2023 Q1 & Q2 Emeryville Crime Report Data: Robberies, Car Thefts Lead YTD Upward Crime Trend

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Crime report data in Emeryville continued its gradual trend upward in the first half of 2023 according to data provided by the Emeryville Police Department.

The 210 crimes reported per month average during this span are inching toward the pre-pandemic average of 244 crimes reported per month in 2019. These monthly averages dropped to about 142 per month in 2020, nudged up to about 174 per month in 2021 and 185 in 2022.

Emeryville saw its first Homicide in six years during the period. They also issued an alert about a spike in ATM Robbery’s on San Pablo Avenue. Despite this effort, a patron was shot and injured on July 16.

It’s unclear what the impact of Oakland’s under-resourced police force is having on Emeryville. Emeryville consistently dedicates approximately one-third of its budget toward policing. EPD salaries currently represent 46% of the city-wide staffing salaries.

Violent Crime

June saw the city’s highest totals for violent crime since our publication began charting these over a decade ago. The 45 total reports was led by 25 robberies. Robberies are up 38% from last year.

Property Crime

Auto thefts surged in the city during the first half of 2023. The city’s 202 YTD totals represent a 64% increase from last year and would by far exceed the highest annual totals of 255 established last year.

Some of these thefts are being driven by a social-media publicized “hack” of Kia & Hyundai brands. These auto manufacturers are under increasing scrutiny to remedy the security flaw that is partially responsible for the theft increase.

Residential burglaries experienced the steepest drop from last year with a 33% decrease.

All told, violent crimes are experiencing a 9% increase from last year at this time and property crimes are seeing a 7% increase combining for a 7% total increase.

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Crime statistics are reported by the EPD through CommunityCrimeMap.com. An archive of monthly crime statistics provided can be viewed on the city website.


The City of Emeryville is divided into the following ten geographical areas:

  1. San Pablo Avenue
  2. North Emeryville
  3. Emery Bay
  4. Peninsula
  5. Shellmound
  6. Artist Colony
  7. San Pablo Avenue – South
  8. Triangle
  9. East Bay bridge (East)
  10. East Bay bridge (West)
  11. Outside of City Limits

The reporting district matrix lists the category and number of crimes reported by district. The descriptions below are “highlights” and are not provided for every crime reported.



District 3

6401 Shellmound St., (ATTEMPT): A male suspect strong-armed another male in the elevator. The victim was able to flee from the suspect . LOSS: None. SUSPECT: Male, 6’4”, with long dreadlocks, wearing a gray hoodie.

Denny’s parking lot, 1776 Powell St.: A robbery at gunpoint occurred. LOSS: A necklace and backpack. SUSPECT: Male, 6’0”, thin build, wearing a black ski mask, a red Nike track suit, and armed with a Glock style handgun. SUSPECT VEH: Newer model “M” series BMW, silver.

District 5

Ross Dress for Less, 5733 Christie Ave.: A shoplifter used force to steal merchandise. LOSS: Clothing. SUSPECT: Male, 30’s, wearing a black hat, black shirt, and gray pants.

Ross Dress for Less, 5733 Christie Ave.: A suspect used force to steal merchandise. LOSS: A suitcase filled with men’s clothing. SUSPECT: Male, 20s, wearing a black baseball cap and green jacket.

Rear lot near BevMo, 5717 Christie Ave, (ATTEMPT): Two juveniles strong-armed a female and tried to take her purse. The suspects fled to an awaiting vehicle. SUSPECTS: #1 Female juvenile wearing a red coat. #2 Male juvenile wearing a black coat. SUSPECT VEHICLE: White 4-Door vehicle, no further description.

District 5

Sunglass Hut, 5673 Bay St.: Two shoplifters intimidated store employees and stole merchandise. LOSS: Several pairs of glasses. SUSPECTS: #1 Male, wearing a white jacket, blue jeans, and colorful Nike shoes. #2 Male, wearing an orange wig, white shirt, and blue jeans. SUSPECT VEHICLE: BMW, white, no further description. The suspects are possibly responsible for four other thefts at this location.

Carters, 5731 Christie Ave.: Two shoplifters intimidated store employees and stole merchandise. SUSPECTS: #1 Male, wearing a green beanie, a black face mask, a black sweatshirt and sweatpants. #2 Female, wearing a blue face mask, a tan scarf, a red jacket, and gold leggings. LOSS: Children’s Clothing.

