October Emeryville Crime Report: Highest Monthly Crime Totals on Record, Cannabis Businesses Targeted

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The October, 2019 Emeryville Crime Report saw a large surge in crime reported with 311 total crimes (up from the 257 reported in September). The total represents the highest monthly total we have on record (The E’ville Eye has been charting crime statistics since 2014). Auto Burglaries and Grand Thefts saw the biggest gains with 185 and 41 reports respectively. Violent crime categories actually saw a month-to month decline.

Emeryville Police Officers handled a total of 371 Part 1 crimes in the month. These responses included 11 incidents where officers were dispatched to evaluate an individual to determine if they required an Emergency Psychiatric Detention and 41 suspicious incidents (person or vehicle). Officers responded to 153 theft related calls and recovered 8 stolen vehicles.

Officers arrested 65 adults and eight juveniles during the month.

Overall, crimes reported for 2019 are on an 20% upward trajectory from last year.


The City of Emeryville is divided into small geographical areas that facilitate the Department’s efforts to tract crime and neighborhood problems, and allocate personnel resources to meet the service need. Crime statistics are reported by the EPD through CommunityCrimeMap.com. An archive of monthly crime statistics provided can be viewed on the city website.

[one_third last=”no”]
1. San Pablo Avenue
2. North Emeryville
3. Emery Bay
4. Peninsula
[one_third last=”no”]
5. Shellmound
6. Artist Colony
7. San Pablo Avenue – South
8. Triangle
[one_third last=”yes”]
9. East Bay bridge (East)
10. East Bay bridge (West)
11. Outside of City Limits


The reporting district matrix lists the category and number of crimes reported by district. The descriptions below are “highlights” and are not provided for every crime reported.


District 1

62XX Doyle St.: A domestic violence incident resulted in the boyfriend forcibly taking the girlfriend’s backpack. EPD arrested the male shortly thereafter.

District 3

Urban Outfitters, 5903 Shellmound St.: Three females used force to steal clothing. The females fled to a silver sedan and left the area.

District 4

2300 Block of Powell St.: A male suspect ripped a bag of food out a female’s hand.

District 5

American Eagle, 5653 Bay St.: One male and three females, 17- 20 years old, used force to steal merchandise. LOSS: (32) Pairs of jeans.

Starbucks, 5767 Christie Ave.: Three males in their 20s used force to steal a female’s laptop from the table. Suspect Vehicle: Toyota Corolla, 4-Door, Silver.

District 7

Wing Stop, 4133 San Pablo Ave.: Attempted Robbery. An upset male followed a female patron and attempted to take the female’s food and cell phone. The suspect was upset because the patron didn’t thank him for holding door open as she exited the establishment.

District 8

IFO 10XX 47th St.: Attempted Robbery. A male suspect pulled a gun on a male victim and demanded the victim’s property. A nearby neighbor scared off the suspect.

7-Eleven, 4000 San Pablo Ave.: A male suspect paid for pizza, but refused pay for a cup of soda he drank. The suspect punched the store clerk in face and left the area. Suspected Vehicle: BMW 4-DOOR, silver.

District 9

Decathlon, 3938 Horton St.: A male suspect pulled a knife on loss prevention officers and walked out of the store with merchandise. Loss: Tools.

Home Depot, 3838 Hollis St.: A male suspect stole merchandise and threatened asset protection officers. The suspect attempted to flee, however EPD stopped the suspect and arrested him.

Nordstrom Rack, 3839 Emery St.: A male and two females stole several Nike and Champion sweatshirts. The male simulated a gun in his waistband when he was approached by security. Suspect Vehicle: Jeep Cherokee, silver.

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Aggravated Assault

District 4

4 Commodore Dr.: Two females stole a golf cart and crash it into the boardwalk. A security guard attempted to stop the females, however one of the females sprayed mace towards the security guard. EPD arrested both females shortly thereafter.

District 9

Parking lot of Pak N Save, 3889 San Pablo Ave.: A domestic violence incident resulted in a male pushing his girlfriend,
causing her to fall and hit her head on a metal pole.

Commercial Burglary

District 2

Sunderstorm Bay and Golden Gate Cannabis, 6613 Hollis St.: A burglary occurred. EPD arrested three males who were on viewed fleeing from the scene.

District 4

Emeryville Marina: A bike locker was burgled by an unknown suspect. There was no loss.

District 5

Lenscrafters, 5707 Christie Ave.: POE: Front Window-Kicked in. Suspects: (3) Males. LOSS: Several pairs of glasses.

District 6

Ohana Cannabis, 5745 Peladeau St., POE: Front Door-Pried open. Suspects: (6) Suspects wearing masks over their faces and gloves. One suspect was seen holding a semiautomatic handgun. No Loss.

Nanomix, 1440 Stanford Ave.: POE: Door-Pried open. Suspects: (6) Suspects wearing masks over their faces and gloves. One suspect was holding a semi-automatic handgun. No Loss. Suspect Vehicle: Dark sedan and a dark SUV.

District 8

10XX 41st.: Several mailboxes were burgled.

Residential Burglary

District 1

XX City Limits Circle.: POE: Garage door. LOSS: Multiple items. Prior to this incident, EPD arrested a prowling suspect on the 6300 block of Shellmound St., who had part of this loss on his person. Several other items were recovered from a homeless encampment nearby.

District 3

64XX Christie Ave.: POE: Front Door-Pried. LOSS: A watch, a necklace, (4) Computers, a cell phone, and a Montblanc ballpoint pen.

District 4

X Commodore Dr.: POE: Unknown. LOSS: Silverware.


Of the 15 vehicles reported stolen:

  • 4 vehicles were recovered intact
  • 4 vehicles was recovered but damaged or stripped
  • 1 report was a motorcycle
  • 2 reports were 2 attempted thefts

The spreadsheet compares criminal activity relative to last year, averages from the previous 3 years and annual totals for the year.

*Categories not included in Part 1 Crimes
N/C: Not Calculable

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