Pixar kicks off countdown to Incredibles 2 with ‘Incredibles Day’ Event

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If you notice folks leaving Pixar a bit later than usual, then it can only mean one thing: deadlines! The local Animation studio kicked off the countdown to the June 15 release of its 2004 hit with a special “Incredibles Day” event and invited 25 “influencers” to help promote the sequel.

Among the group of bloggers, instagramers and YouTube stars was the hyperlocal media who was invited to capture the special day for our city.

Participants were treated to a special preview of the Brad Bird directed film as well as a host of activities and a private tour (and of course lunch in their internal Luxo Cafe).

Pixar streamed a 30 minute video on Facebook that showcases the events activities and a performance by Disney’s “D Cappella” act.

Nothing is by accident in Pixar films and they are well-known for the inclusion of local “Easter Eggs.” The first Incredibles  included several local references in it including the opening chase sequence down San Pablo Avenue that includes some familiar cross streets …

… and the mascot of Dash’s school giving a nod to Emery High.

A more comprehensive list of The Incredibles Easter Eggs was compiled in the below video on the Disney-Pixar YouTube channel.

Incredibles 2 picks up where the first one left off. The Parr Family’s house has been leveled by the explosion of supervillain Syndrome’s plane. The Underminer is levying an attack on “Metroville” and the Parr’s are still oblivious to their youngest son Jack-Jack’s superpowers.

Elastigirl takes center stage as the main action hero while Bob, AKA “Mr. Incredible,” struggles with being a stay-at-home dad.

The 23 minute preview that participants were treated to seemed to include at least one local reference that I could spot that gives a nod to the iconic Inn at Temescal located at Telegraph and West MacArthur in Oakland (we’ll wait for Pixar’s ample superfans to verify this).

The original Incredibles’ influence still resonates today and gets a lot of credit for the revival of the mid-century look and Eichler home fascination. The sequel is filled with Mid-Century design references that fans will undoubtedly enjoy and be inspired by.

Watch the latest trailer for the Incredibles 2 below and reserve your tickets online on the AMC Bay Street website.

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