District 7

40 & Harlan St. (behind the Bridge Apartment Complex): A strong-arm robbery occurred to a male victim. LOSS: Tools. SUSPECTS: (2) Male adults, no further description. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Partial license plate: 4D97, Toyota Highlander or 4-Runner, red.

Oaks Card Club parking lot, 4097 San Pablo Ave.: A robbery at gunpoint occurred to a male victim. The victim had just used the Wells Fargo ATM machine across the street. LOSS: Wallet. SUSPECTS: (2) Males wearing dark clothing and ski masks. SUSPECT VEHICLE: A silver Maserati, no further description.

District 8

1122 40th St.: Bicycle storage room located in the garage. A robbery at gunpoint occurred to a maintenance worker. LOSS: A gray bicycle. SUSPECT: Male, 20s, 6’0”, medium build, wearing a black face mask, a light gray zip up hooded sweatshirt, and armed with a small semi-auto pistol.

District 9

Nordstrom Rack, 3839 Emery St., #100: Two shoplifters used force and brandished pepper spray to steal merchandise. LOSS: Clothing. SUSPECT: #1 Female adult, 5’6”, 160 lbs., wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and brown boots. #2 Male, 5’10”, 175 lbs., wearing a white sweatshirt, black pants, and black and white shoes.

Lot of Nordstrom Rack, 3839 Emery St., #100: A vehicle pulled along side a female as she walked to her vehicle. A male suspect reached out of the rear passenger window and grabbed the victim’s purse, violently pulling the victim to the ground. LOSS: A purse containing a wallet and an iPhone. SUSPECT: Male wearing a mask, no further description. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Alfa Romeo, white, no further description. There appeared to be three other occupants in the vehicle.

Lot of Nordstrom Rack 3839 Emery St., #100: A vehicle pulled alongside a female as she removed a bag from her vehicle’s trunk. A male suspect reached out of the rear passenger window and grabbed the victim’s purse. Upon fleeing the area, the suspects dragged the victim a few feet before the purse strap broke. LOSS: A purse containing a wallet, credit cards and cash. SUSPECTS: #1 Male, wearing a red jacket with a fur lined hood. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Alfa Romeo, newer model, white.

Lot of Pak N Save, 3889 San Pablo Ave.: A strong-arm robbery occurred. LOSS: A backpack, a wallet, identification, and $200 cash. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Possible 2006 Lexus, white. SUSPECT: Female, 5’4”, medium build, wearing a gray sweater and jeans.

Nordstrom Rack, 3839 Emery St., #100: A shoplifter brandished a knife at store personnel and stole merchandise. LOSS/Recovered: Miscellaneous clothing. SUSPECT: Male, armed with a “Rambo” style knife and an unloaded handgun. EPD arrested the suspect minutes later a short distance away.

Aggravated Assault

District 3

Lot of 6475 Christie Ave.: An argument ensued between an ex-couple resulting in the male hitting the female on the face with a pistol. EPD arrested the male hours later.

Lot of Home Depot, 3838 Hollis St.: A female suspect hit a male pedestrian with her vehicle. EPD arrested the suspect days later.

Lot of Home Depot, 3838 Hollis St.: A male suspect attempted to flee from officers in a stolen vehicle and accelerated the vehicle towards an EPD officer. Additionally, the suspect backed the stolen vehicle into the officer’s patrol vehicle. EPD arrested the suspect minutes later.

Commercial Burglary

District 2

Good to Eat Dumplings, 1298 65th St.: POE: Front western door – Kicked in. LOSS: A cash box containing $800 cash.

District 3

Airport Home Appliance, 5815 Shellmound St.: POE: Window – Smashed. LOSS: (2) Laptops, and $1000 cash.

Public Storage, 6501 Shellmound St., POE: Storage locker broken into. LOSS: (2) Laptops, an iPad, Bose headphones, credit cards, a passport, a bag, and a social security card.

District 6

ICON, 1401 Park Ave.: POE: Maintenance room door. LOSS: Several tools. SUSPECTS: (2) Males.

District 7

Arizmendi, 4301 San Pablo Ave.: POE: Window – Shattered. LOSS: Unknown. An unknown suspect entered the business and moved items around. The suspect left behind a rock used to shatter the window.

Simurgh Bakery & Café, 4125 San Pablo Ave.: POE: Front door – Window smash. LOSS: None. An unknown suspect left behind a large rock.

