Violent & Property crimes up in June, annual crime down according to latest EPD crime report

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As part of our commitment to covering Emeryville, we will post monthly crime statistics reported by the EPD through CrimeReports.com. The Reporting Matrix lists the category and number of crimes reported by district. The spreadsheet compares criminal activity relative to last year, averages from the previous 3 years and annual totals for the year. The descriptions below are “highlights” and are not provided for every crime reported. An archive of monthly crime statistics provided can be viewed on the city website.

Not surprisingly, the retail dense areas of The Public Market, Powell Street Plaza, Bay Street and the East Bay Bridge Mall continue to see the bulk of reports (50% of the 146 crimes listed). Combined Auto Burglary in the “Christie Core” Districts 3 & 5 remains high (19). Petty theft in the East Bay Bridge Mall continues to account for a bulk of the reports (32). All but one of the robberies occurred in the District 8 “Triangle” neighborhood and two of them were at gunpoint for the victims’ iPhone along Adeline. Simple assaults rose the most dramatically from last year from 2 to 16 (700%). The overall 25% percent spike in June crime from last year might be skewed according to EPD crime analyst Adrienne Robinson. “Assaults are counted per victim. For example, one crime report with three victims equals three assaults. In June, three cases had more than one victim. This factor could easily create a spike in the numbers. In addition, five of sixteen simple assaults were domestic violence related, the remaining cases involved people who were acquainted except one case.” Overall, the pace of crime is down 14% from last year.
Simple assault according to nolo.com is distinguished from aggravated assault as follows:

The criminal laws of many states classify assaults as either simple or aggravated assaults, according to the gravity of the harm that occurs — or is likely to occur if the assaulter follows through and attacks the victim. Aggravated assault is a felony that may involve an assault committed with a weapon or with the intent to commit a serious crime such as rape. An assault may also be defined as aggravated if it occurs in the course of a relationship that the legal system regards as worthy of special protection (see “Aggravated Assault Case Example 2” below for more discussion). In the absence of factors such as these, the crime is simple assault, a misdemeanor.



The City of Emeryville is divided into small geographical areas that facilitate the Department’s efforts to tract crime and neighborhood problems, and allocate personnel resources to meet the service need.

[one_third last=”no”]
1. San Pablo Avenue
2. North Emeryville
3. Emery Bay
4. Peninsula
[one_third last=”no”]
5. Shellmound
6. Artist Colony
7. San Pablo Avenue – South
8. Triangle
[one_third last=”yes”]
9. East Bay bridge (East)
10. East Bay bridge (West)
11. Outside of City Limits





Hyatt Hotel, 5800 Shellmound St.: A female was raped by a male acquaintance she just met. Suspect: White male, 25-30 years old.


District 3:

Powell Street Plaza “Breezeway”: Two male teenagers approached a male and female couple from behind and demanded their property. LOSS: A purse and a wallet. Suspects: #1 Black male, 15-18 years old, 5’7”, wearing a red hoodie with “GAP” on the front. #2 Black male, no further description.

District 8:

Bank Club, 3900 San Pablo Ave.: A group of females ran inside the club, attacked another female, and robbed the female of her purse. Suspects: (7) Black females, no further description.
San Pablo Ave & W. MacArthur Blvd.: A male suspect approached another male from behind, grabbed the male, went through his pockets and removed $10. A struggle ensued between both men. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the suspect shortly thereafter. EPD officers recovered the $10 and returned the money to the victim. Suspect: White male, transient.
7-Eleven, 4000 San Pablo Ave.: A shoplifter took an unknown amount of quarters, pushed the store clerk, and fled from the store. Suspect: Black male, 6’2”, gray hooded sweatshirt and gray khaki style pants.
44th & Adeline Streets: A male victim was walking when two suspects robbed him at gunpoint. LOSS: Laptop, iPhone, headphones, and driver license. Suspects: #1 Black male, 15-20 years old, 5’10”, 150 lbs, wearing a gray hoodie and blue jeans. #2 Black male, 15-20 years old, 5’10”, 150 lbs, wearing dark clothing.
4000 block of Adeline St.: A male victim was walking when two suspects robbed him at gunpoint. LOSS: Wallet, iPhone ear buds, cell phone and bag. Suspects: #1 Black male, 15-17 years old, 6’00”, wearing a white shirt and gray pants. #2 Black male, 15-17 years old, 5’8”, wearing a dark jacket and dark pants.


