Alameda County Releases COVID-19 Dashboard with Emeryville & Other City-Specific Case Data

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The Alameda County Health Care Services (AC-HCSA) has released city-specific COVID-19 case data via a new dashboard tool. In addition to cases broken down by city within our county, it also breaks out homeless, age and gender cases.

The City of Berkeley, who have their own health department, report their data separately from the county. The data collectively shows 713 confirmed cases and 17 deaths. The largest age group reported was in the 20-44 year age range with 279 cases.

Alameda County COVID-19 case data as of April 9, 2020.

Oakland, the most populace city in the county with about 425,000 people, not surprisingly topped the list with the most confirmed cases at 149. Emeryville, the second smallest city after Piedmont, reported less than 10 confirmed cases.

There was only a single confirmed case of a homeless person contracting the virus and 12 with “no address.” Gender was fairly even with 344 female, 366 male and 2 “other.”

Alameda County COVID-19 case data as of April 9, 2020.

Emeryville’s data, reported as “<10” indicates that our city may have anywhere from a single case, to as many as nine. The way this data is presented is mandated by privacy guidelines when numbers are this small according to an Alameda Public Health Dept. Public Information representative.

The tool notes that Hayward and places near Hayward have high case rates likely because of the availability of drive-through testing. Hayward and Orinda are two cities that included large outbreaks at nursing homes.

Berkeley’s data does not include two cases who were passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise.



The tool does not currently make racial-specific data available. Recent reports in other states have indicated a large racial disparity in cases. California provided preliminary figures that did not seem to reflect as dramatic of discrepancies including 37% White, 30% Latino, 14% Asian and 6% Black. This data included only 37% of all reports and could change when all figures are tallied.

4/30 update:
This AC-HCS website now contains two dashboards with the first including cases & case rates over time, by gender, age group, and city and a second that includes deaths by race ethnicity, hospitalizations, and cases and case rates by zip code.

The data is updated daily.

Data provided by CA Public Health Director Dr. Sonia Y. Angell via Twitter.

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