Arrest in Recent Attempted Arson of West Oakland Construction Site

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The SF Chronicle and East Bay Times are both reporting a possible breakthrough in the recent spate of arson cases at East Bay construction sites that includes Emeryville.

45-year-old Oakland resident Dustin Bellinger AKA “Faheem Bey,” was booked at Santa Rita County jail Tuesday night. He was charged with criminal conspiracy in connection with one of the nine East Bay arson incidents that stretch back several years.

Authorities were able to gather DNA and other evidence from an attempted arson at the Hollis Oak construction site at 3205 Hollis Street in West Oakland. Last month’s attempted arson happened the same night as the Ice House fire that destroyed a nearby 126 unit townhouse project.

The ATF got involved after the second Emeryville fire in 2017 and released the above surveillance stills of the suspect. They offered a 100,000 reward for information leading to their arrest.

Authorities have not stated if they believe the person in the video was Bellinger. The East Bay Times report notes that the authorities may be withholding information as to not tip-off any co-conspirators.


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Bey’s social media accounts identify him as a self-employed handyman and lists Oakland Technical High School in his educational profile. According to court records, Bellinger has previous convictions for kidnapping and second degree robbery that he was sentenced a combined 20 years in state prison for.

Adding further intrigue to the story is that authorities suspect Bellinger may be a member of the notorious Bey family of the Your Black Muslim Bakeries. Employees of the Your Black Muslim Bakery on San Pablo Avenue were complicit in the killing of journalist Chauncey Bailey in 2007 among other criminal acts.

Read more on SFChronicle.com or The East Bay Times (Subject to Paywall).

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  1. Hmmm the guy works in construction and quite coincidentally Blowhard Tattler Guy owns a construction company. It’s almost like a bad 1980s movie plot. Owner hires the dude for a hit job but gets caught. Can’t wait for the dude to spill the beans!

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