District 8

MedMen, 3996 San Pablo Ave. (ATTEMPT): POE: Rear door – Pried, no entry was made. SUSPECTS: (6) Males, some appeared to be juveniles.

District 8

7-Eleven, 4000 San Pablo Ave. (ATTEMPT): A male suspect used a rock to smash the window of the business, which activated an alarm. EPD arrested the suspect a short distance away.

At 3900 Adeline St.: POE: Bicycle storage – Pried. LOSS: (4) bicycles.

Ambassador Lofts, 3610 Peralta St.: POE: Storage room door – Forced open. LOSS: Several inoperable garage door openers and key cards to the complex.

Miyozen, 1147 40th St., POE: Lower half of the door – smashed. An unknown suspect left behind a large rock. LOSS: $2 in coins taken from the register.

Pizza Amigos, 5000 Adeline St.: POE: Door window – Removed and set aside. LOSS: $1800 cash taken from the register. SUSPECTS: (3) Unknown subjects wearing dark clothing and hooded jackets.

Residential Burglary

District 1

12XX 63rd St.: An unknown suspect pried open the mailboxes on the fence line. LOSS: Mail.

District 2

Courtyard Apartments, 1465 65th St.: A male and female used a screwdriver to pry open mailboxes. LOSS: Mail.

District 3

6401 Shellmound St., #XXX POE: Door – No sign of force. LOSS: 18-month-old Lab/Chihuahua mix dog.

District 6

4300 Horton St.: A male suspect used an access code to enter the building. The suspect approached the mailboxes and moved the surveillance camera downward. Next, the suspect is seen on camera leaving the building with mail in his hands. SUSPECT VEHICLE: A white van.

4300 Horton St.: A male suspect used an access code to enter the building. The suspect proceeded to the garage and stole a bicycle. SUSPECT: Male, 6’0”, wearing a black and gray jacket and gray jeans.

District 8

Adante 1121 40th St.: POE: Bicycle storage room – Pried open. LOSS: A Riese & Muller Packster 80 Electric bicycle – The owner found his bicycle in Oakland. At 1122 40th St., POE: Bicycle storage room. LOSS: A gray bicycle.

3900 Adeline St.: POE: Bicycle locker – Lock tampered with. LOSS: A Van Rysel Ultra bicycle, white and black.

43XX Essex St.: POE: Garage lock – Broken. LOSS/Recovered: A Ritchey bicycle. SUSPECT: Male, wearing a checkered shirt, no further description.

District 9

1321 40th St.: An unknown suspect forced entry into the leasing office and stole resident’s mail.


Of the 38 vehicles reported stolen:

  • 8 vehicles were recovered intact
  • 13 vehicles was recovered but damaged or stripped
  • 11 vehicles are still outstanding
  • 6 reports were attempted thefts

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Oaks Card Club: Officers responded to the location for an armed robbery of a man in the parking lot. Suspects fled in a gray Maserati (no front plate) and were not caught.

Domestic Violence

6401 Shellmound St.: Alameda County Sheriff transferred three 911 calls from a Female stating she needed police with a male in the background. On the call back, the male answered the phone saying the calls were from his girlfriend, but she couldn’t speak to officers and hung up. Officers met with an intoxicated female at the unit who had fresh bruising to her neck. The victim refused to allow officers in her apt. The Boyfriend/Suspect eventually contacted officers, and he had offense wounds. Due to conflicting statements, type of injuries, and 911 calls, the male was arrested.

Burglary/Aggravated Assault:

3900 Adeline St.: A male suspect attached a chain to an apartment’s front doorknob. The chain was then connected to the suspect’s motorcycle. Suspect ripped off the victim’s doorknob as he requested his laptop back and attempted to gain entry. The victim did not know the suspect and was scared he may harm her. Her boyfriend kept the suspect from entering her apartment. During the struggle, the victim’s boyfriend sustained injuries. The suspect walked away with his motorcycle. OPD assisted with a perimeter, while EPD used a K9 to search. EPD located subject and transported him to Berkeley City Jail. It was later determined, the suspect lives at 3900 Adeline St. Prior calls at the suspect’s unit, shows he may be paranoid. However, the evaluation for 5150 during this incident did not meet the criteria.

