March Emeryville Crime Report: Carjacking at Pak ‘n Save, Surge in Petty Thefts

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The Emeryville Crime Report for March includes 86 reported cases of petty theft with 70% of them occurring in the East Bay Bridge shopping area (Target/Home Depot). 90% of all Petty Thefts occurred in the combined Districts of 5, 9 & 10 areas. Auto Burglary in the Powell Street Plaza/Bay Street District 5 area continues to plague Emeryville partially due to visitors leaving bags, luggage & shopping bags in plain sight.



The City of Emeryville is divided into small geographical areas that facilitate the Department’s efforts to tract crime and neighborhood problems, and allocate personnel resources to meet the service need. Crime statistics are reported by the EPD through CrimeReports.com. An archive of monthly crime statistics provided can be viewed on the city website.

[one_third last=”no”]
1. San Pablo Avenue
2. North Emeryville
3. Emery Bay
4. Peninsula
[one_third last=”no”]
5. Shellmound
6. Artist Colony
7. San Pablo Avenue – South
8. Triangle
[one_third last=”yes”]
9. East Bay bridge (East)
10. East Bay bridge (West)
11. Outside of City Limits



The reporting district matrix lists the category and number of crimes reported by district. The descriptions below are “highlights” and are not provided for every crime reported.


District 4:

Bay Super Shell, 1800 Powell St.: A male suspect threatened to shoot his ex-girlfriend if she did not open the car door. Once the door was opened, the suspect entered the car, slapped the victim, took her cell phone and fled the area.

District 5:

Parking lot of Marshall’s, 5795 Christie Ave.: A male suspect approached a female seated in her vehicle. The male attempted to take the females’ car keys, however the victim fought off the suspect. The male then reached into the females’ jacket pocket, removed a cell phone and cash, and fled the area. Suspect: Male, possibly Hispanic.


Marshall’s 5795 Christie Ave.: A group of juveniles entered the store, selected and concealed merchandise, and exited the store without paying. One of the males pushed the loss prevention agent and fled with the loss. EPD arrested two suspects. Part of the loss was recovered.

District 7:

CVS Pharmacy, 4349 San Pablo Ave.: A female shoplifter pulled a knife on loss prevention officers while they were attempting to recover stolen property. EPD arrested the suspect shortly afterwards. LOSS/Recovered: (9) Bottles of body wash.

District 10:

Target, 1555 40th St.: A shoplifter wrestled with loss prevention in an attempt to flee with stolen items. EPD arrested the suspect shortly afterwards. LOSS/Recovered: A Nikon camera bag.


District 9:

Parking lot of Pak n Save, 3889 San Pablo Ave.: Two male suspects tackled and pepper sprayed the victim, took the victim’s credit card and house keys, and fled the area in the victim’s vehicle. OPD recovered the vehicle three days later with one suspect in custody.


District 2:

5855 Horton St.: an argument between ex-domestic partners, resulted in one of the females attempting to choke the other female with jumper cables.


District 2:

Paulding & Co, 1410 62nd St. POE: Second story door – Pried . LOSS: A computer.

District 3:

Public Storage, 6501 Shellmound St.: An unknown suspect burglarized patron’s storage locker. POE: Lock was cut. LOSS: Various tools.


District 1:

1257 66th St.,: POE: Garage. LOSS: Fuji Cycle Cross Men’s 10 speed bicycle, black. Ser# FJ105IC0236K.
1285 64th St.: (Burglarized twice) POE: Garage door – Pried. LOSS: (3) Bicycles (A Rally mountain bike, a men’s 15 speed Specialized Road bicycle, black and white in color, and a women’s Specialized Road bicycle, silver and black in color).

District 3:

6401 Shellmound St.: #7212 POE: Front door – Open. LOSS: Wallet.

District 9:

1231 40th St.: #136 POE: Front door – Unlocked. LOSS: a laptop computer.


Various makes and model were stolen this month. There were no popular vehicles stolen this month. (4) vehicles were recovered intact, and (5) vehicles are still outstanding.

The spreadsheet compares criminal activity relative to last year, averages from the previous 3 years and annual totals for the year.


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Rob Arias

is a third generation Californian and East Bay native who lived in Emeryville from 2003 to 2021. Rob founded The E'ville Eye in 2011 after being robbed at gunpoint and lamenting the lack of local news coverage. Rob's "day job" is as a creative professional.


      • Between 10 and 10:30pm. Even at that time, the Pak ‘N Save was still busy with long checkout lines.

        My vehicle was returned with minor damage & was stripped of all personal property and some internal parts (e.g. CD changer/reader in glove box.) Total loss including cost of vehicle release/towing/recovery was around $2K.

        PS Rob – thanks for the informative writeups. I wasn’t fully aware just how bad Emeryville’s crime rate was, until I became a victim myself.

      • Wow, thanks for chiming in and sorry you had to go through this. I was the victim of a crime as well and started this news blog because of it. email me if you ever need anything!

      • Rob, thanks for the kind words.

        Do you have any idea how many crimes end up being solved? (As in, the perpetrators are arrested/charged?) Based on the number of crimes, I’d imagine that the detectives’ backlogs are huge.

        In my case, because my vehicle was recovered 3 days later (as noted in the crime report), there was no hard evidence linking the driver at the time of vehicle recovery to the original carjacking.

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