Police Asking For Help IDing Victims of San Pablo Ave Assault/Robbery

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The Oakland Police Department is asking for help identifying two female victims of a robbery and assault that occurred last Friday, July 5 at about 6:30 p.m.

The incident occurred along San Pablo Avenue near 55th Street in front of The Wolfhound Bar (5516 San Pablo Avenue).

A surveillance video shows two asian women walking along San Pablo Ave with rolling carts and hand bags. They are confronted by a bearded male in a black hoody with “Wild Boyz” imprinted in white and wearing black & white Nike Air Jordans.

Video above shows the incident from multiple camera angles.

The suspect violently grabs one of the women’s bag who resists. The man then punches the women who falls to the ground. The suspect swings violently at the other woman before fleeing with three of their bags.

Following the assault, at least four men can be seen streaming out of the bar and chasing the suspect. One of the witnesses was identified as an off-duty OPD officer.

The fleeing suspect dropped the women’s belongings and these witnesses were able to recover them.

One witness was able to follow the suspect who fled across the border into Emeryville. The suspect was apprehended by the EPD’s K9 unit.

While waiting for the police to arrive, both women left the scene. These victims will need to file a report with the OPD to ensure the suspect is charged and brought to justice.

“They were pretty tough ladies!” noted a Wolfhound bartender who was not working that day but heard about the incident later on. “Our customers walked with them for a bit after and offered to walk them all they way home but they declined.“

The two shaken victims were able to get back on their feet following the robbery/assault.

[4:53 p.m. Update] The suspect was later identified as Clarence Esteen, a 31-year-old Oakland resident. According to KTVU, Esteen had been released from prison just 11 days prior. Esteen’s criminal record includes Kidnapping, Robbery, False Imprisonment, Battery, Violation of Parole, Elder Or Dependent Adult Abuse, Burglary & Vandalism.

According to an OPD press release, this was the second of four robberies committed by the suspect in the area.

The Oakland PD are asking anyone who might recognize the victims to contact their Criminal Investigations Division at (510) 238-3326. Any additional videos or photos that could assist with the investigation should be sent to cidvideos@oaklandca.gov (Incident 24-033491).

[2:49 p.m. Update] A commenter on our instagram recognized the victims as regulars of the food bank at a local Pentecostal church (this information has been passed along to authorities).

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