Emery Teachers Association Endorses Katy Brown, Brynnda Collins for School Board Seats

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With just days before Tuesday’s election, The Emery Teachers Association has distributed a press release endorsing Katy Brown and Brynnda Collins for two of the three vacant School Board seats. According to ETA President Ericka Castillo, the process was extensive and democratic. The ETA represents all 53 EUSD employed teachers.

Beginning Aug 28 to Sept 11th teachers voted on multiple items. From whether to endorse candidates at all, to how many candidates to support which finalized in a ranked choice survey. Granting Brynnda Collins first place, Katy Brown second and Susan Donaldson third.

Emery Teachers Association Endorses Katy Brown, Brynnda Collins for School Board

There is a growing financial deficit in our district. There’s a strong correlation between funding and student achievement. “It is not often for ETA to get involved in politics, but there’s too much at stake for us to be silent,” said Ericka Castillo, President of Emery Teachers Association. “We want to do our part both inside and outside the classroom to ensure the sustainability of our school district.”

Katy Brown is a parent of a child at our district who left because of the past issues but decided to come back because she believes in change. Not only did she come back to our district, bet she decided to step up and get involved to create systematic change. Our district need people who believe in systematic changes to ensure children now and in the future will receive a great education at EUSD. Additionally, her financial knowledge of how organizations work is crucial to create practical solutions to our financial issues. Addressing financial issues with increase enrollment is not a viable option because space is limited as is. Katy understands that.

Brynnda Collins has been part of the Emery Unified community for over a decade. She has historical knowledge and an optimism that our district needs. Brynnda Collins has an insider’s look on how school work due to the many positions she has held within our district and in neighboring San Francisco Unified. She has been a union member for a long time and understands the importance of a democratic and collective body. She is currently our School Board president and we believe she stands with students and teachers time after time.

Emery Teachers Association believes that Katy Brown and Brynnda Collins are the right fit for our School Board. Please join us in voting on November 6th for Brynnda Collins and Katy Brown for Emery Unified School District’s School Board Candidates

ETA Contact: Ericka Castillo
Email: EUSDUnionPresident@gmail.com
Phone: (510) 900-9294



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  1. The process for endorsement was not democratic unless all the candidates are interviewed. I don’t know if the all other candidates were interviewed. I don’t think I would have been their choice but fairness of process is a key element to making the best decision.

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