Commercial Burglary

Super Duper Burgers: The R/P (reporting party) reported when he arrived at the listed location at approximately 0515 hours, he located two suspects wearing masks and they fled in a grey Chevy truck. One had a long metal pry bar when the R/P found them in the restaurant. Loss: An unknown number of coins.

Grand Theft

1121 40th St.: A victim received a telephone call from several people claiming to be the US Marshals, US Department of Treasury, and Emeryville PD. The callers told the victim he was a suspect of money laundering and drug smuggling, victim’s name and banking information was found in a bag near the border in Texas. Victim was convinced into withdrawing $50,000 from his account and made purchases of bitcoin for the same amount. The victim sent the money to an account. The victim called EPD to file a grand theft report. Stolen Vehicles:

5800 Shellmound St.: R/P advised their vehicle, 2020 Hyundai was stolen. Recovered felony vehicle

6399 Christie Ave.: Officer located and outstanding carjacking vehicle. A perimeter was set up pending San Rafael responding to recover the vehicle. San Rafael recovered the vehicle. 2012 Mini Cooper. Failure to yield/stolen vehicle pursuit)

40th St. and San Pablo Ave.: While conducting patrol, an Officer noticed a white Hyundai Sonata, which made an illegal U-turn against the posted red light, and quickly fled from the Officer. The Officer located the vehicle and saw that the steering column was broken (a sign that the vehicle was stolen). The Officer was able to arrest the juvenile driver, who exited the vehicle; however, the other occupants and the vehicle are currently outstanding. The Officer released the juvenile to his mother on a Notice To Appear. The vehicle was later confirmed to be stolen out of Oakland.

Avenue 64: the victim returned from a trip and discovered his vehicle stolen, 2018 Hyundai Sonata.

Attempt Stolen Auto

41st/Adeline St.: A victim reports that someone attempted to steal her 2015 Hyundai Sonata. The steering column was damaged. An officer took a crime report.

6400 blk of Lacoste St.: An officer located an unoccupied stolen Hyundai Sonata. The Hyundai was confirmed still outstanding, and the steering column was damaged. The Hyundai was towed by Berry Bros.

62nd St. and Vallejo St., 1904 hrs.: The victim reported her silver 2015 Hyundai Elantra was stolen from the listed location.

Target 1555 40th St.: An officer located an occupied stolen car in the parking lot. The person was detained without incident and the vehicle was confirmed stolen. The person was placed under arrest for possessing the stolen car. The owner of the car responded to the scene and took possession of their vehicle. The arrestee also had an outstanding felony warrant. Owner of the car wanted the suspect arrested.

64th St & Vallejo St.: Officers responded to a stolen Elantra in the area, a robbery, and to a suspicious activity, possible casing of a KIA at Vallejo and Ocean Ave. The Kia was seen parked not tampered with. The suspect was gone on our arrival. An hour later, a victim called to report his vehicle stolen and he could see it driving away. The victim saw suspects enter an awaiting KIA which was pointed out to officers. Officers attempted to light up the KIA. The KIA fled and officers pursued the vehicle. A few moments later, it was learned the victim was following the pursuing officers in his other vehicle. That information along with the suspect vehicle entering the wrong direction on I-80, Officers canceled the pursuit. Once the victim returned to the scene, officers learned the victim’s original stolen vehicle was located unoccupied. The suspect KIA had an unreported switched plate from the original suspicious activity call that was just stolen.

Trespassing & Resisting:

37XX San Pablo Ave.: A witness reported a subject loitering in the mailroom. An Officer contacted the subject, who challenged the Officer to fight. The Subject also threated to shoot the officer and had bulging pockets. The Officer tactically relocated to wait for additional officers. A reaction plan was made. The subject eventually exited the mailroom and was detained without incident.

Other Highlights:

5555 Shellmound St.: Reporting party called and said his son attempted suicide in the last 10 min and was not responding. Officers were dispatched and upon arriving, performed CPR and administered Narcan until medics arrived. Victim was unconscious and not breathing and transported to the hospital. Summit later advised the victim was alive in critical condition. EAP offered to officers who performed life saving measures.

47th & San Pablo Ave.: Officers responded to the location for a subject starting fires. Officers located a trash can afire and extinguished it. Officers detained a well-known transient “firebug” who was in the immediate area. The suspect was placed on a 5150 hold.

