Off the Grid Announces Weekday Public Market Rotation

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While the Emeryville Public Market undergoes its “transition” (not everyone is happy about this), Off the Grid will be stepping in to offer additional food choices to patrons of the shopping area that is anchored by Urban Outfitters and The Guitar Center. The Market Hall continues to be open during this renovation, but the choices are dwindling. Off the Grid is bringing a daily rotation of food trucks in to help supplement these every weekday from 11AM – 2PM. Read more about the EPM’s longterm plans here. Daily updates can be found by Following Off the Grid on Twitter:

The January 5-9th “lead-off” lineup will include:

Monday, Jan 5:

Licensed 2 Grill


Internationally Inspired, Fresh Tacos off the grill including items like “The Secret Agent” (Grilled Skirt Steak), “Gangnam Style” (Korean Pork) and “The Pacman” (Filipino Pork).

Tuesday, Jan 6:

Bacon Bacon


As the name implies, everything is focused around our favorite cured swine part including bacon on a burger, bacon dipped in chocolate, pork belly sandwich and bacon jam … you get it!

Wednesday, Jan 7:

Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen


“Grilled Cheese Sammy Creations” like the Hemi (Pulled Pork & Mac ’n’ Cheese), The Mustang (Korean Braised Beef, Kimchi & Aged Havarti) and The Prius (Grilled Granny Smith Apples, Honey, Almonds & Double Creme Brie).

Thursday, Jan 8:

SAJJ Mediterranean


Mobile Mediterranean food brought to you fresh & fast including healthy falafel, shawarma, babaganoush & authentic sauces

Friday, Jan 9:



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  1. Add me to the list of people not too happy about the Public Market’s transition. It feels like some local, small businesses were pushed out by the renovations because they weren’t trendy enough. I hope I’m wrong and some of those vendors are eventually allowed to return. Having food trucks come during the day doesn’t help E-Ville RESIDENTS who used to pick up dinner from the wide variety of Public Market vendors now gone.

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