City of Emeryville June 2018 Highlights: Parking Management Plan Study Session, LGBT Pride Celebration

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The City of Emeryville provides a monthly progress report outlining significant developments and milestones that occurred throughout the period. Among the highlights for the two council meetings conducted during the month of June include an over three hour study session on the city’s proposed Parking Management Plan.

Dozens of community members were present to weigh in on the draft plan that proposes a combination of meters and permits in each of our neighborhoods to encourage space turnover, discourage car trips into our city, encourage use of transit, and generate revenue for enforcement. Council will revisit and adopt the final plan tonight at their 7:15 p.m. Regular City Council meeting.

Please note that the summaries provided below are taken directly from the text of these reports.

June Highlights of The Month

The City Council honored City Manager Carolyn Lehr on the occasion of her retirement and approved James Nil Holgersson as Interim City Manager through the end of September.

The Council held a study session on the draft Parking Management Plan, and gave direction for finalizing the plan, which is scheduled for adoption by the Council on July 24.

The Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of a three-unit townhome project at 1270 Ocean Avenue; final approval will be considered by the City Council on July 24.

The Commission also approved a temporary 140-space surface parking lot on the Sherwin Williams site to support office use in the existing building until a new garage structure is constructed.

The Commission held a second study session on a proposed eight-story mixed use project with 244 residential units and 7,000 square feet of commercial space at 5850 Shellmound Way.


Final tallies for fiscal year 2017-18 show that, following the hectic pace of the past several years, building activity has cooled off to more normal levels, with the number of building permits issued and inspections conducted below the averages for the last 18 years, while total construction valuation and fees collected were a little above the 18-year averages.

Two major development projects made it to the “finish line” in June: Heritage Square Garage at 6100 Horton Street, and the 101-unit 39th and Adeline residential project were both issued final Certificates of Occupancy.

Proposals from the two finalist artists for the Marina Public Art Project were received on June 25, and are on display in the second floor link at City Hall for public comment in advance of
interviews scheduled for July 9.

Conceptual proposals were received on June 29 from the three finalist development teams for the Art Center; interviews by a staff panel and a “blue ribbon” community panel are scheduled
for July 16.

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June 5th Council Meeting

LGBT Pride Month

The City Council hosted a special celebration of LGBT Pride Month, including performances by drag queen Honey Daniels; recognition of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence; a presentation by Christian Bales, 2018 Valedictorian of Holy Cross High School in Covington, Kentucky; a series of proclamations recognizing several notable Emeryville LGBT community members; and the ceremonial raising of the Pride flag in front of City Hall.

The YouTube video for the LGBT Pride month celebration is not available because of copyright infringement issues related to music performances.


Bay Street Cabaret Permit (Public Hearing)

On the recommendation of the Police Chief, the City Council approved an annual cabaret permit for live performances at Bay Street for calendar year 2018.

The discussion for this item can be viewed above at [15:56].

Download the June 5th Council Meeting Agenda →



June 19th Council Meeting

Parking Management Plan (Special Meeting)

The City Council held a study session on the draft Parking Management Plan, which lasted for three and a half hours and included over 20 public speakers. The Council gave direction on all issues addressed in the plan, including pricing, phasing, and the geography of specific improvement types. Staff is now working on finalizing the plan, with the intent of bringing it back to the Council for adoption on July 24.

The discussion for this item can be viewed above at [5:50].

City Manager (Special Order of the Day)

The City Council issued a proclamation in appreciation of City Manager Carolyn Lehr on the occasion of her retirement as City Manager of the City of Emeryville. The Council also approved an employment agreement with James Nil Holgersson to serve as Interim City Manager from July 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018.

The discussion for this item can be viewed above at [3:41:15].

City Attorney (Consent Item)

The City Council approved an employment agreement with City Attorney Michael Guina for the next two fiscal years. Building Division Services. The Council approved one-year contracts to provide Building Division services during fiscal year 2018-19 with West Coast Code Consultants (WC3) for an amount not to exceed $3,271,600, and with 4Leaf Incorporated for an amount not to exceed $125,000.

Fire Services Contract (Action Item)

The Council approved a two-year contract for fire and emergency services with the Alameda County Fire Department. This contract designates the City’s Chief Building Official as the Fire Code Official, meaning that he will have final authority over interpretation of the Fire Code, upon the advice of the County Fire Marshal.

The discussion for this item can be viewed above at [4:18:56].

ECAP Funding Agreement (Consent Item)

The Council approved a funding agreement with the Emeryville Citizens Assistance Program (ECAP) for $70,135 to allow ECAP to continue providing food and clothing distribution to persons experiencing homelessness, and near homelessness, in Fiscal Year 2018-19. ECAP has provided these services since 1997, and is currently experiencing a significant increase in demand for their services during the current homelessness crisis.

Townsend Public Affairs Contract (Consent Item)

The Council approved a contract with Townsend Public Affairs (TPA) for legislative support services for the upcoming fiscal year. The contract is for an amount not to exceed $90,000 and allows the City’s interests to be represented during consideration of federal and state legislation, which has been extraordinarily active over the last year.

Michael Baker International Contract (Consent Item)

The Council approved a contract with Michael Baker International to provide services related to the City’s affordable homeownership and rental housing programs for the upcoming fiscal year. The contract is for an amount not to exceed $145,000 and allows for effective management of the City’s first time homebuyer loan portfolio as well as the development of guidelines and other support services related to management of the City’s affordable rental housing stock.

Transit Center Parking Lease Amendment (Consent Item)

The City Council approved the First Amendment to Public Parking Lease and Option to Acquire Easement (Public Parking Lease) for the Transit Center (EmeryStation West) development. The lease amendment provides that the developer will procure and install state-of-the art revenue collection equipment, including validation capabilities for Amtrak patrons, at the Transit Center garage. The City will pay the costs of standard meters, rather than the full cost of the revenue collection system. Upon expiration of the 12-year term of the public parking lease, the City will execute its option to acquire the parking structure, including the revenue collection system, for $1. The Public Parking Lease amendment also provides for City payment of costs associated with additional security cameras in the parking structure stairwells.

Download the June 19th Council Meeting Agenda →


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