August Emeryville Crime Report: Another laptop-snatching robbery at Starbucks

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The August 2017 Emeryville Crime report saw 217 total crimes reported for the month (down from 262 in July or -17%). The Starbucks at the Powell Street Plaza was again the victim of a laptop-snatching robbery. [Update] EPD Crime Analyst Adrienne Robinson confirmed that there have been 12 of these crimes this year at Starbucks around the city and that the type of crime was “trending”.

Suspects targeted patrons in the afternoon who had either stepped away or were distracted and would flee in an awaiting vehicle. Five of the incidents involved force when the patron attempted to prevent the crime. Robinson recommended securing one’s laptop with a secure cable lock. Suspects were described as “males in their late teens to early twenties.”

Among these Starbuck Locations:

  • Powell Street Plaza: 7 Incidents
  • 65th & Hollis: 2 Incidents
  • East Bay Bridge Shopping Center: 3 Incidents

Auto burglaries continued their upward trend increasing from 106 to 113. Petty Thefts plunged from last month and remain flat from 2016. Property Crime has risen sharply from last year up 24% while Violent crime is down 10% from last year.

Total crimes reported for the year are on an +20% trajectory from 2016.


Please note that new crime maps will not be available while EPD transitions to a new records management system.

The City of Emeryville is divided into small geographical areas that facilitate the Department’s efforts to tract crime and neighborhood problems, and allocate personnel resources to meet the service need. Crime statistics are reported by the EPD through CrimeReports.com. An archive of monthly crime statistics provided can be viewed on the city website.

[one_third last=”no”]
1. San Pablo Avenue
2. North Emeryville
3. Emery Bay
4. Peninsula
[one_third last=”no”]
5. Shellmound
6. Artist Colony
7. San Pablo Avenue – South
8. Triangle
[one_third last=”yes”]
9. East Bay bridge (East)
10. East Bay bridge (West)
11. Outside of City Limits


The reporting district matrix lists the category and number of crimes reported by district. The descriptions below are “highlights” and are not provided for every crime reported.


District 1

5800 block of Beaudry St.: A group of male teenagers pushed a female down to the ground and took her purse. The suspects fled the area on foot.

District 5

Ross Dress for Less, 5733 Christie Ave.: (3) male suspects entered the store, and selected 25-30 high-end purses. One of the suspects threatened the Security Guard as they fled the store without paying for the loss.
Starbucks Coffee, 5767 Christie Ave.: A male suspect pushed a male victim, grabbed the victim’s laptop from the table and fled to an awaiting vehicle.

District 8

7-Eleven, 4000 San Pablo Ave.: A male shoplifter concealed merchandise in a grocery bag and walked out of the store without paying. A store employee attempted to stop the theft, however the suspect cut the employee on the ear with an unknown sharp object.

District 9

Ulta, 3839 Emery St., Ste# 200: A female shoplifter concealed merchandise in her purse and used force to flee the store with the merchandise.

District 10

Target Stores, 1555 40th St.: A female shoplifter pushed and kicked a loss prevention officer in an attempt to flee the store with merchandise. EPD arrested the female shortly afterwards.


District 8

The Bank Club, 3900 San Pablo Ave.: A fight ensued between male patrons resulting in one patron becoming unconscious.


District 7

CVS Pharmacy, 4349 San Pablo Ave.: The business was burglarized three times during graveyard hours. POE: Front door – Window smash with a water cover, and plywood where the window was previously broken was kicked in. LOSS: Liquor.

District 8

7-Eleven, 4000 San Pablo Ave: The business was burglarized twice during graveyard hours. POE: Front door – lower half of the window was smash with a rock. LOSS: Miscellaneous merchandise.


District 1

5900 block of Vallejo St.: An attempted burglary occurred. An unknown suspect attempted to enter the bedroom window, however was scared off by the resident.

District 8

1000 block 45th St.: POE: Open second story window. LOSS: X-Box game console, X-Box controller, and jewelry.


Of the 9 vehicles reported stolen:

  • 2 vehicles were recovered
  • 1 report was a motorcycle
  • 1 report was an electric golf cart
  • 6 vehicles are still outstanding

The spreadsheet compares criminal activity relative to last year, averages from the previous 3 years and annual totals for the year.

*Categories not included in Part 1 Crimes
N/C: Not Calculable

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Rob Arias

is a third generation Californian and East Bay native who lived in Emeryville from 2003 to 2021. Rob founded The E'ville Eye in 2011 after being robbed at gunpoint and lamenting the lack of local news coverage. Rob's "day job" is as a creative professional.


  1. Rockridge in Oakland suffers these laptop and phone snatchings. Theory is young men work together, surround victim then jump in getaway vehicle, escaping on nearby freeway on ramp. Victim can be in a cafe, a mother with baby stroller, woman with backpack on bike in a bike way.

  2. Uh, why are the descriptions no longer including the race and age of the suspects? For the last two months, we’ve gotten this useless blotter that just describes the sex of the criminals. Are we really so afraid of mentioning race now that people committing crimes get a free pass?

    What race are the suspect in these crimes? What age were they? What were they wearing? Give us some description.

    Or just give up and pretend crime isn’t happening at all. What’s the point of mentioning the sex and no other description. God forbid, we might make a sexist conclusion that all women are criminals because we saw a crime committed by a woman. Now all women are suspects. The logic and stupidity of this is appalling.

    It’s ridiculous to hide the description of criminals to appease our (useless) City Council and the local crazy blogger.

    Yes, people of color commit crimes, just like white people. Live with it and give us some hope of catching a criminal every now and then or proactively preventing a crime or two.

    We sure have enough to choose from.

    • I’ve been criticized for including racial descriptions, I’ve been criticized for NOT including them. I’ve seen this data scrutinized for perpetuating stereotypes and I’ve seen it used to validate police bias. I’ve always just provided what is provided to me and let the people sort it out. I’m unaware of any policy change but it does seem likely that the EPD opted to just leave these out to avoid any ongoing tensions.

      • Factual data, honestly presented, never perpetuates stereotypes. The people committing crimes may be perpetuating stereotypes, but the data simply presents what occurred.

        The problem is that what the data shows doesn’t fit the fantasy the city council wishes to perpetuate. The blotter demonstrated racial patterns that don’t fit their narrative.

        If the EPD is going to play politics with public safety, they should take off the badge and run for something.

  3. Isn’t it obvious that if you say the criminal was a black male, that will help the police catch the criminal? Why, they can stop every black make they see! It would make me feel so much safer.

  4. Why did you assume the blotter was previously only filled with crime reports about “black males”?

    It also contained reports of white people, women, and Latinos not to mention people of many different ages and descriptions. It was a report of what occurred with descriptions of the perpetrators.

    Truth? We can’t handle the truth. Just delete the social problems from the news and poof, they no longer exist. Racial justice has been achieved.

    Stupidity reigns in Emeryville. Hide reality from the community. Heck, we have too much crime here. Please get rid of the blotter and crime stats completely so all crime will disappear.

    Rob, you’re complicit in this. Sure you just publish what you’re given but maybe you should stop. If the police are withholding information to avoid describing or identifying criminals, who does that benefit? When crime in Emeryville is exploding, our police department just chose to quietly appease the politicians at the expense of public safety. And like it or not, you’re helping them hide the nature of crime in Emeryville for the political gain and progressive ignorance of the city council.

    Let’s see an article explaining who made this decision, where the political pressure originated, which politicians were behind it, and why our police chief went along with it. Why are they hiding the facts?

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