February 2018 Emeryville Crime Report: Property Crime Dips, Robberies Climb

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The February 2018 Emeryville Crime report saw 188 total crimes reported for the month (down from 216 in January or -13%). It was the second consecutive month that crime declined in the city. Auto Burglaries and Petty Thefts have both seen significant declines in the first two months. Among the violent crime categories, robberies have seen a significant increase up 67% compared to this time last year.

Crimes reported for 2018 are down 10% from 2017.


The City of Emeryville is divided into small geographical areas that facilitate the Department’s efforts to tract crime and neighborhood problems, and allocate personnel resources to meet the service need. Crime statistics are reported by the EPD through CommunityCrimeMap.com. An archive of monthly crime statistics provided can be viewed on the city website.

[one_third last=”no”]
1. San Pablo Avenue
2. North Emeryville
3. Emery Bay
4. Peninsula
[one_third last=”no”]
5. Shellmound
6. Artist Colony
7. San Pablo Avenue – South
8. Triangle
[one_third last=”yes”]
9. East Bay bridge (East)
10. East Bay bridge (West)
11. Outside of City Limits


The reporting district matrix lists the category and number of crimes reported by district. The descriptions below are “highlights” and are not provided for every crime reported.


District 2

59th St./Horton St.: An attempted robbery/shooting occurred. The male victim sustained critical injuries. Suspect: Male.

District 4

Bay Super Shell, 1800 ½ Powell St.: A male victim responded to an ad placed on “Offer Up” to purchase a cell phone. During the meet, the suspect produced a gun and demanded the victim’s cash. LOSS: $600. Suspect: Male.

District 5

Zumiez, 5677 Bay St.: Two female shoplifters selected clothing and exited the store without paying. The store clerk attempted to grab clothing from the second suspect, however she was punched in the face. The suspects fled the area.
Uniqlo 5606 Bay St.: A female shoplifter brandished a knife after stealing merchandise. EPD arrested the suspect shortly thereafter.
Marshall’s 5795 Christie Ave.: A male shoplifter used force to steal a purse. The suspect fled the store in an unknown direction.

District 9

Pak N Save, 3889 San Pablo Ave.: One attempted robbery via shoplift occurred. EPD arrested the suspect shortly thereafter, and two other shoplifts by force occurred. Both suspects fled the area.


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District 4

1900 Powell St.: (Emery Go Round bus stop) an unprovoked battery occurred. A male transient punched another male on the mouth and head, and fled the area. The victim sustained serious injury to his mouth requiring stitches.


District 2

Lelola 1339 61st St.: POE: Sky light – Forced open. LOSS: A laptop and cell phone.

District 3

National Union of Health Care Workers, 5801 Christie Ave., #525: POE: Door – Pried. LOSS: Head phones and a laptop computer.

District 4

Emery Cove, 3300 Powell St.: An unknown suspect broke into a bicycle locker and stole three bicycles.

District 5

Starbucks 5767 Christie Ave.: A male suspect entered the business, grabbed a patron’s laptop and fled to an awaiting vehicle.

District 9

1321 40th St.: POE: Storage closet – Forced open. LOSS: (4) boxes of files.

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District 2

14XX 65th St.: POE: Storage locker – Lock broken, fence cut. LOSS: Various miscellaneous items.

District 4

3 Captain Drive #XXXX: POE: Front door. LOSS: Cash.

District 8

39XX Adeline St.: POE: Bicycle Storage locker – Door forced. LOSS: A bicycle.


Of the 19 vehicles reported stolen:

  • 14 vehicles were recovered
  • 6 were recovered intact
  • 8 were recovered but damaged
  • 5 vehicles are still outstanding
  • 2 vehicles were motorcycles
  • There were 2 reports of attempted thefts

The spreadsheet compares criminal activity relative to last year, averages from the previous 3 years and annual totals for the year.

*Categories not included in Part 1 Crimes
N/C: Not Calculable

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Rob Arias

is a third generation Californian and East Bay native who lived in Emeryville from 2003 to 2021. Rob founded The E'ville Eye in 2011 after being robbed at gunpoint and lamenting the lack of local news coverage. Rob's "day job" is as a creative professional.


  1. WRONG: “Suspect: Male” – Useless

    RIGHT: “Suspect: Dark skinned male, 20s, wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a large gold emblem on front – Useful

    EPD: Stop favoring the criminals. Err on the side of protecting the community. All it takes is one tip to take a would be killer off the street.

  2. Roughly, 60% of the crime occurs around three shopping areas–give or take. What is that? About 9 blocks? I see places like Target, Marshall’s are ramping up their private security but it would seem a private-public partnership can and is helping to reduce incidents.

    Rapes from the 70s or the victim a while ago who reported a rape somewhere en route on her Amtrak ride really shouldn’t be counted as Emeryville crimes of today in the statistics for comparison sake (although obviously they should be investigated). Btw, Amtrak has a police force…get a larger presence in and around the station. I only see the agents.

    Good progress, but more concentrated and visible deterrents will help.

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