Emeryville PD: Carjacking in Bay Street Garage, Fatal Motorcycle Collision Near IKEA

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The Emeryville Police Dept. has posted two recent alerts via their Nixle account including a fatal motorcycle crash near IKEA and a carjacking in the Bay Street Parking garage.

The carjacking was the second robbery in the Bay Street parking garage reported this week on the Nextdoor.com neighborhood social media site. The other involved an elderly woman who was fortunately not injured.

On Wednesday, July 14 at approx. 4:14 p.m., a motorcycle rider was traveling southbound on 40th St., south of Ikea in Emeryville, when the rider lost control of the motorcycle.

The rider, identified as 27-year-old Paul Edward Crossley III of Oakland by the Alameda County Coroner’s Bureau, lost control of his motorcycle and struck the overpass barrier wall. He sustained major injuries as a result of the collision and was transported to a local trauma center. he later succumbed to his injuries sustained in the collision and was pronounced deceased.

At this time, there does not appear any other vehicles were involved in the collision and no other parties were involved.


Anyone who may have witnessed the collision is asked to contact the Emeryville Police Department, Traffic Section.



On Monday July 12 at approx. 2:45 p.m., a carjacking and robbery occurred in the 5600 block of Bay Street. Two young women visiting the area parked their vehicle. As the women exited their vehicle, three to four unknown suspects physically attacked the women, ripped their purses from them and stole their car.

A bystander captured part of the attack on camera, including the suspect vehicle, which appears similar to a late 90’s to early 2000 dark gray Lexus ES300 with no license plates. Both victims sustained minor injuries and were treated at the scene by EMS personnel. The victim’s vehicle was recovered a short time later in the City of Oakland.

There is no information available at this time to indicate the victims were targeted as a result of their race.

7/16 update: The identity of the victim was added following the notification of his family by authorities.


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Emeryville PD Media Advisory

This media advisory was provided by the Emeryville Police Department. The E’ville Eye maintains no affiliation with The City of Emeryville or any of its departments.


  1. Do not be distracted by the carjacking taking place in Emeryville. It’s a form of reappropriation and deserved. I’m here to support you from my position of power any way I can. I got $$ to give any reasonably progressive candidate who will challenge law enforcement in ’22. I will host a fundraiser, help w/ endorsements + organize voter outreach. As we watch injustice erupt let’s remember we have plenty we can do here.

  2. I’d say Ally is 100% nuts. My sympathies to the women carjacked in broad daylight at Bay Street. This mall has been challenged for years to maintain public safety w little help from EPD. As a resident, I hate to see our city fall prey to youth who think they can get away with taking anything they want and driving through E’ville like we’re in a video game. EPD get cracking,,

    • Ally is one of your city councilors who thinks looting is reparations. EPD was told to stand down last summer. Voters get cracking …

      • I went digging on this Ally Medina. Remarkable little evidence of her ever having a real job but she looks and sounds very like a typical rich kid “progressive”. One of those political parasites who grew up in a very rich safe suburb and does not care how much mayhem and damage her narcissistic politics causes to ordinary people.

        Because when it gets too dangerous she will run away back to the safety of her rich family. I saw this happen several times before Three Strikes made the streets safe back in the 1990’s. Rich kid “progressives” getting mugged by reality. Literally. They always run away and refuse to face up to the brutal consequences of their politics. Leaving the rest of us to live with the resulting crime wave.

        As I said, political parasites.

    • I know Ally is a tool but the posting doesn’t look legit (no SEIU endorsement or similar group).

      • Search “looting” on evilleye.com. Note the July 2, 2020 article includes screen shots of May 30 twitter pages of Ally & John. Marxists were told looting and carjacking are acceptable methods of reparation. The socialist politicians think we should hand over $950 bills when confronted.

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