40th & Horton St.: An Officer made a traffic enforcement stop on black Maserati for a vehicle code violation, and an investigation for a robbery that occurred last month at the Oaks Club. It was determined the driver was on parole. A parole search revealed meth on the parolee. The parolee was issued a citation and released from the scene.

44th & Adeline St.: EPD’s twitter received numerous messages about the recent “dooring” trend. Vehicles intentionally opening their doors while driving next to a riding bicyclist. One was captured on camera at 44th & Adeline St. It appears the cyclists did not fall and no injuries occurred on the video. From the news story, 14 of these doorings happened over the weekend. The vehicle that was caught on video was recently a recovered stolen vehicle that was returned to the victim. EPD did take one cold phone report and via EPD social media encouraged anyone who has information to contact EPD. EPD messaged @eastbaybikeparty to have victims contact EPD also.

MARCH 2023


46th & Hubbard St.: Officer saw vehicle driving erratically. A traffic enforcement stop revealed the driver was
intoxicated. The driver failed FSTs and Pas. The driver was arrested and taken to Berkeley City Jail for DUI.

Traffic Stop:

53rd & Horton St: Car stop for expired registration. The Officer saw in plain view a firearm. A search
revealed two guns, approx. 2 lbs of heroin, and a no bail warrant. All three occupants were arrested and taken
to Berkeley City Jail, and the vehicle was towed.

Mail Theft:

1195 Park Ave.: An officer took a telephone report regarding mail theft at this location. A video captured the suspect who was wearing a ski mask, hat, and hooded sweatshirt. It appeared the suspect used a master key to unlock the mailboxes to steal the mail.

1195 Park Ave.: While taking the above telephone report the R/P wanted to report another theft at the building. The suspect entered the building using a code and took an Amazon package. Suspect also had a master key to the mailbox and unlocked the box to check for mail. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male 35-40 years old wearing a yellow beanie, green sweatshirt with “Playboy” written across the chest, gray sweatpants, and white shoes. Video was uploaded to evidence.com and a Trak flyer was created.

Suspicious Occupied Vehicle:

3889 San Pablo Ave.: An Officer attempted to check on an occupied vehicle. The driver backed into the patrol vehicle, *No Damage*, and fled on the sidewalk in between Wells Fargo and Ramen 101, through the alley, and onto 40th St. The Officer lost sight of the vehicle as it turned onto Telegraph Ave from 40th St. The Officer inspected the vehicle and did not locate any damage, the vehicle’s bumper hit the tire of the patrol vehicle.

Unattended Death

2 Commodore Dr.: Officers were dispatched for a return call at the address. Officers conducted a thorough investigation (i.e., vehicle in the parking lot, unpaid bills to the property, neighbors hadn’t seen the resident leave the unit in over 6 months, the mail which had been placed in the door in 05/2022, and the package which was delivered 04/2022) from the exterior of the unit and observed a large amount of flies inside the unit. Officers forced entry to the unit and confirmed the resident had been deceased for approximately 10 months. The Coroner responded and took custody of the decedent. Officers were able to re-secure the door and advised property management, who stated they were also going to secure it further.


Bay Street: A Bay Street security guard reported being assaulted by a subject earlier in the evening. A phone report was taken and CCTV footage was reviewed.

1284 64th St., 1625 hrs.: The R/P reported a female subject was attempting to stay at her Airbnb and the R/P cancelled the reservations due to the subject having cats. The R/P stated the subject was refusing to leave and requested police assistance. Officers arrived on the scene and discovered the R/P let the subject’s cats out of their travel bags. One cat hid in the bushes in front of the location and one cat crawled into the engine compartment of a patrol vehicle. Officers called Animal Control for assistance and officers attempted to recover the cat from the patrol vehicle. Eventually both cats were recovered and placed back into their bags.

Weather Related Calls:

5500 block of Vallejo St.: Street was shut down due to a large down tree blocking the entire roadway and a broken power pole with a portion of the pole hanging near a home. A shelter in place was given to the residents on Vallejo St. PG&E was on scene and repairs were pending. There was an unknown ETA for Public Works for the downed tree. Officers and Traffic PSTS responded to the below scenes of down trees falling on parked cars and downed power lines. Public Works and PG&E responded to the scenes.

5930 Vallejo St.: location was shut down because of a downed power line, and the line landed on a parked car. PG&E was aware of the problem and the repairs timeline was unknown.

