Six Emeryville Companies crack SFBT List of Top-25 ‘Inner East Bay’ Tech Employers

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The SF Business Times released its list of the top 25 “Inner” East Bay Tech Companies ranked by the number of employees. Emeryville claimed six of the spots including the number one and four of the top ten.

The list included East Bay companies in Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda and stretches as far north as Richmond.

Our 1.2 square mile city has historically “punched above our weight” and held disproportionate business clout for our small size. Emeryville also holds significant business positions in Biotech as well as the food & beverage industry.

Businesses pay a significant portion of the taxes that account for our city’s revenue that pays for services like Police, Fire, Administration & Public Works. These revenues also help keep taxes lower for residents. More information our city’s budget can be read on the city’s website.

SFBT’s Top-25 Inner East Bay Tech Employers in Emeryville:

21). RedAwning.com Inc.

Business Description: Global marketing/reservations agency for vacation rental property managers, and a booking engine for travelers and agents.
Inner East Bay Employees: 48
Year Founded: 2010
Website: redawning.com

19). NewFi Lending (Nexera Holding LLC).

Business Description: Mortgage banker for single family residential mortgages.
Inner East Bay Employees: 50
Year Founded: 2014
Website: newfi.com


10). Art.com Inc.

Business Description: Online art retailer.
Inner East Bay Employees: 170
Year Founded: 1998
Website: art.com

5). Gracenote (Parent Company: Nielson)

Business Description: Entertainment metadata and content recognition technologies
Inner East Bay Employees: 300
Year Founded: 1998
Website: gracenote.com

3). Adobe Systems (FKA “TubeMogul”)

Business Description: Creative, design, marketing and document management software.
Inner East Bay Employees: 316
Year Founded: 1986:
Website: adobe.com


1). Pixar Animation Studios (Parent Company: Disney)

Business Description: Film studio with technical, creative, and production capabilities in computer animation.
Inner East Bay Employees: 1,250
Year Founded: 1986
Website: pixar.com

Read the Full List on SF Business Times (paywall applies) →

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