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20 year old Marquise Holloway of Oakland charged with murder of Antonio Ramos

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Yesterday it was announced that a person of interest was arrested in connection with the shooting death of Emeryville resident Antonio Ramos. Today it was reported that 20-year-old Marquise Holloway of Oakland was arraigned in an Alameda County courtroom and formally charged with Ramos’ murder. Some additional breaking news noted that the gun used in his murder was a federal ICE agent’s that was stolen from his vehicle back in September. According to the video segment by KPIX 5 reporter Joe Vazquez, Holloway has already confessed to the murder.


This photo by KQED reporter Andrew Stelzer shows Alameda County Superior Court Judge Gregory Syren read charges against Holloway at today’s arraignment.

Ramos was gunned down back on September 29th under the 580 overpass on West Street while painting a mural alongside other artists. After a verbal exchange stemming from an attempted theft of some photo equipment, Holloway allegedly pulled out a gun, shot Ramos and calmly walked away. Ramos died shortly after at a local hospital.

This surveillance image of a person of interest purported to be Holloway was released to the public back on October 5th. The photo brought in numerous community tips that helped lead to Holloway’s arrest according to Oakland Police Homicide Lieutenant Roland Holmgren. Holmgren also noted that Holloway is associated with a West Oakland gang known as “Ghost Town” according to this report by staff writer Autumn Johnson.


Holloway was arrested at his mother’s house in Stockton by U.S. Marshals last Friday, November 20th and was being held without bail. Today, Holloway was arraigned and charged with Ramos’ murder and several accounts of robbery. The homicide committed during an armed robbery charge could lead to a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Holloway is scheduled to return to court with a public defender next Monday.

The KQED report reveals further details of the arraignment including Holloway being removed from the courtroom after screaming obscenities and banging on the glass cell he was contained in.

A Facebook search revealed one account of an Oakland resident with the name Marquise Holloway but it cannot be confirmed it is the same individual. Following the arraignment, some courtroom observers who appeared to know Holloway smashed a glass case in a hallway as they exited the courthouse. 

The mural, the third of six in a planned series as part of the Oakland Superheroes Mural Project, was updated to integrate Antonio’s likeness and dedicated to his memory. The City of Emeryville was also approached by members of the local skateboarding community about dedicating one of the features of the forthcoming Joseph Emery Skatepark to Ramos who was an avid skateboarder.


Photo: NBC Bay Area

People of California v. Marquise Holloway


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