Emeryville Police assist elderly carjacking victim in recovery of car

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EMERYVILLE POLICE DEPT. PRESS RELEASE – Richard Miner a 73-old resident of North Oakland was the victim of a violent carjacking at Pak N Save at approx. 10:00am on July 4th The assailant, threatened the victim with scissors, punched him in the face and then pushed him to the ground. The suspect fled in Mr. Miner’s car. Later that day, the car was located abandoned on the freeway. Emeryville Police recovered the car and towed it for evidence. Once the car was processed for evidence Mr. Miner was advised he could take possession of it.

When Mr. Miner was advised of the recovery of the car he told EPD detectives he was unable to pay the tow fees which were just under $1,000. He said it was his only car and that he needed it to take his ill wife, (whom he’s been married to for 47 years), to her doctor’s appointments. They have been using public transportation while without the car.

EPD contacted the tow company, Berry Brothers as well as Adult Protective Services seeking some relief for the tow fees. Once Berry Brothers’ owner Bob Berry became aware of the situation he waived all fees for the tow and storage.

Mr. Miner was very thankful and surprised when advised of Mr. Berry’s generosity. EPD’s Detective Head and Officer Costello drove to Mr. Miner’s home and drove him to Berry Brothers. Once at Berry Brothers, EPD officers introduced Miner to Dave Scornaienchi and Bob Berry, the two who made it possible for Miner to get his car back without paying the high fees. Miner told the officers he and his wife are on social security and would have never been able to pay the fees for the car.

Miner was very appreciative and thankful to EPD.

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  1. How refreshing to see a positive “crime” story. I had no idea it could cost so much to get your car back after being stolen 🙁

  2. I think it is outrageous that crime victims pay to get their cars back. This should be paid for by a government entity, with reasonable caps on private tow company fees. The implication here is that in principle the practice is okay, and the victim should be grateful that due to his age, wife’s illness, length of his marriage, need for the car to get to work, or some otherwise somehow legitimate mitigating factor the cops were so kind to him. So when my sixty something single friend had his car stolen off the street, found by Oakland PD, towed before he was informed it had been found, found with its wheels off in a trailer park, he should pay a hundred dollars a day to be allowed to retrieve it? This whole thing is a racket.

  3. It is unconscionable that we compel auto theft/carjacking victims to pay towing and storage fees after the police recover a stolen vehicle. While I appreciate that Mr. Berry waived the fees in this instance, I am ashamed that Mr. Miner had to suffer such indignity AFTER surviving a violent robbery.

  4. Praise Our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His goodness and protection that led to the return of Mr. Miner’s car. God bless the Emeryville Police Department. Amen!
    I am Mr. Miner’s next-door neighbor of nearly 20 years. I was heartbroken after receiving the news last week. I offered my assistance for grocery shopping if they needed it.

    However, after reading about the car found abandoned on the freeway, I remembered how Mrs. Miner chuckled after she told me that the broken fuel gauge led the thief to believe that they had enough gas for a quick getaway.

    Don’t mess with my God! What a blessing to see his car in the driveway. He looks well.

    Maxine Butler

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