BREAKING: Reports of Teen Melee, ‘Shots Fired’ & Stabbing at Bay Street

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Bay Street shoppers and moviegoers were abruptly evacuated Sunday afternoon amid reports of a large brawl involving hundreds of juveniles and gunfire. Reports of the number of juveniles involved ranged from 100 to as many as 400.

Many of the juveniles reportedly arrived via public transportation including AC Transit or the free Emery Go-Round shuttle from BART.

The mall has been plagued by similar incidents in the past but none involving gunfire.

“I was at AMC Bay Street just now watching a movie when the lights came on in the middle of the screening around 6 p.m. and a staffer entered the theater to tell everyone that there were fights happening outside and everyone needed to leave the theater immediately,” said Zac Farber who is the managing editor at Berkeleyside.com.

“He said there were ‘fights’ and ‘riots.‘ I don’t know how serious it was or if there was gunfire. We were able to get out through a stairwell and leave. We saw a crowd of around 100 or so running from a distance in the parking garage.”

“The youth were kicking and throwing balls at folks, riding bikes around all crazy with disregard for others,” described another witness. “[They were] taking belts and running through the store whipping each other and so much small theft.”

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A panicked voice could be heard yelling “Shots Fired! Shots Fired!’ on the police scanner with the dispatcher responding “We’re calling everybody.” “Everybody meaning CHP and mutual aid from Berkeley PD and Oakland PD.

The gunfire apparently happened on the third floor near the theater. Reports via Citizen app and twitter confirmed the single gunfire shot and speculated that it might have been discharged after being dropped.

The moment the gun was discharged was captured on the social account Bay Area State of Mind.

There was also reports of a stabbing victim with a wound to the back with The Alameda County Fire Department reporting to administer aid.

As of 7 p.m., fights had moved to the Sonesta hotel across the street with reports of around 50 people still fighting.

As of 8 p.m., part of the crowds has dispersed to the nearby Target where there was reports of threats of looting.

Photo: Ariel Nava

A command post has been established at Hyatt Place where the joint agencies are conducting operations.

The Emeryville Police Department has published a nixle alert regarding tonight’s incident noting providing additional details and a more comprehensive timeline.

The incident happened on a day deemed “National Cinema Day” where many theaters were discounting tickets as low as $4. There were several other smilier incidents across the county including Los Angeles, Boston, Florida, Atlanta and Chicago among others. It is unknown if these incidents are connected.

There have been additional reports of a smaller incident involving large groups of unaccompanied juveniles last weekend that did not escalate to the level of reportable news by the regional media.

8/28 update: The SF Chronicle is reporting that the stabbing victim was a teenager and that the wounds are not expected to be life threatening. They are also reporting that the incident may have been coordinated through social media.

Since this is breaking news, we will update this story as new information becomes available.

Feature Image: Jordan Potier

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Rob Arias

is a third generation Californian and East Bay native who lived in Emeryville from 2003 to 2021. Rob founded The E'ville Eye in 2011 after being robbed at gunpoint and lamenting the lack of local news coverage. Rob's "day job" is as a creative professional.


  1. My family and I had just arrived to the parking lot and attempted to pay for our parking .. as my son made his way to the cotton machine we heard loud screaming coming from upstairs near the theater && a surge of kids/teens were running in all directions. At this point I rushed myself and my son to alert my parents to safety … my son was shaken and crying … my mom & stepped scared warned others. We can’t even go to the mall to enjoy a nice sunny day anymore without something popping off & people creating massive panic. We usually don’t go to Emeryville but we decided to give a go since we were eating at Mexican restaurant up the street. God please help this world 🙏🏽💗

  2. Oh, come on! This clearly shows that there is not enough structure and opportunity for our teens! I can think of lots of solutions. How about the mall sponsoring a “teen day,” – you can imagine what it would be – all store owners get together to creatively engage the youth. How about this: turn Golden Gate fields into a teen spot with concerts, rap contests, even sideshows (to get them off the streets). Maybe greedy capitalists think that teens don’t produce enough revenue, but, guess what? They are going to grow up and if they are not channeled into functioning members of society, yes, it will get worse! How about a Teen Commission to get started on this? Yes, I will help. We all need to!

    • How about hosting a “teen day” at YOUR HOME? Sounds like you have some “great” ideas! Open up your place and invite those teens in! Let them stay and “creatively engage them” however long it will take for them to “grow up” and become “functioning members of society”!

    • Turn Golden Gate Fields into a teen center for rap shows? And you don’t think they will fight, stab, and shoot at GGF?

    • Ohh Elly…bleeding heart at it’s best. This is the kind of crap thinking that lets this crap continue. Let them all hang out at your place so the rest of us can live in peace.

    • You blame this on ‘greedy capitalists’?! These trouble-making perpetrators were out and about enjoying the nice Sunday afternoon, not having to work at some fast-food restaurant flipping burgers, and they surely look well-fed and well-clothed, except not well-behaved! Stop pointing fingers, own one’s faults, and strive to improve — that should be the attitude!

    • Elly this was a teen day event. AMC was offering $4 movies for national theater day. Seems like a perfect day out for a group of teens to enjoy films together. Bay St in particular has had these kinds of problems for years.

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