May 2020 Emeryville Crime Report: Large Surge In Crime Data Amid Widespread Looting

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The May, 2020 Emeryville Crime Report saw 173 crimes reported (up dramatically from the 84 reported in April). After four successive months of declines, crime data surged in May. Much of this surge can be attributed to the May 30th widespread looting across our city.

The report contains a comprehensive list of businesses that were looted across the city that included businesses across all four shopping centers across our city.

Overall, crimes reported for 2020 are on an 30% downward trajectory from last year.


The City of Emeryville is divided into small geographical areas that facilitate the Department’s efforts to track crime and neighborhood problems, and allocate personnel resources to meet the service need. Crime statistics are reported by the EPD through CommunityCrimeMap.com. An archive of monthly crime statistics provided can be viewed on the city website.

[one_third last=”no”]
1. San Pablo Avenue
2. North Emeryville
3. Emery Bay
4. Peninsula
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5. Shellmound
6. Artist Colony
7. San Pablo Avenue – South
8. Triangle
[one_third last=”yes”]
9. East Bay bridge (East)
10. East Bay bridge (West)
11. Outside of City Limits


The reporting district matrix lists the category and number of crimes reported by district. The descriptions below are “highlights” and are not provided for every crime reported.


District 9

IFO Ulta 3839 Emery St. #200: A carjacking occurred, SUSPECTS: (5) males, no further description. LOSS: 2004 Ford van, a wallet and cell phone.


District 3

IFO 6425 Christie Ave: A strong-arm robbery occurred. SUSPECT: A male, 30- 40 years old, slim build, 6’0”, 200 lbs., wearing a black puffy jacket and blue jeans. LOSS/RECOVERED: A Cell phone.

6001 Shellmound St.: A robbery occurred. SUSPECTS: (3) males. LOSS: Dental medication and electronics.

District 5

Metro PCS, 5769 Christie Ave.: A strong-arm robbery occurred during a protest. SUSPECTS: (8) males wearing dark clothing. LOSS: Cell phone and a camera.

District 6

40th/Hollis St.: A strong-arm robbery occurred. SUSPECTS: (2) males, 20-35 years old, both thin build. LOSS: Laptop.

District 8

Bank of America, 4120 San Pablo Ave.: A strong-arm robbery occurred near the ATM machine. SUSPECT: A male wearing a green shirt, no further description. LOSS: $400.

District 9

Home Depot, 3838 Hollis St.: ATTEMPT. A shoplifter attempted to use force to steal tools. SUSPECT: A male who appeared homeless.

District 10

Target, 1555 40th St.: A male shoplifter swung a metal pipe at employees to steal groceries. LOSS/RECOVERED. EPD arrested the suspect shortly thereafter.

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Aggravated Assault

District 1

12XX 63rd St.: A male victim stopped another male from stealing a tire from his vehicle. The suspect swung a tire iron at the victim and missed. The suspect then fled the area on foot.

District 2

62XX Doyle St.: During a domestic violence incident a female attempted to choke a male with his belt and strike him with his cane. EPD arrested the female shortly thereafter.

District 8

10XX 45th St.: During a domestic violence incident, a male shot at his girlfriend twice. There were no injuries. The suspect fled the scene prior to EPD’s arrival.

District 9

IFO Ashley Home Store, 3839 Emery St.: #300 a 16-year-old female suffered one gunshot wound while riding in a vehicle. The female is in stable condition.

Commercial Burglary:

District 2

Federal Express, 1600 63rd St.: POE: Unknown. LOSS/RECOVERED: (1) package. EPD arrested a male suspect shortly thereafter.

District 3

SAE Expressions College, 6601 Shellmound St.: POE: West window – Smashed. LOSS: Multiple high-end cameras from the equipment supply room.

Avenue 64, 6399 Christie Ave.: ATTEMPT. A male suspect attempted to pick the engineer room door lock. EPD arrested the suspect shortly thereafter.

SAE Expressions College, 6601 Shellmound St.: POE: Unknown. An unknown suspect entered the building, opened several doors, selected items and staged them at an exit door. EPD recovered the items.

