Public Market looking to Subtract Theater, Add Grocery Store as part of massive overhaul

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The Emeryville Public Market has undergone quite a reinvention over the last few years. A quick recap: Then owners TMG Partners performed a four million dollar facelift including outdoor Exploratorium exhibits and added new food & retail anchors Urban Outfitters, Hot Italian & Guitar Center. Then in November 2012, it was announced that TMG sold the Public Market to SF Based City Center Realty Partners & New York based hedge fund investment managing advisor Angelo, Gordon & Co. for approx. $70 million. CCRP brought in event planning agency Unseen Heroes to host a series of revolving Pop-up events titled “DISPLAY” that just wrapped up their holiday event series to help reinvigorate the food court area during its transition. CCRP also announced recruiting Michelin-Starred chef Carlos Altamirano to open an 800 sq. ft. stall named “Chicharon that should bolster the eating area offerings with additional announcements expected. On the downside, it was announced recently that United Artists would not be renewing their lease at the Emery Bay 10 Theater and The Broken Rack Pool Hall is looking to move out of their EPM location to near the stalled Peladeau Park along the Greenway (behind Honor Kitchen & Cocktails). Construction has progressed on the 190 unit apartment development on the corner of 64th & Christie. All of these improvements seem like “Window Dressing” to The Public Markets long-term plans which were unveiled at the last Planning Commission Meeting.

The next phase of the Public Markets evolution was presented on December 12th to the Planning Commission by Senior City Planner Miroo Desai & Hart Howerton architect Eron Ashley (A North Oakland resident and purported EPM regular who referred to the site as “one of the best in the country”). Mark Stefen, president of CCRP, referred to the projects ambition of being “Emeryville’s Green Living room”.

The multi-phase development includes:

  • 735 Residential Units
  • 47,500 sq. ft. of Retail & Restaurants
  • 27,300 sq. ft. Grocery Store
  • A “Realignment” of Shellmound St.
  • Enlargement of City Park
  • Landscaping improvements
  • Addition of a small Cafe
  • Three Level Parking Garage


The Planning Commission expressed that the (yet unnamed) grocery store would be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Commission & Public recommendations of an organic-specialty store such as Whole Foods, Fresh & Easy or Lunardi’s were expressed through public comment period and the Commission. Early concerns expressed by the Commission included traffic circulation and the impact of the addition of the grocery store as well as delivery/unloading obstructions. Concern over the removal of commercial office space as well as the recommendations of Class 2 Bike lanes and included improvements to the Amtrak Pedestrian bridge were also discussed. Commissioner Steven Keller, whom had to recuse himself from the project because of his proximity to it, expressed concerns over the projects “Suburban” and “Auto-centric” nature and also the lack of community meeting prior to solicit neighbor input and concerns. It’s the Planning Commissions Job to review and ensure that these amendments conform to the PUD/FDP and make a recommendation to Council for approval.

The 77 page FDP (Final Development Plan) can be Downloaded & read here (45MB PDF).

The entire Study Session can be watched on the EPOA YouTube Channel:

[youtube id=”V0h42hBCUe8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

The Public Market’s complete phased plan can be seen online:

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Rob Arias

is a third generation Californian and East Bay native who lived in Emeryville from 2003 to 2021. Rob founded The E'ville Eye in 2011 after being robbed at gunpoint and lamenting the lack of local news coverage. Rob's "day job" is as a creative professional.


  1. The existing Class II bike lanes on Shellmound Street are only about 5 feet wide, but they are against the curb which means that the full 5 feet is useable. However, with this development proposal they want to put 6 foot bike lanes next to parallel parked cars, which means only about the outside 2 feet of the bike lane would be safe to use (assuming that the whole bike lane isn’t blocked with double parked cars like everywhere else in Emeryville).

    Why on earth do they need to add parallel parking along Shellmound Street in addition to a giant parking garage? Without the parallel parking they could create a physically separated bike lane that would be safe for cyclists of all ages to use, instead of something that’s even worse than the crappy status quo.

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