone but showed those that they are not the only ones destroyed by the idea of a person such as Donald Trump taking charge of our country, many families worry what may be of them with him in the office.We walked from our High School to UC Berkeley in less than an hour and it was stunning to see how many people listened to our chant during the Walkout and supported what we were doing throughout the entire Walkout.An a overwhelming number of people were proud to see young high schoolers going to speak up their opinion of Donald Trump’s Presidency.So Gary you may assume we through a tantrum but the only thing we did was stand up for what we believe in and that certainly is not Trump

      Todd Kane-Ross and Tania Martinez

  6. A protest isn’t a temper tantrum. Let the kids be. You have to start participating in the social discourse sometime somewhere and high school is as good a place as any.

    That said, the teachers should challenge ideas rather than express them themselves. If you have a liberal student body, pose conservative ideas. If you have a conservative student body, pose liberal ideas. Challenge students to defend their side and understand the other.

    The mess we have gotten ourselves into is firmly rooted in our inability as a community to acknowledge and respect that issues have two sides and ours is not the only one good, true, moral path.

  7. Hello ,
    My name is Unique I attend Emery High school and was apart of the walkout. I have been reading the comments and is utterly surprised of the negative feedback. Thanks of-course to the ones who supported us youth. Now to those who is a bit on the negative side about our walk-out. I would like to ask , Have you ever taken the time out to place your feet in our shoes? Have you ever felt like your voice was never heard? How would you feel? Defeated right? . Well that’s us. So we came up with a plan to ensure our voices would be heard and this was the outcome. Im not asking for you to agree with me , Im just asking for understanding. We wanted to let the whole world know that we might be teens but we do pay attention, and look what it has done. We do not want someone running our country who categorize people in groups based on Gender, Skin color, abilities & wealth. We want someone who will fight for the poor like they would do the rich , or who will fight for women like they would do men. The youth voices matter.
    (P.S our teachers ensured we where caught up with everything, and does a great job making sure we learn to the best of out abilities, there is no easy way out here at Emery High) Go Spartans !

  8. Hello,
    We are My Linh and Tamara, we go to Emery High School and we were a part of the walkout. All we want is to have a president that will fight for all genders, skin colors, and classes. Although many of you did not support our walkout, being teenagers who are not allowed to vote makes us feel like are voices are not being heard, and that our voice do not matter. We feel like we have no chance in being heard. So we made a plan to have a peaceful walkout to show that we do listen to politicians and that any adult or student scared to walk out or scared to say something because they fear deportation we will keep standing up for them. We know we have a voice, and the people united will never be defeated, so if you do not want to support us at least understand that we are doing this for our future and for the people afraid. While being young adults people assume that we do not understand politics and don’t care who our leader is. Our so called ¨president¨ has been and continuing to say racist and sexist comments about women ,skin color, and classes. Since Trump was elected racism and sexism has broken out. Many people have received racist and sexist comments on social media and in person. We want our president to fight for all genders,skin color, and classes!

  9. Hello, I attend Emery high school. I participated in the walkout last week for many different reasons. I chose to walkout to stick up for what I believe in, not to skip class. I walked out because trump has demonstrated on many different occasions his one sided beliefs about many different kinds of people. He talked about Muslims, LGBTQ, Hispanics, African Americans and many other groups of people. For example he justified the beating of a protester for Black Lives matter. At a campaign in Alabama a black lives matter protester was shouting black lives matter. Trump supporters then physically attacked him and kicked him while he was on the ground. The next day trump acknowledged the beating and stated that the attackers were justified. Another reason I walked out was because I believe that everyone should be treated equal and with respect. People should not be categorized by what has happened in the past. Another reason i walked out was because he has stated that he wants to stop certain races of people from entering the country. That can affect me personally in many ways for example, If he stops Muslims from coming to the county like he has stated he wants to he would stop my mom´s boyfriend from coming to the country which would affect us greatly. I would also not be able to see my dad and his family which I have never met other than his mother. Imagine not being able to see your father or grandparents because our president believes that he is a threat to the country because of his race. I did not walkout to skip school I walked out to fight for what I believe in to make this world a better place.

