Aya Nakano Reward fund tops $100,000. Surveillance Photo released

Published On January 10, 2014 | By Rob Arias | Crime & Public Safety, News & Commentary

A press conference was held on Wednesday at the site of the tragedy to announce that the reward fund for a conviction in the Aya Nakano murder case been increased to the substantial amount $100,000. In addition, a grainy surveillance photo of a newer-model silver four-door sedan that is believed to be the car driven by his killers was being released to the public. The vehicle may have/had front-end damage as the result of rear-ending Aya’s Silver Jeep Cherokee that night of June 12th, 2013. The recent University of Oregon grad was tragically murdered an hour before his 23rd birthday after pulling over on Market at Stanford while coming home from a pickup basketball game. “Money is a powerful incentive” noted Aya’s mother Maria Climaco in an interview with NBC Bay Area News “I’m hoping somebody is able to grow a conscience and for once, do the right thing”.


Many consider $100,000 to be the “Tipping Point” needed to convince a witness to cross the “no-snitch” threshold that exists within criminal circles. The amount was achieved in true grass-roots fashion including the Family’s personal savings, small fundraising events held by Aya’s friends and even an Anonymous donor whom ponied up $10,000 (Thank you whomever you are). Councilmember Kurt Brinkman was in attendance and has championed Aya’s cause by not only making a contribution of his own, but by introducing an initiative for the city to pledge $10,000. “This is important for me and this community” Brinkman noted “Oakland doesn’t have the resources we’re lucky enough to have. We need to help our brothers in Oakland on this one.” Brinkman is no stranger to crime as his house on 62nd & Vallejo has been burglarized 3 times over the past year and had his car broken into at the Public Market back in September. As outgoing Council member Jennifer West noted “it’s a $1 per person who lives in Emeryville”. The money, only paid in the event of a conviction, would come from the city’s General Fund. The motion passed city council with a 5-0 vote.

The fact is that somebody knows something beyond the two people in the vehicle and even an unassuming tip could cause a chain reaction leading to the apprehension of the soulless cowards that perpetrated this senseless crime. If you know anything that could move this case forward (and could use an extra $100,000), tips can be provided through Crime Stoppers at (510) 777-8572 or can be anonymously emailed to helpaya@oaklandnet.com.


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