Ford GoBike Announces Launch of ‘Plus’ eBikes in Emeryville and throughout East Bay Network

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Ford GoBike announced today it is introducing more than 500 new pedal-assist ‘ebikes’ to its East Bay bike share network. A launch event and inaugural ride with will be held at 10 a.m. on Friday, December 14 at the 23rd Street & Telegraph Avenue Ford GoBike station in Oakland.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin and recently appointed Emeryville Mayor Alexandra “Ally” Medina will join Oakland Department of Transportation (DOT) Director Ryan Russo and representatives from Bike East Bay, Ford GoBike and Lyft will also be on hand.

“Ask anyone who has ridden an ebike, and they’ll tell you how exciting and transformative the ride can be,” said Ford GoBike General Manager Emily Stapleton. “The pedal-assist makes longer, uphill bike trips easier than ever, giving East Bay residents more reasons to choose bike share to get around their communities.

“We are thrilled to be getting electric-assist, shared bicycles in Oakland, Berkeley, and Emeryville,” said Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who also serves as a commissioner on the regional Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). “GoBikes will be useful to people needing to go farther in less time – and with less sweat! Bikesharing already gives the Bay Area a non-polluting, affordable way to get around – but these ebikes will be useful to a wider range of people, including folks who maybe can’t pedal comfortably on their own.”



“I’m excited that Ford GoBike will soon be offering electric bikes to Berkeley and other East Bay cities,” said Berkeley Mayor Arreguin. “Ebikes will allow residents of all ages to get around town, and provide assistance up hills and over longer distances. This will help us realize our Berkeley Bike Plan goals to create a low stress biking network, and improve livability and reduce congestion.”

“Adding ebikes to the Ford GoBike system will improve and complement our existing network of active transportation options,” said Emeryville Mayor Ally Medina. “We are excited to have them in our community.”

“It benefits everyone when more people get around town by bike,” said Bike East Bay Executive Director Ginger Jui. “We know people want better options for making short trips. Putting electric bikes together with all the new bike lanes Bike East Bay has pushed for in Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville, I predict a lot of people will be surprised and delighted to discover how easy and convenient it is to ride in our cities.”


Ford GoBike Plus B-Roll from Ford GoBike on Vimeo.

The ebikes, known as Ford GoBike Plus, feature motors that give riders a boost as they pedal, helping them to ride further and up hills with less effort. Ebikes require less physical exertion, flatten uphill trips, and offer a sweat-free ride — making cycling a more attractive option for a wider range of trip types. By making longer trips easier, ebikes can help shift travel patterns from cars to bikes.

Ford GoBike Plus bikes can be located and unlocked using the Ford GoBike app or a Clipper card and docked at any of the 127 bike share stations in Oakland, Berkeley, or Emeryville. Access to Ford GoBike Plus is included in the cost of a membership or pass. Memberships are available for $15 per month or $149 per year, with passes available at $2 for a single ride or $10 for a 24-hour access pass. Bike Share for All memberships are available to low-income residents at the discounted rate of $5 for their initial year and include unlimited rides, on ebikes or classic bikes, of up to 60 minutes.

Learn more about the rollout and how the plus bikes work at fordgobike.com/plus.

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