SAE Expressions College 6601 Shellmound St.: Another burglary occurred. LOSS: Unknown.

Public Storage, 6501 Shellmound St.: POE: Storage locker found open. LOSS: A laptop, a printer, and personal documents.

Peet’s Coffee 5959 Shellmound St.: LOOTED. Lounge, 6001 Shellmound St., LOOTED.

District 4

8 Captain Dr.: POE: Lobby door – Pried open. LOSS: Mail. EPD arrested two suspects, male and female, shortly thereafter. 6 Admiral Dr., the next day EPD arrested the same two suspects for a second burglary. LOSS: Packages/not recovered.

District 5

Ross Dress for Less, 5733 Christie Ave.: LOOTED.

Black Bear Diner, 5750 Christie Ave.: LOOTED

IKEA, 4400 Shellmound St.: LOOTED.

Carter’s, 5731 Christie Ave.: LOOTED.

Uniform Advantage, 5765 Christie Ave.: LOOTED.

Sprint, 5739 Christie Ave.: LOOTED.

Lisa’s Nails, 5711 Christie Ave.: LOOTED.

Mattress Firm, 5703 Christie Ave.: LOOTED.

District 7

Black and White Market, 4051 San Pablo Ave.: LOOTED.

CVS Pharmacy, 4349 San Pablo Ave.: LOOTED.

District 8

7-Eleven, 4000 San Pablo Ave.: LOOTED.

District 9

Game Stop, 3980 Hollis St.: LOOTED, one arrest.

Taco Bell, 3839 Emery St.: #700, LOOTED.

Verizon, 3990 Hollis St.: LOOTED.

Michael’s, 3991 Hollis St.: LOOTED.

Subway, 3999 San Pablo Ave. #700: LOOTED.

Mattress Firm, 3999 San Pablo Ave.: LOOTED.

Decathlon, 3938 Horton St.: LOOTED.

District 10

Target, 1555 40th St.: ATTEMPT. An unknown suspect attempted to pry open the fire exit doors.

Residential Burglary

District 1:

12XX Powell St.: POE: Lobby/Mailboxes. LOSS: Mail.

At 1XX Glashaus Loop: POE: Garage door – Unknown suspect entered the residence through the garage door leading into the home. LOSS: A laptop, a double stroller, a Mazda key, and two Driver Licenses.

District 2

14XX 65th St.: POE: Unknown – Bicycle locked to a pole. An unknown suspect cut the pole and removed the bicycle.

14XX 65th St.: POE: Storage unit – Wire fencing cut. LOSS: Steel toe military boots, a cycling wheel, and snowboarding goggles.

14XX 65th St.: POE: Storage unit. LOSS: (2) Bicycles and household goods.

14XX 65th St.: POE: Storage unit. LOSS: Clothing. At 14XX 65th St., POE: Garage. LOSS/RECOVERED: Yamaha Motorcycle. EPD arrested two suspects shortly thereafter.

District 3

63XX Christie Ave.: POE: Storage unit. LOSS: Bicycle.

District 8

11XX 40th St.: POE: Bicycle cage. LOSS: (2) Bicycles.

11XX 40th St.: POE: Bicycle cage. LOSS: Bicycle.

11XX 40th St.: POE: Storage unit. LOSS: Bicycle.

10XX 46th St.: POE: Bicycle parking area. LOSS: Bicycle. SUSPECT: Unknown male, thin build, wearing a gray jacket with an orange vest, and green pants.

10XX 46th St.: POE: Storage unit – Lock tampered. LOSS: Bicycle.

10XX 46th St.: POE: Storage unit. LOSS: (2) Bicycles. At 10XX 46th St., POE: Storage unit. LOSS: Bicycle.


Of the 23 vehicles reported stolen:

  • 6 vehicles were recovered intact
  • 5 vehicles was recovered but damaged or stripped
  • 12 vehicles are still outstanding

The spreadsheet compares criminal activity relative to last year, averages from the previous 3 years and annual totals for the year.

*Categories not included in Part 1 Crimes
N/C: Not Calculable

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