  10. Dear Everyone Reading This,

    Hello, our names are Omar And Ali and we are two students from Emery High who participated in the walkout in protest of our president-elect. We have received lots of negativity just because we left school and ‘avoided our education’ but in reality we were expressing what we feel using our education on what’s going on as teenagers in our country. We felt like our voices was not being heard, since we are only ‘little kids’ and don’t understand our country’s politics. So this was one way to show people that we teenagers also have a voice even though we can’t vote. Everyone now is saying ‘so what he is our president and you kids can’t do anything about it’, but here is what we think. Yes, we might not be able to change who our next president is going to be, but we can stop the people following him and raising awareness that he is racist, sexist, and has no experience in running our country. People are already receiving racists remarks like ‘go back to your country’ or like one of the previous posts stated, ‘pack your bags’ which is not ok. We are speaking up not only to our next president, but everyone following him and the building of white supremacy. Our voices will change what Trump will do as president and limit what he will do. Obama has been treated the same for the first year of him being president, and he is now supporting us and telling us not to stop according to ‘http://www.politico.com/’. Our protests have raised awareness and even more protests in famous cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Manhattan, and San Francisco. Our voices has raised awareness in many places and we ask that everyone does the same, we are all equal and united as one.

    Omar Al-Alie
    Hasan Aldhaheri

  11. By: Ibraham Dharhan and Faiz Kassem
    November 17, 2016

    Us students from Emery High decided last minute to do a walkout to protest against Donald Trump becoming president. Faiz and I believe the purpose of this walkout was to let our voices be heard by the people. Another reason we did this walkout was to show that we don’t want Donald Trump running America. We shouted chants and had posters showing that we didn’t want him as our president and we did it in public to let our voices and opinions be heard. We tried to meet up with other schools so we could have a bigger voice and people wouldn’t ignore us. We had a lot of people supporting us and who were really proud of us for actually speaking our voice even though we were too young to vote. They showed support by honking their cars, and cheering for us. We had the Emery Police Department guiding our path to UC Berkeley on the streets. It was a very long walk and it was very hot but we all pulled through and reached UC Berkeley. We made this city hear our voices. We wouldn’t be ignored anymore so we stood up and heard our voices.

  12. Hello,

    This is Ali Dobashi and Habeeb Saleh From Emery High-School. Thank you for supporting us because most people, like Donald Trump do not support us with this protest. Because he is only thinking about himself and no one else he must be stop because he is not making america great again he is only making it worse. There are many different races being discriminated such as Arabicas they are being called bombers which is not ok because for someone else behavior other people have to pay the price. There are many other problems in america we do not need Donald Trump messing more things up he must be stopped and he will eventually. We went on this walkout for a reason to have our voices heard because donald trump will not discriminate us and he will not ruin america. There are kids coming from other states coming to america for a second chance in life and they will not get if Donald Trump is president. There are programs that can help immigrants but with Donald Trump he will shut those programs down.We don’t believe that Donald Trump should not be our president because he is a bad leader.

  13. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jose and i am a student from Emery High. In the event of the walk out last Thursday, i believe it was really worth walking to Berkeley especially for our purpose. We all were very shocked when we heard about Trump being elected and becoming president. And as we could exercise our first amendment, we chose to do so at the walkout to make our voices heard. We do not want to be categorized because our race, gender, wealth, and or beliefs. We all deserve to be understood and heard regardless of our appearance and beliefs. So, believing at least our voices would be heard we chose to walk all the way to Berkeley chanting our differences towards Trump being elected. We received a lot of support from people along the way as we walked to Berkeley which motivated us to keep walking because we all felt that we weren’t alone on this. A news channel was there, some students from Berkeley that wrote blogs were also there, and that’s pretty satisfying in my opinion due to the fact that barely anyone knows who we are. In conclusion, everyone should be heard and everyone should be understood and we need to be very sympathetic towards others beliefs and opinions regardless.

  14. As the editor of The E’ville Eye, I wanted to thank all the Emery High kids for standing up for their beliefs and encourage you to not to be dismayed by any criticism. The internet is full of opinions as I’m sure you’re all well aware and while I don’t agree with all the commenters on this site, I support free speech and encourage a respectful dialogue (even if done anonymously). Again, thanks for being respectful and engaging in this important dialogue in our city and our country.

  15. Thanks to all the Emeryville students who took the time to join the discussion and express their ideas here.

    One thing I’ve learned about adults is that they only behave like adults when they feel young people are watching. That’s the real reason we don’t let you in bars.

    We are kinder, more careful with our words, and more responsible in our actions when your eyes are on us.

    If the presidential campaign is any indication, we need you guys paying attention more than ever Andre your voices here are a bigger and better statement than your protest.

    Grow up fast. We are making a bit of a mess up here and need some help.

