West Oakland Unhoused Group Expresses Grief in Wake of Stabbing Death of Neighbor

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A man was found dead Sunday morning near a homeless encampment by the I-580/24 interchange in Oakland’s Longfellow Neighborhood. The victim died from wounds from an apparent stabbing according to Oakland Police.

The body of the 52-year-old man was found about 8 a.m. at an encampment near Martin Luther King Jr. Way and 37th Street. Police said he appeared to have been dead for several hours when found.

The aftermath was captured on Citizen App.

Police Activity @CitizenApp

3651 Martin Luther King Jr Way Feb 9 11:09:07 AM PST


According to the 37MLK Facebook page, the man was not a resident of the camp, but a well known member of a neighboring camp. “He’s not a resident of 37MLK, but he was a beloved friend and family member of many in our community.”

It was thought he was stabbed near Eli’s Mile High Club which is a half block away from the camp. “We think he was trying to come to our camp for help, but didn’t quite make it. He died at our front door from his wounds and was found by residents leaving early yesterday morning.”

The group expressed grief for the loss and regret for not being able to intervene. They also clarified that none of the members of their camp were suspects or being investigated.

“We are in the process of grieving, supporting each other, and trying to rebuild a sense of safety in the face of the unthinkable. Or rather, what is unthinkable to the housed but forced to be a daily reality for the unhoused: the terror of not having a buffer from anything that happens on the street, and the fear of being blamed for things in the aftermath.”



The 37MLK camp has asked for builders to help them house a woman impacted by the incident. “To help us clean, bring us pizza, take a trash bag out, or just let residents know you’re here for them if they need to talk; this was the unanimous request heard from residents at our meeting after this tragedy.“

The identity of the man was not made public pending notification of his family. Oakland authorities are offering $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Anyone with information can call Oakland Police at 510-238-3821 or Crime Stoppers at 510-777-8572.

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Rob Arias

is a third generation Californian and East Bay native who lived in Emeryville from 2003 to 2021. Rob founded The E'ville Eye in 2011 after being robbed at gunpoint and lamenting the lack of local news coverage. Rob's "day job" is as a creative professional.


  1. Thanks for covering this thoroughly, and not just saying “homeless man fatally stabbed at encampment.” Such a sad story.

  2. RIP to the deceased. As for those in encampments underneath highways, freeways, and wherever they can find shelter, our government has failed them, be it Reagan or Newsom. It’s either too expensive to have some form of functional housing that will either put them to work and feed them, where any encampment “clearance” is automatically a political risk for the mayor or supervisors in charge, as that’s always seen as picking on the homeless.

  3. Examples of government incompetence:
    1. Graduated from school but unable to form coherent sentences. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
    2. Oakland Police Department website link to “CrimeStoppers” – BROKEN.
    3. Oakland taxpayers offering a $10,000 reward for information. Snitches get stitches.
    4. States with highest homeless population: Democratic controlled CA and NY.

    August 12, 1986: ”The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help. ”

    Tolerating inappropriate behavior encourages more of it. “Bring us a pizza.”

    What if this was a woman who was tired of being hassled so she started carrying a knife?

    https://www.reddit.com/r/holdmycosmo/ see: Man pulls gun out on woman and she chases him.

    Natural selection makes the human race stronger.

      • The theory of evolution by natural selection, first formulated in Charles Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species” in 1859, is the process by which organisms change over time to survive in different environments.

        Darwin recognized the small number of traits that made domestic species different from their wild ancestors. He was also the first to recognize the difference between conscious selective breeding in which humans directly select for desirable traits, and unconscious selection where traits evolve as a by-product of natural selection or from selection on other traits.

        There is a genetic difference between domestic and wild populations. There is also such a difference between the domestication traits that researchers believe to have been essential at the early stages of domestication, and the improvement traits that have appeared since the split between wild and domestic populations. Domestication traits are generally fixed within all domesticates, and were selected during the initial episode of domestication of that animal or plant, whereas wild populations display improvement traits.

        In other words, when socialists can’t afford to bring pizzas who will feed the sheeple?

        Molon labe.

      • Someone gets stabbed to death, and your response is “survival of the fittest”?

        The moral instinct is dead in you. Just a complete lack of human decency or civility.

        Grow up.

      • Another ad hominem attack from the immature? People who know freebies are available decide not to participate in free education and fit in with the rest of society deserve what they get. Survivors don’t wait for others to bring a pizza. States with highest homeless population: NY, HI, CA, OR, WA, MA – hmmm – each one Democratic controlled. Solve the homeless problem – vote red.

      • Ah, you’re a political troll. The lack of civility makes more sense now.

        Go forth young troll! The internet awaits you and the repetition of the things you hear.

        May your ideological incantations, ability to order pizza, and tendency to taunt dead people serve you well!!!

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