Cache of Weapons recovered after Emeryville Target Theft Suspect Arrest

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The Emeryville Police Department posted a Nixle alert announcing the arrest of a robbery suspect from an incident back on March 27th.

Officers responded to a theft in progress at the Emeryville Target store where the suspect brandished a firearm to escape arrest prior to officer’s arrival.

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After a brief investigation, the suspect was identified by Detectives and a search warrant was obtained for his arrest. The suspect was served with the warrant and a search of his San Leandro residence unveiled firearms and other weaponry along with several realistic Airsoft rifles.

30-year-old Phillip Carter of Tracy was arrested and the firearms were recovered and placed into evidence. Carter was listed as on probation for possession of concealed firearm and theft.

The store was the victim of a takeover robbery back in September 2017 but no information was provided if these incidents were being investigated for any connection.

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Emeryville PD Media Advisory

This media advisory was provided by the Emeryville Police Department. The E’ville Eye maintains no affiliation with The City of Emeryville or any of its departments.


    • Is awareness of local crime a partisan issue to you? SFGate and The East Bay Times both picked up on this story as well so I guess they would be “conservative” by your standards. BTW, we’re a NEWS site. A blog is chronological opinion posts typically hosted on platforms like blogspot or Tumblr.

    • The conservative blog in Emeryville can be found here: http://emeryvilletattler.blogspot.com/

      It’s a groups of like minded older white, upper middle class homeowners whose kids go to private school trying to get the city to bend to their will at the expense of the community. They fight development, try to eliminate locally owned businesses (see the top right corner of the blog), and wage continuous war on public institutions including the schools unless they yield to the will of a nasty group of buggers called RULE.

      On top of that, they appropriate liberal symbols (BLM, rainbow flags, etc) to try to justify their atrociously uncivil behavior as somehow progressive. Truly a nasty lot. If you’re into right wing libertarian ideology and conspiracy theory couched in pseudo-progressives window dressing, that’s the place for you.

      • They’re also high on lashing out emotionally, low on engaging intellectually, and if you anger them enough they will send their oversized ogre to harass you and your family.

        Lovely people really.

    • chuckle

      Currently the “progressive” blog is fighting the development of much needed housing because it involves the removal of trees on his street.

    • Wait, so the blog written by the old privileged white guy who shouts down everyone is the “progressive” blog ?!?!?!

      And the site written by the diverse mix of young, old, men, and women that entertains guest articles from everyone and that is edited by a person of color is the “conservative” site?!?!?!

      This city is a laugh riot.

  1. Speaking as a proud liberal, I have no clue whatsoever as to what you are on about, O “Anonymous” one. Care to enlighten us?

  2. Wow! I touched a nerve here on this site. The editor and his readers have a hair trigger about being called conservative. What’s up with that I wonder. I read the stories on this site and that’s why I asked. I was told there’s a conservative site and a progressive site about news in Emeryville. This one seems to be the conservative one.

    • If you’re looking for the conservative site, you’re at the wrong place. This is the site that promotes small businesses, workers, the schools, community projects, and a sense of overall community. It’s where everyone in Emeryville is welcome and all views are represented through a wide variety of authors and interviews. It’s the only site about Emeryville really.

      The conservative blog is down the hall. Just listen for the ranting of a crazy guy. You’ll hear it a mile away. Look for a header that attacks the local small businesses struggling to survive, an article or 300 attacking the public schools and discouraging people from sending their kids there, a strong effort to rid the city of jobs for unskilled workers, a non-stop NIMBY opposition to every development project, and an endless quest to eliminate traffic around said crazy guys’ home. It’s about as anti-progressive as you can get, but to each his own.

  3. OK, I checked the difference between the two news sites.
    The Emeryville Tattler did the following 10 stories:
    -Street trees being cut improperly
    -The business community being stingy, not being generous enough to the schools
    -The city not supporting bike boulevards enough
    -The police saying the E’Ville Eye is wrong about them going easy on criminals
    -Another story on bikes
    -News about the upcoming election
    -Train noise
    -Healthcare of workers at the card room going up, CEO makes $1.6 million a year
    -The superintendent of the schools quitting
    -City council says no to a basketball court at future park

    The E’Ville Eye’s last 10 stories:
    -A re-print of city hall news about planning commission
    -Real estate market report
    -Re-print of city hall news on city council
    -Photo essay on sporting event
    -School superintendent quitting press release
    -Food review

    There seems to be a lot of anti-Tattler trolls on this site and a few anti-E’Ville Eye trolls on the other site. The E’Ville Eye is the more conservative of the two (at least when looking at the last 10 stories). I’m not sure why you have such a problem with this. If you like the E’Ville Eye, why not embrace it as it is?

    • I think everyone absolute does embrace the EvilleEye as it is. That’s why we’re here and why it’s so popular. The EvilleEye is the community news site.

      The author of the Tattler likes to troll around calling it the “conservative blog” because that appeals to his know-nothing base. Without question, the Tattler is the more conservative of the two publications by far. You will never see the EvilleEye attacking the local small businesses, attacking the public schools, attacking local community groups, or opposing housing development, but this is probably about 50% of the Tattler’s last 12 months of ‘articles’.

      Fundamentally, the author of the Tattler looks out for the author of the Tattler and his personal interests. He admits that shamelessly and says, basically, “why wouldn’t I do what’s best for me”. That’s what he’s all about. I have never viewed shameless self-interest as “progressive”. If that’s what “progressive” means today, I’ll pass.

    • How is this news site remotely close to being conservative? The average reader here is probably a center-left moderate Liberal. You have to be coming from some pretty radical extremist territory to consider anything here conservative.

  4. Well, I don’t see it the way you do. Clearly the E’Ville Eye is the more conservative site of the two (I’ve been checking more). The Tattler to me seems to be far left actually, the E’Ville Eye more mainstream conservative American. You seem to be very angry and not very rational.

    • “You seem to be very angry and not very rational”

      …says the person trolling the comments section of a popular news site trying to start an argument by repeating absurd claims from the crazy blog. Sheesh.

      Somebody put out the troll traps.

  5. To the Editor-
    Your readers besides being hostile tend towards the tribal and dogmatic as shown by their comments. You might want to be more mindful that your editorial stance is cultivating a following like that if you want to truly represent the whole community. Food for thought.

    • To the Editor:
      I like that when someone anonymously posts something ridiculous in the comments that’s clearly just trying to stir up animosity and division, people take them to task for it.

      It shows you are cultivating a following that is smart, thoughtful, community-minded, and progressive. Thanks for that.

      Food for thought.

  6. I think this site offers up conservative news and views. That’s a legitimate take and that’s my opinion. But this isn’t something you or your readers can accept so it’s full out attack against the outsider. It speaks to your editorial position on engaging with and tolerance of the whole community. I’m sorry I bothered you.

    • It’s by no means legitimate, and it was offered up with absolutely nothing to back it up. And to make it more “out there”, you were responding to an article about a solved crime, as though reporting about crime is a political issue. And that was followed by repeated assertions that everyone who corrected you must be angry and irrational.

      So yes, you did bother us.

      But, we accept your apology. Don’t do it again.

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