Emeryville PD Releases 911 audio preceding February 3rd officer involved shooting

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The Emeryville PD released a 5:28 long audio of an exchange between a Home Depot loss-prevention officer and a 911 dispatcher. Ms. Henderson was being detained for shoplifting and was described as being uncooperative. The operator then switches over to request an ambulance at the request of security who explains Ms. Henderson hit her head when she “fell to the ground”. When the dispatcher returns, the situation intensifies.

At about 3:50 in, you can hear the loss-prevention officer calmly state “she pulled out a gun, sir” then apparently while on the move, he attempts to relay her location to the operator. “She’s on foot and running toward the underpass. She’s trying to get on the bus. … I don’t know what’s going on, but she has the gun out. … The officer (unintelligible) and it looked like she pulled out the gun on him.” The recording then abruptly ends.

Henderson is then alleged to have pointed her weapon at the officers who fired a total of 7 shots at Henderson, one of which fatally struck her. An advocacy group calling itself the Anti-Police Terror Project is requesting surveillance footage from the storage facility where the shooting occurred.

EPD PRESS RELEASE: In order to maintain as much transparency as possible while the investigation is ongoing, the Emeryville Police Department is releasing the audio for the 911 call which preceded the officer involved shooting on February 3rd. The caller’s name and phone number have been redacted from the audio. The audio ends when the female suspect (Yuvette Henderson) flees on Hollis Street into Oakland. Any inquiries regarding the status of the shooting investigation should be directed to the Oakland Police Department Media Relations Office at (510) 238 7130.

A fundraising campaign with all funds collected going towards funeral expenses and the needs of Yuvette’s two teenage children has been created on YouCaring.com

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Photo of Yuvette Henderson: Facebook

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