Bay City News reports Sunday AM Gunshots Fired in Target Parking Lot

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For the second time in a month, gunshots were reported in broad daylight in the East Bay Bridge Shopping Center area along 40th Street [Correction]. On June 18th, a gun-battle between two vehicles took place in the Pak N Save parking lot at 1:24 pm. This area is technically in Oakland but patrolled by the Emeryville PD as part of the Joint Powers Agreement established between the neighboring cities. The Federal Realty Map below shows how the border intersects the shopping area. It should be noted that Best Buy, Office Depot and Pet Club are not part of this shopping center and entirely in Oakland.


This incident took place at 10:28 on Sunday and also occurred between two vehicles but is was unclear if there was an actual exchange in gunfire. Emeryville Police described the victim’s vehicle as a gold Honda and the suspects’ as a silver BMW that fled southbound on Mandela Parkway. No reports of any bullet injuries were reported at local hospitals.

Gunshots Fired In Target Parking Lot In Emeryville


Photo: Bay City News
EMERYVILLE (BCN) — Three men fired five to six gunshots in an Emeryville Target parking lot this morning, according to the Emeryville police.
Police got the first call of the shots at 10:28 a.m. at 1555 40th Street, police Sgt. K. Goodman said. He said the shooting happened closer to Panera Bread than to Target.

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  1. What is happening to our city!!??? I’m so sad that it’s so unsafe to go anywhere around my home now.

  2. Silver BMW? I thought all of the crime was being committed by poor folks who just want to afford the basic staples.

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