E’ville Biz: Tanium ramps up expansion, Former Apple Engineers launch Green Furniture Line

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Emeryville Cybersecurity firm Tanium, located in the Towers complex, is raising a new round of funding that would bring its total valuation to $2.5 billion. The company is well positioned in the increasingly important cybersecurity field with recent high-profile breaches.

Meanwhile, former high-profile Apple engineer Brad Sewell has launched a line of furnishing called Campaign that is being likened to “the Warby Parker of modern, modular furniture”. Campaign is launching with three modular, customizable pieces that can be shipped to your doorstep and assembled in minutes. Sewell notes he would like to have a storefront as part of Campaign’s Emeryville headquarters.

Emeryville startup promises affordable furniture delivered by the mail man


An Emeryville startup hopes to merge the modern clean lines and affordable prices of Ikea with the ease and speed of startups like Warby Parker and Amazon.

Emeryville-based Campaign is a customizable furniture company that hopes to get items to customers in days for assembly in minutes, all through the postal service rather than delivery trucks.

CEO and founder Brad Sewell is new to the world of home furnishings, but his experience in automotive and technology design may give him an edge.

“As a disgruntled consumer, I fell into the design of furniture out of necessity and frustration,” said Sewell who previously worked at Honda as well as Apple’s iPhone design teams. “I was coming off of a role where the bar for quality is so high, but my budget for my home was in the Ikea range.”

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East Bay cybersecurity unicorn ramps up expansion with reported $2.5 billion valuation


With high-profile breaches affecting the IRS, the Office of Personnel Management, and even the adulterers’ website Ashley Madison, it’s no secret that cybersecurity is a critical issue for just about anyone responsible for personal data.

Emeryville-based security firm Tanium could be uniquely well-positioned to help both the public and private sectors ward off attacks, according to a report this week. Sources told Fortune that the firm is raising a new round of funding that would bring its total valuation to $2.5 billion or more, placing it among the best-funded startups in a strong year overall for cybersecurity funding.

According to CB Insights, investors poured $1.2 billion into security firms during the first half of 2015.

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Rob Arias

is a third generation Californian and East Bay native who lived in Emeryville from 2003 to 2021. Rob founded The E'ville Eye in 2011 after being robbed at gunpoint and lamenting the lack of local news coverage. Rob's "day job" is as a creative professional.


  1. More business opening in the city with the highest minimum wage in the nation. It’s very strange. They could open in a different city with $9 minimum wage but instead they like it here in Emeryville. Weird. How does this work? It’s not because they pay all their workers more than $14.44 already. Their janitors at least likely earn minimum wage, maybe others as well. This is really strange. The Eville Eye kept assuring us this would kill businesses and yet business keeps right on chugging along except now they’re paying everyone a living wage. Rob kept telling us we the taxpayers have to supplement the poverty wages paid by business in Emeryville with government assistance because if workers got paid a living wage there would be a business calamity. Here’s another business starting up and expanding. Maybe they didn’t get the message they’re supposed to move to Fresno with all the other former Emeryville businesses now and pay their workers $9.

    • You’re kidding right? You can’t see the difference between a local small restaurant that is 95% entry level workers and a high tech cyber-security firm that is 5% entry level workers?

      Obviously there will be virtually no effect of a massive minimum wage hike on a company that has almost no minimum wage workers.

      Cliff Notes version:
      FEWER manufacturers, restaurants, low-end retail, and service industry jobs
      MORE high tech, professional services, and high-end retail

      Or, in other words, more gentrification and the loss of local entry level jobs…both of which stink for the poor and for Emeryville.

      The city council majority, the SEIU, and EBASE screwed the local entry level workers, the unemployed, seniors on fixed incomes, local small business owners and their employees, and residents who shop and eat here in order to promote organized labor’s national political goal: a $15 minimum wage which applies to everyone but the unions themselves.

      Props to EBASE and the SEIU because their mission is to promote the interests of organized labor. But the Emeryville city council is supposed to represent the residents. And they totally abandoned that responsibility. It was evident in their lack of willingness to listen to the residents, to do an economic study, to have a reasonable timeline, to provide an exception for youth, or to compromise in any significant way.

      Talk to the local small businesses who employ most of the entry level workers and hear what they’re saying. It’s not going well for them or their workers, and it’s only going to get worse each year as the minimum wage continues to rise.

    • Lots of new restaurants are opening too. Really strange. Maybe they don’t know anything about economics like we do.
      It’s funny, we know more about all these new businesses than they themselves do. They obviously never bothered to check with the Eville Eye before they decided to open a new business in Emeryville. Now they’re all going to fail. It’s strange and sad. Listen to the Eville Eye people. Don’t start a new business in Emeryville!

      • Bria … ahem, I mean Anonymous! Pretty sure these guys signed their lease before the MWO was implemented and the entry level factory jobs are not here in Emeryville. Their Emeryville space is more of a showroom/Office/Warehouse space. I’m supposed to meet them. Do you have any other questions in regards to the MWO that you’d like me to ask?

      • Well Rob Arias, you seem to have Brian Donahue on the brain. Not every critic is your nemesis you know. He’s not the only one interested in making Emeryville a better and more just place. I don’t agree with everything he says but he’s right more than wrong. You on the other hand, I won’t say it.

      • Maybe you’re right. When Brian trolls us, he actually has the courage to sign off on it. You on the other hand, I won’t say it.

      • “a more just place” – Is that really what we are seeing?

        Kicking people out of their jobs is not just. Slowing the development of much needed housing is not just. Running small, local businesses out of town is not just. Looking out for the interests of organized labor over the residents is not just.

        Justice is about fairness and balance. Weighing both sides. That’s why Lady Justice always carries a scale.

        I don’t see any weighing of two sides. I see single-minded ideologues pushing personal objectives regardless of the cost.

    • Again, you don’t seem to think in anything but extremes, blacks and whites, no shades of gray, much like the current city council majority.

      You know, it rained yesterday so the drought must be over! All those people who said that we have a problem with a lack of rain are wrong. I can see it with my own two eyes. There was rain yesterday so the drought doesn’t exist. All the other evidence doesn’t matter: one bit of rain equals proof of no drought.

      A business opened yesterday so clearly the minimum wage isn’t having a negative effect. All the job loss, hour reductions, price increases, closures, and slowing of growth doesn’t matter: one businsss opening is there are no negative effects.

      I’m going to go take a long shower. The drought is over!!

      • So starting a new business in Emerville is a good idea? Even a restaurant? You disagree with Rob? Now is a fine time to start a new business even with the minimum wage? You agree with all these restaurant owners opening up new restaurants that they’ll be able to make a go of it?

      • I would ask anyone considering opening a business in Emeryville that would employ a lot of entry level workers to talk to some existing business owners here before they sign a lease.

        When the businesses that are here are wishing they weren’t, it’s not a good sign that you should put your life savings on the line here. Why not just move across the border and open your business where the costs will be lower and the city council less likely to do crazy things on a moment’s notice?

        Small businesses are fragile and difficult things. You’re going to have enough trouble making a profit and paying off your new business’s debt, why open in a place that is actively working against small businesses?

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