Elephant Seal pup rescued at Emeryville Marina

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Examiner Art & Culture writer & Emeryville resident Cindy Rakel Warner reported on the rescue of an abandoned three-month old Elephant Seal pup Saturday at the Emeryville Marina. Bystanders discovered the pup under a bench along the pedestrian trail and alerted Animal Control. It’s apparently rare for a pup to be in the Emeryville wetlands as the nearest elephant seal colony is Ano Nuevo State Park nearly seventy miles away.

Photos: Cindy Warner

Piedmont Animal Control, whom Emeryville contracts out its animal services to, herded the pup into a pet crate and transported it to The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. The Pup reportedly had signs of malnourishment and would be given an IV and bottle fed back to health before eventually being released near Point Reyes.

[youtube id=”nwyw1Eomn_8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]
The above YouTube video shows the pup waddling along the asphalt and being corralled into a crate prior to being transported.

Elephant Seal pup rescued by Marine Mammal Center at Emeryville Marina at sunset


An elephant seal pup resting in the succulents at the Emeryville Marina shoreline will finally be getting shelter, a family and a good meal tonight said Shawn, a volunteer with the Marine Mammal Center after Piedmont Animal Control and the Marine Mammal Center rescued the three month old at sunset. Video to come. Shawn, who happened to be on duty with the Marine Mammal Center this beautiful Saturday night, said it’s rare for a pup to be in the Emeryville wetlands as the nearest colony would be Ano Nuevo or all the way south in Cambria. Just before rescuers arrived the pup let out a cry, a high pitched bleat. Shawn said the elephant seals stay vocal all day at the reserves. The pup gives an audible cry in this video. Here’s the pup in the crate with volunteers loading the crate on the truck

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