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Inside Scoop reporting July opening of North Oakland’s Salsipuedes

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Berkelyside’s NOSH column first teased us with news of Southern California restauranteur Jay Porter’s latest creation nearly a year & a half ago. After some apparent construction delays, the much-anticipated grand opening of Salsipuedes is being reported by Inside Scoop SF as “mid to late-July”.

Porter’s other Oakland restaurant is the successful The Half Orange located in the Fruitvale District. “Salsipuedes” is a beach area of Mexico’s Baja region and loosely translates to “get out if you can.” The menu is said to draw influence from Mexico’s Baja region, but head chef Marcus Krauss doesn’t consider it “Mexican Food”. The Longfellow area of Oakland between Emeryville’s Triangle neighborhood and the more thriving area of Temescal, currently has few dining options.

Porter was an early advocate for a tipless model when he operated a farm-to-table San Diego restaurant called “The Linkery” and instead opted for a fixed service charge percentage. Porter’s experience is outlined in this 2006 New York Times article and in his own personal blog.

Sneak peek: The opening menu for Oakland’s Salsipuedes

By Ethan Fletcher

Salsipuedes is set for a mid to late-July opening—but Jay Porter’s team already has the opening menu ready to go.

Executive chef Marcus Krauss explains that, despite the Oakland restaurant’s name, the food isn’t Mexican.

Rather, it draws influence from Mexico’s Baja region, specifically Ensenada.

“There’s a cool little culinary scene down there with a handful of restaurants and chefs that’s sort of a New Baja kind of cuisine,” he says. “You eat at these places and you wouldn’t think that it’s a Mexican restaurant. It’s food that invokes the coast and fresh seafood as well as the ranch with grilled and charred things, plus a lot of fresh produce, using whatever is available in the region you’re in.”


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OYSTERS with chorizo, purslane, lime ice
CORN NUTS and seaweed salt
tempura SEA BEANS and japanese mayo
shishito PEPPERS, fruit and salt plum
SALAD with stone fruit, tomato & fresh cheese
black cod TIRADITO in yuzu ponzu with serranos
CORN three ways with salmon roe
PORK JAW with uni, pearl onion and kale
bean CIOPPINO with mendocino seaweeds
grilled EGGPLANT in smoked red bell pepper broth
OCTOPUS MELT BAO with oregon shrimp and cracklins
mushroom TAGLIATELLE and lamb confit
RABBIT escabeche and charred scallop
WHOLE FISH with fixins drowned CHICKEN KATSU torta


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