District 1:

26 City Limits Cr.: A fight between two females resulted in one female hitting the other female on the head with a rock.

District 5:

BeBe, 5654 Bay St.: A male suspect choked, slapped, and pointed a gun in his ex-girlfriend’s face.

District 9:

Pak n Save, 3889 San Pablo Ave.: A male suspect who was asked to leave the store, attacked a security guard, punching the guard in the face several times causing the guard to lose his tooth. EPD arrested the suspect shortly thereafter.


District 2:

Starbucks, 1405 65th St.: POE: Front door – Pry marks. LOSS: $3 from the tip jar.

District 3:

Wells Fargo Bank, 5801 Christie Ave.: a transient entered the bank and attempted to cash a fraudulent check. EPD arrested the suspect shortly thereafter.

District 5

BevMo, 5717 Christie Ave.: A male suspect entered the store, grabbed several cases of Red Bull and fled out of the rear of the store. The store clerk saw the suspect loading the cases into the trunk of an awaiting vehicle. (4) cases of Red Bull were recovered. Suspects: #1 Black male, 35-45 years old, 5’9”, 150 lbs, bald, wearing a white t-shirt, gray hat and black pants. #2 Black male (Driver), 53-55 years old, wearing a straw hat. Suspect Vehicle: 1992 Buick 2-Door, maroon in color.

District 9:

Home Depot, 3838 Hollis St.: (3) suspects had a store credit from a previous fraudulent return at the Oakland store and tried to commit theft at the San Leandro and Emeryville stores. EPD arrested all suspects.
Home Depot, 3838 Hollis St.: A female entered the store disguised as a Home Depot employee and committed theft. EPD arrested the suspect shortly thereafter.

District 10:

Target Stores, 1555 40th St.: Two suspects stole a patron’s wallet from In-Shape City, 6005 Shellmound St., Emeryville, and made a fraudulent transaction on the victim’s credit card at Target. Suspects: #1 White female, 25-30 years old, #2 White male, 30-35 years old.

Target Stores, 1555 40th St.: A suspect stole a patron’s wallet from In-Shape City, 6005 Shellmound St., Emeryville, and made a fraudulent transaction on the victim’s credit card at Target. Suspect: Black female, 30-35 years old.


District 1:

1251 63rd St.: POE: Front bedroom window – Screen cut and removed. LOSS: Camera and a charger. Suspects: #1 Black male, 15-20 years old, wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans. #2 and #3 males, no further description.

6200 Doyle St.: #17 POE: Kitchen door. LOSS: Backpack containing school yearbooks. Suspect: Black male, 15-16 years old, 5’6”, 150 lbs, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, and blue and orange shoes.

6200 Doyle St.: #14 POE: Front window – screen removed. LOSS: laptop and printer.

5860 Beaudry St.: An attempted burglary occurred. POE: Open bedroom window. The resident was home and scared off the suspect. LOSS: None. Suspect: Male Hispanic, 20-30 years old, wearing a black hat and black shirt.

District 2:

1465 65th St.: #141 POE: Open window. LOSS: Laptop. Suspect: Unknown race or sex, wearing a gray sweater and blue jeans.

District 4:

The Emeryville Marina, 3310 Powell St.: POE: Boat Hatch pried open. LOSS: Vacuum, tools, car radio, and a fan.

District 8:

1121 40th St., #4108: POE: Open sliding glass door. LOSS: iPhone, iPad, Camera, and camera lens. Suspect: Black male, 20-30 years old, wearing a blue hat, a gray hoodie with blue sleeves, and blue jeans.


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