Accused Antonio Ramos killer pleads not guilty. Lawsuit filed against ICE over stolen firearm

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Marquise R. Holloway entered a not guilty plea in a Oakland courtroom today. Holloway is accused of killing Emeryville resident Antonio Ramos while Ramos was painting a mural under an I-580 underpass last September. Holloway is being represented by Attorney Darryl Billups. Billups recently represented Darnell Williams who was convicted of murdering two people and could receive the death penalty.

Ramos’ parents have retained the services of Attorney Frank Pitre who has filed a legal claim on their behalf against ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). The weapon Holloway allegedly used to kill Ramos was a 9mm Glock 26 pistol that was stolen from an ICE agent’s car in SF on Sept. 13. Stolen law-enforcement firearms being used in criminal acts have become national news after the high-profile shooting death of Kathryn Steinle who was killed in SF with a stolen federal agents’ gun. Pitre also represented the family of Steinle. No information has been released on how Holloway obtained the weapon.

Holloway would be eligible to receive the death penalty because of the special circumstances of the crime but it is rare for The Alameda County District Attorney to pursue this. Holloway is scheduled to return to Alameda County Superior Court on July 11th for a pretrial hearing.


Murdered Artist’s Family Filing Claim Against ICE Over Stolen Firearm

By Kevin L. Jones

A lawyer representing the family of an Emeryville muralist who was fatally shot last year announced Thursday that he was filing a claim against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) over the fact that the gun used to kill the artist was stolen from an agent’s vehicle.

Oakland Man, 20, Charged With Murder in Killing of Muralist
Attorney Frank Pitre of the law firm Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy told reporters that he was taking steps towards filing a lawsuit against ICE on behalf of the family of Antonio “Tony” Ramos. The 27-year-old street artist was killed last September with a gun that an ICE agent had not properly stored.

“This is a problem, regrettably that has happened far too often, and it’s something that’s plagued the department of Homeland Security, including ICE,” Pitre said. “Out of the 243 weapons deemed lost, those guns were lost because officers did not properly secure them.”


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Oakland defendant enters plea in muralist slaying

By Angela Ruggiero
OAKLAND — The 21-year-old reputed gang member accused of killing muralist Antonio Ramos in North Oakland entered a plea of not guilty Monday in court.

Marquise R. Holloway allegedly admitted to police to killing Ramos, 27, of Emeryville, on Sept. 29, 2015 on West Street under an Interstate 580 overpass while Ramos worked on a mural. Holloway stated it was an accident and denied allegations that he attempted to rob the muralist, a circumstance that could make him eligible for the death penalty.

Holloway remained mostly calm on Monday, a contrast to his first court appearance in November, when he thrashed about the courtroom cell, screaming profanities as a judge read off his felony complaint.

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  1. “Holloway is accused of killing Emeryville resident Antonio Ramos while painting a mural under an I-580 underpass last September.”

    Sloppy writing! This sentence states that Holloway was painting the mural when he killed Ramos. Inserting “Ramos was” between ‘while’ and ‘painting’ would have made your point clearly.

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      • LOL. I’m going to go ahead and add this into the Terms & Conditions. I think because the site looks fairly polished, the writing is expected to be equally polished. Not always the case coming from a self-taught writer unfortunately.

  2. To balance out that criticism, I’d like to say that I’m always impressed with your news coverage and the effort you put out in this community!

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