6501 Shellmound St.: Public Storage. 6500 block of Shellmound was shut down due to a large tree that fell and another large tree that was on the verge of collapsing. Property management from Public Storage told officers they would cut the tree down the following day. The roadway was temporarily shut down.

Stanford Ave. and Hollis St.: There was a large, downed tree on the sidewalk, but it was not blocking the

APRIL 2023

MedMen 3996 San Pablo Ave: An officer attempted a car stop on a (3) vehicle caravan that was blacked out in the 3800 block of San Pablo Ave approaching MedMen dispensary. One vehicle was a Dodge Hellcat, a Toyota Sienna van, and an Audi with front end damage. The vehicles fled at a high rate of speed south on San Pablo Ave. OPD was advised of the BOLO (Be on Look Out). A short time later OPD had a couple of commercial burglaries with the described involved vehicles. The Toyota van was left at the scene, which was later discovered to have been taken in a carjacking case. MedMen does have an overnight guard manning the temporary boarded up store front.

Mail Theft

USPS Police served two search warrants at an undisclosed location in Emeryville. Officers located and recovered credit card embossers used to make credit cards, several credit card readers, a check printer, a stack of blank checks, counterfeit IDs, counterfeit USPS Postal keys, a stolen motorcycle, one motorcycle with the VIN tampered and unreadable, a broken arrow postal lock, USPS clothing, dozens of mail not named to anyone in the said units, several credit/debit cards, a “grenade launcher,” 37mm with wooden stock which appeared to be functional, and ballistic body armor.


Powell/Vallejo St.: Officers responded to the area after the victim reported an armed robbery involving three suspects in a vehicle. The victim was driving on Vallejo St when three suspects approached his vehicle and started knocking on the windows pointing pistols at him. The suspects demanded money, so he gave them his wallet. The suspects fled in an unknown vehicle east on Powell St.

Thefts from drivers pumping gas: (3) incidents occurred where a suspect vehicle pulls alongside the victim vehicle. A passenger gets out, quickly opens the unlocked passenger door of the victim’s vehicle, and grabs an easily accessible item. The suspects then flee the area.

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MAY 2023

59th St. and Hollis St.: An Officer attempted to stop a stolen vehicle; however, the vehicle fled away from the Officer at a high rate of speed. The Officer elected not to pursue the vehicle, but the suspect continued driving at high speed. The suspect vehicle ran a red light and was involved in a solo collision at 59th St. and Hollis St. The driver fled in the vehicle N/B on Hollis St., exited the vehicle, and fled on foot. Officers later detained the suspect after a brief struggle. Once the suspect was detained, Officers realized the suspect was a juvenile. An Officer inquired if Juvenile Hall would book the suspect; however, they refused; the juvenile was processed and released to his parents without further incident. The collision victim was later transported to ACH per her request due to being shaken up. The victim’s drivable vehicle was secured and left on the scene, parked along the curb line.

1555 40th St.: An officer made a traffic stop for VC violations. Probable cause search revealed a concealed pistol. Name check on the suspect revealed a Ramey warrant out of BPD for robbery and other weapons related offenses. BPD took custody of the suspect for their warrant and the current weapons charge. A short while later it was discovered the suspect lied about his name and was a runaway juvenile escapee from Camp Sweeney. Officers responded to BPD, took custody of the juvenile and transported him to Juvenile Hall on several charges. The suspect was rejected for a small cut on his eye and had to get medically cleared.

Best Buy: OPD reported an active shooter at the store, Hispanic male with a machine gun. The reporting party was hiding and stated he could see the shooter. There was only one caller and there were reports of (27) victims on scene. Officers took positions on the outer perimeter as OPD responded to the scene. OPD determined the call was a false “swatting” incident. Dispatch later messaged units that other agencies experienced similar types of swatting calls.

1400 Block of Powell St.: An officer made a traffic enforcement stop on a Chevy Tahoe for multiple VC violations. A probable cause search of the vehicle revealed a short barreled rifle ghost gun. The driver was arrested and booked at Santa Rita Jail. The vehicle was towed.

JUNE 2023

There is an increase in ATM robberies. Suspects armed with handguns are demanding citizen’s cash and cell phones after the citizen has made a withdrawal from the ATM. During two robberies, suspects demanded citizens to unlock their cell phones for access to the citizen’s cash app and Venmo accounts. Citizens are encouraged to add a security code in those apps as a measure to safeguard those accounts.


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