City of Emeryville Dec. 2017 Highlights: ‘Bay Street Bridge’ inches closer to reality, Carpiaux Home Demolished

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The City of Emeryville provides a monthly progress report outlining significant developments and milestones that occurred throughout the period. Among the highlights for the two meetings conducted during the month of December include an update on the long-delayed “South Bayfront Bridge” over the railroad tracks from the forthcoming Sherwin-Williams project to the Bay Street Shopping Center. The city is hopeful of breaking ground this summer and completion by late 2019.

The monthly update also noted a conclusion to the long saga of council meeting fixture Andre Carpiaux’s house on Ocean Avenue. The property has been cited for blight and various code violations and was approved for abatement last July.

The Carpiaux house on Ocean Ave was demolished over the Holidays after a long battle with the city.

Please note that the summaries provided below are taken directly from the text of these reports.

December Highlights of The Month

The City Council held a study session on transportation projects, expressing strong support for the many projects currently underway and several possible future projects, chief among them being Railroad Quiet Zones.

At its regular meeting on December 14, the Planning Commission approved the Final Development Plan for the public park and other public open spaces within the Sherwin Williams Planned Unit Development; held a study session and expressed support for the redesigned three unit Ocean View townhomes project at 1270 Ocean Avenue; and held a study session on updates to the City’s Noise Ordinance, expressing concerns about the feasibility of enforcement.

At a special meeting on December 20, the Planning Commission approved two Cannabis Manufacturing and Delivery Facilities, and continued a third proposal to a future meeting to allow the applicant to provide more information.

The Public Art Committee hosted three receptions in December, two for the Annual Purchase award at City Hall and at the Senior Center, and a lighting ceremony for the newly completed Shellmound Gateway public art project.

A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy was issued for the Heritage Square Garage at 6100 Horton Street on December 8.

Ninety-four proposals were submitted by the December 8 deadline in response to the call for entries for public art at the Marina; the Public Art Committee (PAC) will narrow this down to five finalists for consideration by the City Council in March. Meanwhile, the Selection Panel for the mural on the Greenway has selected five finalists to be considered by the PAC in January.

Following over 30 years of marginally successful code enforcement efforts, the single-family residence at 1264 Ocean Avenue was finally demolished during the last week of December. The City continues to be willing to connect the property owner with housing and social services that can assist him.

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December 5th Council Meeting

Annual Development Impact Fee Report (Consent Item)

The City Council approved the Annual Development Impact Fee Report for Fiscal Year 2016-2017.

South Bayfront Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge (Consent Item)

The Council authorized the Acting Public Works Director to solicit bids for construction of the South Bayfront Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge.

New Traffic Signals (Consent Item)

The Council authorized the Acting Public Works Director to solicit bids for new traffic signals at 40th and Harlan Streets and at Powell and Doyle Streets. The latter will provide a safe crossing of a busy street by a bicycle boulevard.

Public Art Committee Appointment (Action Item)

The Council appointed Melody Kozma-Kennedy to the Public Art Committee for a term effective immediately and ending on June 30, 2019.

The discussion for this item can be viewed above at [1:19:24].

EV Charging Stations at City Hall (Action Item)

The Council received an informational report about a PG&E program to install electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot and on Haven Street behind City Hall.

The discussion for this item can be viewed above at [1:27:57].

One-Way Car Share (Action Item)

The Council heard a presentation about one-way car share, prompted by the AAA GIG program, and gave direction for preparation of an ordinance allowing and regulating one-way car share. In developing the ordinance, staff is to address concerns about car share cars staying all day in short-term parking spaces, impacts on transit agencies, and how the parking fee would be estimated for the first year.

The discussion for this item can be viewed above at [1:48:44].

Download the Agenda for the December 5th Council Meeting and Special Study Session.

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December 19 Council Meeting

Transportation Projects Overview (Study Session)

The Council heard a presentation from Public Works and Community Development staff about capital improvement projects currently underway and potential future projects. The Council expressed strong support for the many current CIP projects and several possible future projects, including Railroad Quiet Zones, the South Bayfront bicycle and pedestrian bridge, and studies of multi-modal improvements on San Pablo Avenue, a bicycle and pedestrian path next to the Emeryville Crescent, a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the freeway at Temescal Creek, and comprehensive citywide transportation planning. Other projects for which the Council expressed interest included a “scramble” signal (all-way pedestrian crossing) at Powell and Hollis Streets, a bike path connection between Wood Street and Mandela Parkway south of Target under the MacArthur Maze, level 3 electric vehicle charging stations, mid-block crossings, and improvements at Point Emery.

The discussion for this item can be viewed above at [1:09:13].

EmeryStation West/Transit Center Crosswalk (Consent Item)

The Council approved Wareham Development’s conceptual design for a proposed mid-block crosswalk on Horton Street between 59th and 62nd Streets, to connect the EmeryStation West and Heritage Square Garage buildings.

San Pablo Avenue Corridor Project (Study Session)

The Council authorized the City Manager to execute a “Project Charter” for the San Pablo Avenue Corridor Project between the Alameda County Transportation Commission, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, and the transit operators and jurisdictions that have facilities on San Pablo Avenue between the Richmond Parkway and downtown Oakland, including Caltrans, West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee, AC Transit, BART, and the cities of Richmond, San Pablo, El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland. The Project Charter is intended to memorialize commitments between the partnering agencies to cooperate with each other in implementing the San Pablo Avenue Project. The San Pablo Avenue Project will identify a set of implementable near and long-term multimodal improvements to increase the corridor’s ability to move people and goods, improve access to businesses, and serve residents, with a focus on benefits to the safety, reliability, comfort, and connectivity of the corridor’s transit, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities. Planning and concept development is anticipated to take place throughout 2018, with final design development in early 2019.

The discussion for this item can be viewed above at [1:15:24].

Cultural District Stipend (Consent Item)

The Council appropriated a $5,000 stipend received from the State of California Arts Council to Fund 254, Grant Funds, in the fiscal year 2017-2018 budget. In July 2017, the City received state designation of the “Rotten City-Emeryville Cultural Arts District” after a competitive application process. One of the benefits of district designation is this stipend, which may be used to promote the district.

Oaks Club Card Room License (Public Hearing)

The Council approved the granting of the annual Card Room License to the Oaks Card Club for calendar year 2018.

The discussion for this item can be viewed above at [2:36:45].

Trader Vic’s Cabaret License (Public Hearing)

The Council approved the issuance of an annual Cabaret License to Trader Vic’s to allow live music for calendar year 2018.

The discussion for this item can be viewed above at [2:40:40].

Download the Agenda for the December 19th Council Meeting and Special Study Session.

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