Afternoon Vehicle Gun Battle in Pak N Save Parking Lot. Nobody reportedly injured.

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Emeryville PD is reporting several shots were fired in the Pak N Save parking lot today at about 1:24 pm. A confrontation between the occupants of two vehicles led to two men in a black Lexus getting out and begin shooting at another vehicle described as a gold Mercedes. It was unclear if the occupant(s) of the other vehicle returned fire. Police reported that 22 casings have been recovered from the scene and evidence markers could be seen strewn around the entrance near San Pablo Avenue.

Multiple cars within the parking lot were hit by stray bullets, but miraculously no bystanders were hit. One of the two cars, described as a black Lexus 300, fled south on San Pablo Avenue and the other gold vehicle fled through the parking lot. Police are reviewing video surveillance equipment from the lot and a partial license plate California .5SF–569. Police are still checking with local hospitals to see if any of the occupants showed up with injuries. Anyone with information about the shooting has been asked to contact Emeryville Police Detective Mayoraga at (510) 596-3732.
We will update this post as new information becomes available.

Feature Image: @DeanCSmith via Twitter

22 shots fired near Emeryville grocery store

Police in Emeryville are investigating a shooting that happened in the parking lot of the Pak-N-Save Safeway grocery store Thursday afternoon.

Around 1:24 p.m., police were called to the parking lot of the grocery store in the 3800 block of San Pablo Avenue after getting a report of shots fired.

A spokesperson for the police department said the occupants of one car fired on another before fleeing.

Police are reviewing surveillance footage and investigating whether the occupants of the second car returned fire, Diotalevi said.

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  1. I guess all we have left is Target with their over bloated prices but you shouldn’t need to update your life insurance when you go grocery shopping.

  2. I just drove by this intertersection yesterday and had a fantasy of black and white being torn down, followed by the pakn’save. That corner is such an eye sore and menace to the rest of the neighborhood. I realized two years ago that walking in that parking lot is a matter of taking your life into your hands.

    Is our great leader, John Bauters going to swoop in?… Wait, is that the sound of crickets chirping?

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