Person Falls to their Death at Bayside Park Assisted Living Facility

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A person fell to their death this morning at about 10 a.m. in front of the Bayside Park Assisted Living Facility at 40th & Horton. The name of the deceased is not being released pending notification of their next of kin.

Officers from the EPD as well as Emergency Medical professionals from the Alameda County Fire Department and Paramedics responded to a report of a “person on the roof”. Just prior to the arrival of emergency personnel, the subject fell from the roof landing onto the sidewalk below.

Emergency Medical Personnel provided immediate aid, but the victim succumbed to their injuries while on the scene. Several officers and Emergency personnel blanketed the scene and used a blue tarp to cover the deceased while officers investigated the scene.

The Alameda County Coroner’s Office then responded and took possession of the deceased.



The EPD was not specific if this was being investigated as an accident or a suicide but noted “there does not appear to be any suspicious circumstances associated with this incident.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Emeryville Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Section at (510) 596-3700.

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Rob Arias

is a third generation Californian and East Bay native who lived in Emeryville from 2003 to 2021. Rob founded The E'ville Eye in 2011 after being robbed at gunpoint and lamenting the lack of local news coverage. Rob's "day job" is as a creative professional.


  1. They should lose their license to operate if they can’t lock access to the roof and protect people who are unable to protect themselves. Why aren’t there safety railings around the rooftop area, that would add additional safety not only to someone wandering up there, but to workers who might do repairs or maintenance there? Bayside Park is a dementia and memory care facility.

      • Don’t mean to sound so harsh. Just sayin that secure railings can prevent falls; that in dementia care and elder care, people wander and need to be watched for their safety. If a rooftop is not safe enough to prevent a fall, I think it might be wise to lock access, or provide very careful supervision. It’s extremely tragic for the people working there, who run the place, and for the family who lost a loved one, not to mention the poor woman who died. You’re right, I’ve never been on that rooftop, and I don’t know what kind of railings there are, but if someone could fall, by accident or purposefully, then something is amiss. I’m sure it will be thoroughly investigated and the facility will do all in its power to prevent a repeat.

  2. I happened to walk by there around 10:45 or so yesterday after the authorities arrived. I saw a blanket/sheet over the body like they do on TV shows. It was pretty shocking and gruesome to see. I immediately turned around and walked in the opposite direction. Later in the day, I wasn’t sure if I really saw what I did and was hoping it was something else or my imagination. I’m sorry to hear confirmation of this.

  3. This is the WORST THING to happen to a love one. This facility and the management needs to pay! Their license as a business and individual license should be taken away! There was no manager on duty and there was no caregiver who knew about this resident going alone at the rooftop. Just like the resident that they have at the memory care who went to SF Gen Hospital by himself. They did not and failed to check on the resident for more than 5 hours which on that time the resident went already to the other side of the bay alone. This is just the worst! ED and management should be held accountable.

      • Kaiser has temporary patients at this facility and this was a Kaiser patient, not a permanent resident.

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