E’ville Digest: Nora Davis Amtrak Station; Friday Evening Sideshow; Bay Street Shake Shack; Mural Documentary

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Our periodic digest of short excerpts spotlighting popular posts we’ve shared recently on our various social media channels.

These stories include:

  • Shake Shack hiring GM for New Bay Street Location
  • Friday evening Sideshow at Powell & Christie
  • Emeryville Treasure Map Mural Documentary debuts
  • Proposal to rename Amtrak Station after former Councilmember Nora Davis
  • StreetsBlog Provides “Quiet Zone” Design update

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Friday Evening Sideshow captured on Video

A rolling “sideshow” event passed through Emeryville on Friday Evening at about 11:45 p.m.. Video captured from a nearby hotel shows vehicles spinning donuts in the intersection of Powell & Christie to small crowds of onlookers.

The video also shows several cars driving the wrong way over the Powell overpass.

It’s unclear if this was connected to a sideshow in Oakland on Saturday evening that left at least two people dead.

Wareham to pitch renaming Emeryville Amtrak Station after former Councilmember Nora Davis

An agenda item worth noting at the upcoming March 24 Planning Commission Meeting. A proposal to replace the Emeryville station Amtrak signage with new signage reading “Nora Davis Emeryville Amtrak Transit Center.”

Davis served on council for 27 years and is considered one of the catalysts in Emeryville’s late 1980’s renaissance. She passed away in 2020 at the age of 92.

Approval is being recommended by city staff as it meets all necessary regulations. It will be outfitted with a dimmer should the illumination be too bright for neighbors.

Read the staff report and application on Emeryville.org [PDF]

Shake Shack hiring general manager for Bay Street Location

Bay Street will apparently be getting a Shake Shack. The popular East Coast founded burger chain has been rapidly expanding in the Bay Area with 7 current locations including one in the Uptown neighborhood Oakland.

The precise location was not specified but speculation would be the former Fuddrucker space on the mostly vacant upstairs Food Shed area.

General Manager salaries at Shake Shack range from $70,000 – $104,455 per year according to glassdoor.com.

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Emeryville Treasure Map documentary

A short documentary debuted on the creation of the “Emeryville Treasure map” mural by artist Nigel Sussman.

Sussman debuted the completed mural to the public at a December 5th event put on by the city.

Emeryville to Lose a Crosswalk but Gain a Bike Lane on Shellmound

The bike/ped/transit focused streetsblog.org published an update on the progress of the so-called railroad “quite zones” between 65th & 67th streets. Bike East Bay activists were initially outraged by the elimination of a crosswalk before realizing it was a mandate by UPRR.

The city successfully petitioned for funding for the project back in 2018.

Emeryville to Lose a Crosswalk but Gain a Bike Lane on Shellmound

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