Flock of baby geese on I-80 corralled to safety by Oakland CHP

Published On May 23, 2016 | By Rob Arias | News, News & Commentary

Oakland CHP responded to a Sunday 9 a.m. 911 call of a flock of infant geese crossing Interstate 80 near the Ashby Exit. At least three CHP units were deployed to the scene to corral the animals to safety.

“It sounds silly calling 911 because of a bunch of [geese] are in the lanes” they noted on the CHP Oakland Facebook page “but it won’t sound silly after it turns into a collision because people swerved to avoid them!”. CHP Officer Sean Wilkenfeld strongly discouraged motorists from exiting their vehicles themselves in a situation like this.

The CHP ran a traffic break and escorted the geese across I-80 to the highway frontage road …

… where CHP officers on foot corralled the birds to the safety of the Shorebird park area of the Emeryville Marina.

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CHP involved in low-speed chase of baby geese on Interstate 80

By Dianne de Guzman

At about 9 a.m. on Sunday, CHP officers were tasked with an unusual call: A flock of baby geese had wandered onto westbound Interstate 80 near the Ashby Avenue exit.

In a Facebook post on the incident, CHP showed endearing footage of officers escorting the geese via vehicle along the freeway.

When officers arrived on scene to find the geese, the animals were found in the left lanes of the freeway, said Officer Sean Wilkenfeld with CHP Oakland.

“We ran a traffic break and we stopped the freeway so we can get them corralled to the right hand shoulder — and that’s where the world’s slowest pursuit took place,” Wilkenfeld said.

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