Emeryville Bi-Weekly Newswire: Jan. 1-14, 2024

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Our bi-weekly newswire is a roundup of local news stories relevant to Emeryville residents aggregated from around the web and social media.

In this post covering the first half of January, we share stories covering:

  • Residents curious about man posted up at Pixar gates
  • Emeryville Arizmendi to appear on Check, Please! Bay Area
  • Former Emeryville Mayor scores Big endorsement in race to fill supervisor seat
  • A ‘pocket of hope’: This California school district made a difference on Black students’ scores
  • Security guard pleads to double murder of Emeryville couple shot to death
  • Ceremony of the Crosses held in Oakland to commemorate 2023 homicide victims
  • Streets of San Francisco Emeryville scene resurfaces

(please note that some stories may be behind a paywall).

Texas man camped in front of Pixar Gates hopeful of story pitch

Some curiosity has again surfaced around a man regularly seen in front of the Pixar Gates. “Cody Smith,” who reportedly hails from Dallas, TX, became familiar to residents and Pixar employees in 2018 when he posted up in front of the animation studio for about four months before moving on.

Smith reappeared last November and can frequently be seen, rain or shine and often shoeless, in a lawn chair reading his kindle or steadily bouncing a small rubber ball.

Little is know about his motives other than he has “some ideas for a story.” Pixar has a well established policy of not accepting story submissions and all their stories are “home grown.”

Smith has been reluctant to be interviewed in any depth by us about his ideas and strategy for soliciting his ideas to the Disney-owned company.

Emeryville Arizmendi to Appear on Check, Please! Bay Area

Emeryville’s favorite bakery Arizmendi will appear on KQED’s Check, Please! Bay Area this Thurs., Jan 18th at 7:30 p.m.

It will air live on Channel 9 or you can stream through their website, YouTube or Facebook Channel.

Former Emeryville Mayor scores Big endorsement in race to fill supervisor seat

Photo: Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group

By Will McCarthy

Endorsements and donations have started to flow in the race to fill Keith Carson’s 5th district seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. And although there is no current polling in the nine-candidate field, former Emeryville mayor John Bauters appears to be off to a hot start.

A ‘pocket of hope’: This California school district made a difference on Black students’ scores

Photo: Pablo Unzueta

By Carolyn Jones

Emery Unified, a small district tucked between Berkeley and Oakland in the east Bay Area, saw its Black students — who make up 45% of the student population, one of the highest rates in the state — show dramatic gains from 2022. 

Security guard pleads to double murder of couple shot to death as they headed to Rolling Loud concert

Ryan Wasilausky (Photo: GoFundMe)

By Nate Gartrell

In a rare legal maneuver, a Bay Area man has pleaded no contest to murdering an Emeryville couple in 2019, clearing the way for him to be sentenced to life in prison with no trial.

Ceremony of the Crosses held in Oakland to commemorate 2023 homicide victims

Photo: @ OaklandFireCa via Instagram

By Tori Gaines

The 14th annual Ceremony of the Crosses was held at St. Columba Catholic Church Sunday to commemorate the lives lost to homicide in Oakland this year.

Families and community members gathered together as crosses honoring homicide victims were removed from the garden and given to victims’ families to take home.

A clip of The Streets of San Francisco recently surfaced showing Emeryville’s Watergate Apartments.

The 1973 episode titled “Shield of Honor” involves Inspector Keller and Officer McCormick taking a trip across the bay to interview the girlfriend of a dead mob witness “in Oakland.”

The full episode can be streamed for free on Pluto.TV

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  1. great idea for expanding. I’ve moved, otherwise I would offer to write more articles for you.
    Best regards,

    Yvonne Behrens

  2. John Bauters is terrible for Emeryville and for Alameda County. He is a dangerous narcissist and will only do what is in his own best interest. His style of politics – say one thing publicly and do another privately – is a major problem here and in this country. John does all of his manipulations before you see a vote, a meeting or an announcement. The target of his lies is the media and the voters. If you don’t like to be lied to and manipulated, vote on character and choose another candidate.

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