  16. Last week, students of Emery Secondary School walked out in response to Donald Trump being elected as President. Many students, including myself, peacefully protested our way to UC Berkeley because we felt that as students, we had to express our thoughts about this surprising election of a candidate who is clearly unfit to be President. Donald Trump has said many negative comments such as building a wall between the US-Mexico border. This specific comment is a form of racism and institutionalized oppression because if he is going to build a wall, he is viewing Mexicans as a threat to Americans when their hope is to come to America, create peace, and seek employment in order to provide a living for themselves and their families. I strongly oppose Trump’s comment because he is saying that Mexicans are bad and pose a threat to Americans when they are not physically hurting us.

    Donald Trump has not only made racist comments during his campaign but has also said very sexist things about women. There have been many times where Trump has said awful things about women and calling them “fat pigs” and “disgusting” especially to celebrities through Twitter. Not to mention, several women have come out to say that Trump had sexually assaulted them from past years and whenever Trump was asked if he really assaulted them, he did not honestly answer the question straightforwardly and just laughed it off. Trump comments about women is clearly a form of sexism because he is portraying women as “bad” people in society and is not honest on whether or not he sexually assaulted many women.

    Our school walkout was to help show that Donald Trump is not a great fit for President of the United States because his ideas of building a wall between the US – Mexico border clearly shows that he opposes and views immigrants as inferior to the US as well as many sexist comments he has said about women.

  17. Hello,

    I attend Emery High School and I also participated in the walkout last week against the disturbing election of Donald Trump. After taking a look at the responses left on this article, I am disappointed and appalled by the lack of support and hope some people have for the students of Emery High and the youth as a whole. Emery High chose to walk out to protest the unjustifiable words and actions of president-elect, Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump has shown the whole world that he is probably one of the most unfit presidential candidates in our history that has ran and won the election. For example, Trump has and is still facing huge lawsuits. If that was not a red flag for our country, I do not know what else could have been. He has been accused of sexual assault and has verbally insulted women and people of color. His belittling comments about women are not just made-up accusations; they have been recorded and broadcasted to the whole country. Insults like “pig,” “disgusting animal,” or “You have to treat ‘em like sh*t” are just a few words and phrases that have came out of his mouth; they are perfect examples of sexism. Sexism is discrimination against the opposite sex, typically women, which has been very present throughout Trump’s campaign and is expected to be seen in his presidential reign. Trump has not only made sexist comments, he has made many racist and xenophobic comments too. Racism is discrimination or oppression against another ethnicity or race and xenophobia, also known as nativism, is discrimination against immigrants or foreigners based on the fear that they are “bad” people. One example of racism in his campaign was presented this May when Donald Trump insisted that a federal judge, Gonzalo Curiel, was unfit to hear the case of Trump University because of his Mexican background. Trump said, “He’s a Mexican…he is giving us very unfair rulings,” but little did Trump know, Curiel was in fact an American citizen who was born in Indiana. An example of xenophobia is Trump’s plan to build a wall between the United States and Mexico border. Building a wall on the US-Mexico border displays that immigrants and Mexicans as a whole are feared and disliked in America. In reality, they are one of the most hardworking people we know and this country has prospered with their help. Trump’s plan is not only xenophobic but is also a form of interpersonal and institutionalized oppression. This plan is a form of interpersonal oppression because it is recognizable by Trump’s actions and can become institutionalized oppression if the plan becomes reality and is placed into law.

    This walkout was not an excuse to get out of school or to throw a temper tantrum, it was to show our country and the world that Emery High School is not okay with an oppressive, sexist, racist, and xenophobic man as our president and we never will be. Trump’s actions will never be forgotten nor forgiven and Emery hopes Donald Trump recognizes that.

    -Novejot Bal

  18. I believe the purpose of the walkout was because EVERYONE was angry, upset,sad,disappointed because Donald Trump won the elections. I know for a fact some of the teachers were REALLY upset and angry, because Mr.Perez gave us a story on how he was angry that Donald Trump won the day before. Also when we were at UC Berkeley the had a meeting about how Donald Trump but they were really talking about diversity. I went to the walkout because i wanted to support and talk about of Donald Trump won because i watch some of the voting around the world and I saw that a lot of people were really voting for Donald Trump and i was saying in my mind over and over and over and over again how could the vote for him. The reason why I say the because Donald Trump was talking about sending illegal immigrants back to where they came from. This election got to my family because they were talking about how Donald Trump when he started running they thought it was a joke and so did a lot of people, but now Donald Trump is our president. This is my paragraph about EMERY HIGH SCHOOL WALKOUT!!!!!

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