Inside Scoop reporting opening of second Noodle Theory location on San Pablo Ave

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Noodle Theory, the popular Asian Fusion/Ramen shop near the intersection of Claremont & College in Oakland, will reportedly be taking over the Eastern City Café spot in Oakland’s Golden Gate Neighborhood. The new restaurant on the Oakland/Emeryville border will be called Noodle Theory Provisions and is scheduled to open as early as July (if we’ve learned anything from recent permit hangups in Oakland & Emeryville, I wouldn’t bet on this). A mere four blocks from the highly anticipated Wolfound Bar (more news on this very soon), the blighted strip of San Pablo Ave seems to be primed for a renaissance.

Photo: Lisa T. on Yelp

Proprietor Louis Kao’s current menu includes favorites such as Grilled Niman Ranch Beef Udon Coconut Lime Curry (pictured above) and Fulton Valley Chicken over Ginger Noodles. The new space is three times as large as their Rockridge District space and will enable an expanded menu reported to include Hot & Sour Soup Ramen w/Dungeness Crab & Braised Ox Tail. Noodle Theory Provisions will also have a full liquor license with plans to sell pre-packaged noodles and frozen stocks to-go.

Inside Scoop SF » Noodle Theory to open second location: Noodle Theory Provisions

Photo: Eric Luse / The Chronicle

By Ethan Fletcher

Owner Louis Kao has secured a spot at 5849 San Pablo Avenue, formerly home to longtime Chinese restaurant Eastern City Café, which closed last year. The new restaurant will be called Noodle Theory Provisions and is scheduled to open this summer as soon as July.

Expect many of the same riffs on Asian noodle dishes that have made the original perennially packed, including grilled salmon ramen, Niman Ranch beef udon, and Fulton Valley chicken over ginger noodles. However, at around 3,000 square feet, the San Pablo Avenue space is three times as large as the Rockridge version, and will offer the kitchen size and prep capacity to introduce new menu items. And besides, one of the reasons Kao is opening the new restaurant in the first place, he says, is to reignite his culinary spark.

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