Bay Street Updates: Rubio’s & Dafe Shutter; LaserAway Opening; Cornology Sold

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A few updates at the Bay Street Emeryville Shopping Center since our last post back in February. These updates include the closures of Rubio’s and Dafé, the opening of LaserAway and an ownership change at Cornology.

Rubio’s – Closed

Just days before Emeryville’s latest Minimum Wage Ordinance increase went into effect, Rubio’s Coastal Grill abruptly shut down. While the two events are not confirmed to be correlated, the timing is coincidental. The Rubio’s in El Cerrito remains open.

The closure leaves a total of five restaurant space vacancies at the shopping center including those vacated by Elephant Bar, Pasta Pomodoro, Asquew and Zao Noodle Bar.

Dafé – Closed

Dafé, a “bohemian” style women’s clothing store founded in Berkeley, has closed its doors for good. The locations at Sunvalley (Concord) and Oakridge (San Jose) remain open.



Cornology – New Ownership/Grand Re-Opening

Cornology recently announced a grand re-opening and ownership change. The previous owner drew media fire after a witness observed him using a racial slur against some youths back in April of last year.

LaserAway – Opening

LaserAway, an “aesthetics industry” chain founded in West Hollywood, recently announced they will open a Bay Street location. The shop specializes in hair removal, skin rejuvenation and Botox treatments.

More info can be found at laseraway.com/locations/ca/emeryville.

Arts Africains – Moved

Long-time tenant, Arts Africains, moved storefronts again at Bay Street. It is now located at 5654 Bay St (former Bebe location).

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Bobby Lee

is a Bay Area native who’s lived in the Christie Core Neighborhood since 2010, Bobby enjoys exploring the far corners of our region, trying the newest restaurants in the area, or relaxing to 80's era television sitcoms and game shows. For the past six years, he's hosted a web video series called 2 Minute Finance teaching basic money management and consumer education.


  1. Keep ’em comin’ MWO. The sooner we get rid of what’s left of the small businesses and tiny local chains the better. How many is that now?

  2. Berkeley has the same minimum wage & its restaurant industry is thriving. There has to be another reason to explain the sad state of restaurants in Emeryville.

    • I wanted Smashburger for lunch today. It was closed. Drove by the soon to close Petco store to Super Duper. Paid $14.20 for a burger and a shake. Can get essentially the same thing in Berkeley for a dollar less. Two dollars less in Albany or El Cerrito. Will do so next time. Must be the high rent, shoplifting or parking in the roadway by the food delivery services that encourages businesses and people to drive there.

    • Berkeley $15.59/hr
      Emeryville $16.30/hr

      Right there in black and white is one of the biggest disadvantages Emeryville has for competing against other cities.

    • The MWO killed small business in Emeryville.

      IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING STARTING A SMALL BUSINESS OR RESTAURANT, avoid Emeryville like the plague. It is now a truly terrible place to do business.

  3. Is SmashBurger gone too? Saw a sign saying the store is closed, but it doesn’t specify whether it’s permanent or temporary. But the inside looks like a mess and all the menus and store branding have been torn down, and the location is no longer listed on smashburger’s corporate web site.

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