Courtyards at 65th

EPD Issues Alert for Courtyards at 65th Double-Shooting Person of Interest

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The Emeryville Police are asking for help from the public locating a person of interest in a double-shooting at the Courtyards at 65th Apartments last night.

Emeryville Police Department responded to reports of two men shot at the at 1465 65th St. at about 12:03 a.m.

Both victims were located and transported to a local area hospital for medical treatment. At the time of this release, one victim is listed in stable condition and the other is listed as serious.



Courtyards at 65th
Blood from the crime scene was still present this morning at the complex.

During the course of the investigation the Emeryville Police Department identified a person of interest. The Emeryville Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating Jalin Buck, 23 years of age out of Fairfield, CA for questioning. There is no immediate threat to the community.


Anyone with information regarding this incident or Jalin Buck’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Emeryville Police Department, Criminal Investigations Section at (510) 596-3700.

August 22 update by The Emeryville Police Dept.: On August 22, 2022 the person of interest in a shooting that occurred on August 18, 2022, Jalin Buck after having seen his name in the news, arrived at the Emeryville Police Department to speak with investigators regarding his participation in the shooting. At the conclusion of the interview, Detective’s took Jalin Buck into custody for charges relating to Assault with a Deadly Weapon and booked him into Berkeley City Jail.

The two individuals that sustained gunshot wounds as a result of the shooting are in stable condition and recovering from their injuries.

This case will be forwarded to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office for review.

Photos: Kalimah Priforce

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Emeryville PD Media Advisory

This media advisory was provided by the Emeryville Police Department. The E’ville Eye maintains no affiliation with The City of Emeryville or any of its departments.


    • Bitch shut up you don’t even know that he was getting robbed and protected himself please stfu. It saddens me to see to see people speaking on situations they know nothing about and pretending the outcome of self defense affects your mental state in any way. Grow up

      • YOU shut up, bitch! Shooting IS shooting, and violence IS violence. YOU YOURSELF also don’t know what happened so DO NOT make any assumption. Oh, and DO GROW UP YOURSELF!

      • You shut up… You don’t no tell others to shut up… We don’t no want our place dangerous and our people unsafe… We should talk about problems to fix them… Don’t just no avoid the topic…

      • Grow up? A shooting is a shooting. Why aren’t the strict gun laws in California preventing this stuff from happening?

        If it was really self-defense the shooter wouldn’t be running right now.

      • It’s people like you who make the community unsafe. Always looking for excuses to justify violence: mental illness, economic inequity, racism, etc. You think punishing criminals is bad. That’s why they roam around freely and commit repeat crimes. Terrible!

    • I moved into Emeryville in 2015 and back then it was much safer and cleaner. I am planning on moving away from the Bay Area and California. It is simply not livable here anymore.

      • Sadly this is something many people are considering at this point. Until California can get the lawlessness issue under control, things will not improve.

  1. Emeryville needs to be tougher on crimes. Catch criminals and punish them severely. This way trouble makers will stay away from us. FUND THE POLICE!

  2. I’m curious what the stats are on 80%(gucci glocks) build kits used in Emeryville crimes. I’ve built one myself as a hobby with intent to register legally. EPD is such a small department and There’s only gonna be so many officers on shift to respond or follow up. Still, better than 2/3rds of Oakland lately. Upside news;
    You might actually be able to get CCW in California without bribing a sheriff due to federal laws. Emeryville is still fun though

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