E’ville Digest: Local Filmmaker debuts PBS show, Community Garden profiled, Bayside Park Hosts Cultural Exchange

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A selection of Emeryville-centric articles from around the web that residents might find of interest:

  • Emeryville Resident, travel photographer and filmmaker Greg Roden directs & producers a show airing on PBS dedicated to advancing the food sustainability cause this month titled “Food Forward TV”.
  • “Big Daddy’s” Community Garden off Interstate-580 in Emeryville’s Triangle neighborhood was founded and managed by 30 year resident and local artist Vickie Jo Sowell.
  • The Bayside Park Retirement community on 40th recently hosted a cultural exchange with 22 Japanese health care students studying at John F. Kennedy University.

Greg Roden’s ‘Food Forward TV’ advances sustainability cause

[youtube id=”eSzaw47COoU” width=”620″ height=”360″]

A generation of DIY food rebels has come of age in the near decade since Michael Pollan et al. sounded an alarm against the health and environmental pitfalls of the corporate food industry.
“Food Forward TV,” a new PBS series beginning Thursday, will visit American small-scale farmers, raw milk iconoclasts, seed savers and cowgirls who let their cattle roam free, to highlight the agricultural activists who are working to restore a rural food economy.
Emeryville filmmaker Greg Roden spoke with The San Francisco Chronicle about the new series, which he created with Bay Area food journalist Stett Holbrook.
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Big Daddy’s Complete Rejuvenating Community Garden


The abandoned gas station that had been owned by artist Vickie Jo Sowell’s long-time neighbor Big Daddy Green burned down in 2001, the City of Emeryville asked her what she thought should be done with the site. Big Daddy’s Complete Rejuvenating Community Garden is the result, the name a riff on Mr. Green’s original business, “Complete Mobile Rejuvenation.” Today the garden is one of three sponsored by the city.

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Laughter is a Universal Language at Bayside Park Retirement Community


Residents of Bayside Park in Emeryville discovered recently that laughter is a universal language in a special day of cultural enrichment and entertainment with 22 Japanese health care students studying at John F. Kennedy University. Accompanied by two interpreters, a volunteer and Professor Dr. Erica Anderson, the students joined residents of the assisted living community on Thursday, August 7th, for disco dancing, poetry and Haiku, origami, a sing-a-long and Japanese brush calligraphy.

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